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MJDHI Announcements / Re: Birthday emails
« on: July 13, 2021, 01:30:22 AM »
Fix it woman :Big-Grin:

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: October 20, 2011, 10:27:00 PM »
GINA""I don't believe Michael would say those things about himself because he is a modest person""

BUT HE HAS ON MANY OCCASIONS, HE SAID SO HIMSELF, HE FEELS ITS HIS OBLIGATION TO HELP THE CHILDREN, HEAL THE WORLD, sorry for caps, he also said this in his recording in court, million children hospital, he said this to oprah, he said this to bashir, He said so in the movie, its what the moral to the movie is, not the whole movie but plain as day its about healing the world, healing the sick children, making the wolrd a better place, stop destroying the world, and he never once did anything to prove himself right, just like jesus, he just did things and either you believe or you dont, Now im not into the whole jesus thing so i wont go there but to say he wouldnt do that is just not looking BACK. I also agree though he doesnt think he was the new jesus but wanting to do the good things jesus stood for is a good thing not bad and I think thats what he fealt.

Yes michael is moddest and doesnt like to talk about what he does but he has, on numerous occasions, yes its always to a follow up of a question where he needs to defend himself, but he has.

Gina:""Maybe Back isn't even a believer. Maybe, like the rest of the world, he thinks Michael is dead. He also says  "It just didn't dawn on me that that Grand Stage would be in the Heavens" - clear enough? He thinks Michael is in heaven, meaning dead.,..
Another puzzling thing is that Back talks about a 2 decades elaborate plan, but in the context I understand he talks about a plan of some evil forces to kill Michael, a plan that culminated with the execution, meaning they succeded to kill him."

Again, only responding to your posts becuase you brought up thought provoking stuff , that deserves a convo.

im not into dropping my eggs into unknown baskets, not into ts and all the others, Im not diminishing their importance but I dont gamble much.
except BACK, his/her posts go way BACK, and have some pertinent info deep within, this is something 98% of us agree on, so ill focus on that person since even if there isnt a relation to reality, reading BACK's posts sure seem real and seems to know the future.

reading backs post, some things are cryptic , some arent. He could simly be saying, he cant believe it had to come to death to accomplish his goals, he had to be in the heavans to be on the grand stage, he had to die to be on the grand stage, not real death , but that it had to come to this to get to where we are.
BACK does discuss the evil ONE's , but he also discuses that being handled. when reading his posdt's it seems more likely, the evil one's days are numbered and his plan has been taking hold for 20 years.

I also doubt hes a lunatic, to believe your jesus, truly, could have people thinking strange things and Idont think( i dont know just guessing here) that michael literly believe he jesus but that he can heal and help and be JESUS LIKE, and theres nothing wrong with that if your into that thing.

i swear i saw the lady who swore in kenny have a toy rabbit in her hand

we never heard murray say, the mask was on when i left the room and then when i walked back in it was off, oh no, he said he walked back in and notcied him not breathing, HOW??

there was no monitor, so if he was to walk back in and michael was laying down and the oxygen mask was on his face then you wouldnt notice anything different so murray is lying or this didnt happen.

AND this was suppose to be number 4 which i forgot to add but mj4ever777 pointed out exactly what is in the video
""Also, when given propofol, you must be "intubated", the tube that goes down your throat, to which the oxygen is then administered through. I don't recall any talk of MJ being "intubated"by Murray or any intubation equipment ""

There is so many holes to this propofol story but the media just decided to grasp on to the shock of it all and how they could manipulate and drag this story on for ratings and shock value without simply looking at the plausibility of this actually happening.


Watch that again, yes we all have seen this dr gupta video many times but have we really paid attention to what is happening, what is explained on how propfol works and how you can or can not overdose from it.

So first off lets exclude murder - that would intale dr murray injected michael with a huge dose of propofol and then removing the oxygen mask off of michaels face to stop him form breathing and this would only be done to make it look like a overdose, why? when all you would have to do to kill michael is remove the oxygen mask from michaels face with no need to inject any additional propofol in him because as we can clearly see from the video, YOU CAN NOT BREATHE ON YOUR OWN, YOU CAN NOT USE PROPOFOL WITHOUT A MACHINE ASSISTING YOUR BREATHING AND THATS A FACT NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.

