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Tom Mesereau / Re: Possible response from Mereseau
« on: July 06, 2010, 04:22:38 PM »
Am I reading between the lines or is he insinuating he's not in the same camp as Branca and the group? If he is saying that, that's a powerful clue. He definitely had Michael's best interests at heart.

I don't think your idea is foolish at all. I just don't know how to go about doing that.

I'm going to maintain an open mind about this one. For the following reasons:

1)  The estate has been handling the money well because they have a vested interest to do so. They get 10% (or at least 10%) of all of the earnings coming in on top of their billable hours. Not bad.

2)  I still believe that Randy is the one brother that I am sure of is in on the hoax. He won Michael's trust during the trail and when he suggested that he hire Messereau. He doesn't believe the will is valid and neither did Katherine...until she found out that if she contests the will, she jeopardizes her share. Randy's point is valid, Michael wasn't even in CA when the will was signed.

3) Just because "they" found Branca not involved in one particular instant, doesn't mean that there weren't other issues. Michael had reason to be suspicious. There had to be something else.

Until the will is validated, I'm not 100% about anybody. The whole estate is based on the validity of the will.
That's too big of an issue to just ignore.

One possibility....maybe this is part of Michael's big lasso that will "trap" everyone involved.

I'm one of those who doesn't have enough proof yet to know what the truth is.

I understand the concern. I guess I have always understood that this was always about the money and that the only one who could unravel the different alliances would be Michael. So yes, if we think that he is not here, I don't think anyone else has the knowledge or the understanding of the complexity of his dealings to expose what really happen. I think we have to understand that Michael in and of himself operated like a large corporation. Even though Joe has filed a lawsuit, I don't think he can do much about it. There are too many people who while representing Michael also had their hands in the money. There's no reason for any of them to come forward with the truth. The only ones who would want to see justice are his family and his fans. I hate to say this, but it truly is a David and Goliath fight. I guess that's why I want to believe Michael is alive. I would like to think that good does triumph over evil. That's why I think more than anything else, Michael needs our prayers. If he is still alive, it will be a huge battle of enormous proportions...and yes, he will be in danger the entire time if they think he's alive.

My own spiritual insight...sometimes we think God has a plan for our lives and live it that way. We maximize our talents and gifts and think that's the plan. When in reality, the
plan was much greater and the assignment much more difficult. If Michael can do this, it will be greater and far more important than any music he ever created. It's good to have a message of love, but a message of love and justice is better. The two must coexist.

That's why I think all of this will be played out in the courts...but not a criminal court. I still think we need to watch Katherine and the TMZ headlines. She pushing the estate on making movies, books, etc. I think Michael is behind it. His only chance of proving a motive for murder is to expose the financial dealings with AEG and Sony, etc. The estate has to go to court against Katherine. That's when we will really see the BAM play out. All kinds of things and people will gradually be exposed. It's just a matter of time to see when the hubris of Branca et all gets out of control and confronts Katherine. I think she will make another move to push their buttons. Understand, this is all my opinion.

This is information easily available on the internet regarding the Jackson finances. The following 2 paragraphs are  extracted from 2 different articles. I believe the house they own in Las Vegas was bought by Janet. Legally, the kids and Katherine cannot receive any monies other than what the judge allocated for allowances until all of the debts are paid. Looks like another 300M before that happens. The outstanding debts are the reason why the estate had to petition the judge for allowances for Katherine and the kids. No conspiracy here...just legal obligations. I do think recently the lawyers petitioned the judge for their 10% share of the recent incomes above and beyond their legal fees. Michael had bought the house in Encino for his parents but I believe they used it as collateral for a loan. Joseph had a history of many failed business with large debts. All of this info is on the internet as well.

Though the pair do not live together (Katherine and Joe Jackson), their lives are still intertwined. Ten years ago, they filed for bankruptcy, listing nearly $24 million in debts that included court judgments, auto loans and credit cards. Court records show the only valuable asset listed was a house in Las Vegas then valued at $290,000.