So murder is ruled out as there would be no reason to inject michael with any more propofol, he already has been filling him up with drugs all night right?? so simply removing the oxygen mask and letting him die would be all thats needed and would come with less headache in the long run with the cops, if your going to kill him why introduce more complications and further implicating yourself, instead simply lift off the mask, let him die and call 911 and your scott free.

But thats not what happen so lets take a look and ask some questions and then ask our selves how this is possible. I do see this as a brilliant move on michaels part, using propofol was pure genius, he knew the  media would be all over it, he knew they would dissect it and run tons of stories and videos on propofol and yet after all the crap and all the stories they ran they all skipped over the points i made above and the ones im about to make.

1. As you inject yourself with propfol you fall asleep before you can OD and doing so without the oxygen mask means instant death because your not breathing on your own, there is no middle ground, you dont use a little to sleep and breathe on your own.

2. Lets say michael woke up because the propofol wore off, he would still have the oxygen mask on, leans over because he wants more sleep and starts to press the injection to force more propofol into him, ok but as hes doing so hes falling back asleep and the mask is still breathing for him.

complicating this that you dont have a propfol bottle hanging off your leg or arm , thats not how its delivered, so did he wake up, get the bottle , prep it all up and then kill himself, I doubt that.
Or are we suppose to belive the propofol was in a dripper bag and then michael injected himself from that which again is not possible becuase its a dripper bag and it doesnt allow a huge amount in at one squeeze. If we go by Tmz and had a iv his arm which again drips and he would fall asleep before a od and if it was in his leg then you have to take into account all the things he would have to do to prep and inject.

3. How did murray know michael was not breathing when he walked back into the room if the oxygen mask was still on his face and there where not any monitors, if there where monitors then they would have went off when they notice no breathing or heart function so we know that device was not used. So we know no monitors  where used. AND IF he was found with no oxygen mask around his face then its not possible  he was on propfol, again this makes no sense because then you lead down the path of suicide which we know didnt happen, because of he had no mask on when found then that means he woke, took off the mask and injected himself to kill himself because he never placed the mask back on.

So basicly he made it very simple for us to prove how its not possible yet the others simply wont look into how it works and what went on that night, if any of that stuff went on at all, the more you look at what we have to play with the more it seems the whole story is bogus.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Frank Dileo, Dead at 63
« on: August 24, 2011, 05:19:52 PM »
OK, Just got done calling TMZ with souza, I called the tip line and said I have a tip, The tip is frank dileo passed away, a huge actor and michaels manager and for 3 days now tmz and the media have not reported this but when lindsay lohan farts or queefs we get instant minute by minute details of the smell of her fart and how many people where affected by her fart but michaels manager just died and tmz doesnt report it, she then laughs at me and says yeah that happens with londsay, ok but then i said but frank dileo is dead and tmz doesnt reprt it and she says, YES WE ARE AWARE OF IT, I said ok but why arent you reporting it and she says uhm uhm uhm, we are aware of it, I said I know you are but maybe before we here about another lindsay fart you could report  on his death, she giggled and said we are aware thats all i can say.

so there oyu go, this is fishy as hell

Kiss was pushed as group and backed by the evil ones, we know this becuase gene simmons and everyone else in the group will not admit to what the actaul meaning to kiss stands for. KINGHTS IN SATANS SERVICE.
now before you go off looking to see if thats true, watch out for people who have no clue, wherent alive during that period, dont know what was going on with kiss as a group, how they where promoted and what symbols where attached to the group even if the group members didnt agree

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

KISS was symbolized with the nazi ss symbols, on all their posters and records they used the nazi ss, always was and has been, now it doesnt matter if the group wanted that but the evil ones did(corporate scum).Makeup, devil symbols with their fingers, and so on, plus while they where popular they where pushed as the mainstream rockgroup by the corporate whores.

Now , if you know that at least that title knights in satan service was connected to kiss and not the actual members who where artists for the corporate whores and look at the tmz articles , you see the words, michael jackson , we're killing kiss

which means, we are killing the illuminati, knights in satans service.

I suggest that certain people watch how they respond to others or ill start doing temporary bans. treat eachother with respect or else your ass will meet my foot.

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: June 29, 2011, 12:47:44 PM »
Im about to get annoyed. This isnt a game nor is this fun and im getting ticked.

Lets not forget what we are dealing with here, The death of Michael Jackson Who we Believe is alive and that this is a HOAX.

This is life and Death stuff folks, this isnt a video game forum, this isnt a forum about cartoons.

Im getting annoyed and pissed and Im not going to tolerate the games.

Enough of pulling peoples strings, either Help or Stop with the games. Theres a fine line between thinking a person is who they say they are and then theres the risk of  being fooled by people with no lives and enough of risking the latter.

Sincerely, Badkolo , Half owner of this site.

We have been at this for 2 years now, this isnt some silly little game. REMEMBER that when you reply to me, as to not piss me off further

Back/Front discussions / Re: Official back & Front thread
« on: June 16, 2011, 12:45:26 PM »
Just a FYI Update, I was able to keep food down this week, the disgust obviosuly doesnt go away but its getting sunnier outside so I guess that helps, I hope all the other members have been able to sleep and eat.

Nice seeing Back around, Hope its him, I really really do.

Ok back to trying to make it through the day. Chow Bella

Charities / Re: I registered a domain and I would like to know your thou
« on: November 05, 2010, 01:22:40 AM »
Just like voice and bec mentioned, issues can arrise and usually always do, thats why im not all to keen on donations or charities or any money giving of any kind, issues can arrise and thats why this site does not and will not make any money or place any banner ads in order to make money, it never has and never will happen.

As kind and giving it can be the first thing a few members posted like voice and bec is that bad things can happen from doing something  like this and i tend to agree but Souza & mo does have the right & ability though to start a site thats seperated from this site and do what she does there, its not related to this site so it doesnt affect this site.

I am a kind and giving person, some know this first hand, so im all into helping others, and I agree that this is a thoughtful idea and thats why i gave my input, if souza & mo want to help a charity then so be it but as long as you all know it cant be attached to this site in any way, I and they do not need any legal issues brought because of charitable donations.

Sometimes being caring and giving leads others to get the wrong IMPRESSION and then things fall apart from there when they shouldnt.

TIAI ~ 2010 / Re: TIAI 11/3
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:57:44 AM »
I think souza has a great idea but it cant be done on this site itself, so as to not impede  this progress I have a Idea.

We can open a Sub Site, There can be a main header/gfx/description etc..
Then a signature list. Each person that donates gets there Name on the Army of L.O.V.E list. The list will be only for the ones that donated.
A specific charity or foundation can be chosen, legaly easier to choose one specific charity or foundation that is verified.
The money that is donated which can be 1 dollar and beyond will go into a special escrow account. It will be overseen by The Escrow company so no Hanky panky can happen in any way and no legal issues can be brought.
Once the Goal is achieved at whatever number that is set(ie, $5000) from the donations which will be shown on top of the signatures then the escrow will announce that money has been sent to the charity/foundation everyone chose to donate to. then a new charity can be chosen from that point on and it just continues.

What ya think.

General Hoax Talk / Re: MJ Official Facebook and interesting pictures
« on: July 12, 2010, 01:43:56 AM »
those last 2 little pics are form the blueray, they are from when he gets out the golf cart right before he gets on the stage, hes talking to tohme tohme and the guy form aeg.

Other Odd Things / Re: Nephew Don Frazier looks rather familiar
« on: July 11, 2010, 04:44:57 PM »
yes it was a black guy(african american) who said he was a cop or had a police badge then said he put the video up on youtube and a few saw it but then it got removed then he wanted to charge 2 bucks to see it but then he dissapeared, scammer

Lets watch ourselves please, no name calling and get off mauras back.

This isnt in defense of her but in defense of everyone, stop acting like children.

If she is telling the truth then great, god willing she and magical have more info, and if they have info then maura will let everyone know, i doubt she will withhold info cause then she knows no one will believe her.

So stop attacking her and let this either be proven or dis-proven.

I Do have issues with these claims and ill explain why, While I admire anyone who is into the hoax I do look at things differently at times, I have no issues believing this info and taking magicalx and mauras word on this , until its disrpoven ill believe it but other things in the last few months will have me questioning the validity of this story. Such as having the Ebook author on the show, I mean cool you got her to do the interview but then she is also hocking her ebook while trying to get us to take her seriously.
Second, the caller form some guards nephew came with tons of info and led no where. So my only issue is it seems like every few weeks they have some unbelievable info and nothing ever pans out.  But thats just me looking at things in my own way, so dont go getting it all twisted. i could just be paranoid.

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