The estate has payed off millions in debt and avert foreclosure on the suburban Los Angeles complex where the singer’s mother lives. Music sales and advances have enabled the estate to pay off nearly $200 million of the $500 million owed by Jackson at the time of his death.
The biggest financial obligation remains unresolved. A $300 million loan from Barclays PLC, backed by his 50% stake in SONY/ATV, matures at the end of the year. To secure the loan in 2006, Mr. Jackson appealed for help from Sony, which dispatched two executives to meet him in Dubai and negotiate terms under which it would guarantee the loan.

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine Jackson to Produce MJ Movies
« on: July 01, 2010, 09:17:39 AM »
I reading it differently. This is awesome news.

I still believe Michael is using TMZ to send out messages. He is going to fight back with the truth using these movies. '"She is on a collision course with the MJ estate - that tells me either the estate is acting fradaulently and Michael is going to expose them or they are working with him to expose the truth about Sneddon, etc. I'm more convinced the Bam is going to be played out in court with financial reasons being the motive for Michael's demise.

This absolutely has to go to court and Michael is forcing "a showdown in the OK corral" - sorry, I'm from Kansas and this is midwest fighting words. If Randy knows of the hoax (and I think of all of the brothers, he would) he's just playing his role as the "bad cop." I was on the fence about this, but everyday I'm more and more convinced this is the movie playing out. We can't forget how many times Michael mentioned "movie"...doesn't this headline make sense?

If the estate is guilty, they are wondering what to do not believing Katherine would confront them like this. If she a befuddled old woman manipulated by greedy scrupulous people or is she extremely savvy? Thus, no response yet. I understand that Michael chose Branca, but that's just the snake luring the rat into the cage, don't you think? This is so exciting...front row seat at the greatest show on earth! I feel so bad for those not paying attention. There are many, many people who are going to be trapped in this.

TMZ Articles / Re: Showdown Between Katherine and MJ Estate
« on: June 29, 2010, 05:17:41 PM »
I think we're on to something. There is some connection between Kathleen and her finances that are related to the hoax/bam.

I started to believe that when TMZ (I'm basing this on my assumption that TMZ is supplying us with clues) had a headline "Follow the Money trail." But I really believed it when they had the story "Katherine Jackson - the Buck stops here." "the buck stops here" was the saying that Truman had on his desk in the white house, basically meaning that the final decisions are made by him. I do believe that Katherine is calling the plays via Michael. I just don't totally understand the finances. But I do believe that when the financial issues are uncovered, the motive for doing harm to Michael will be established. I still think somehow the will is involved with this as well. At this point, it's all conjecture on my part.

If Michael is really being manipulative, he was mad at the guy who kept his stuff because he hadn't paid the storage fees on it. He tried to get his stuff back from him. This is the person Katherine is now in partnership with. It would be interesting that in the end, Michael gets his stuff back (including the 293 songs) and he would be left with nothing. I can't possibly think like Michael, but ....

Other Odd Things / Re: Everyone who's in on the Hoax
« on: June 29, 2010, 02:12:20 PM »
Well--I think if you include Peter Pan, you have to include Tinkerbell.

Seriously, I think Larry King is in on it and will be the first to break the "Bam" because he has given so much air time to this whole thing...and then he will retire. What better way to go out! I think that was the trade off.

I don't know what Geraldo did, but he's not in the picture or the bam.

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine Jackson May Have Screwed Herself
« on: June 28, 2010, 05:15:16 PM »
I believe TMZ is telling the truth in this instance.  Katherine and Joe have both filed for bankruptcy. At one time, they owed multimillions. The reason why the family home in Encino was almost foreclosed on was because they used it as collateral for a loan. I believe Michael paid for that and then gave it to them.

I think  Michael is using TMZ to give us clues. I say that because TMZ was the first to break the news of his death....that was no accident. I think they were "given" the break so that Michael could use them for ongoing messages. And I think he has used them very effectively. If you think about it, he gave them credibility in the news industry by breaking the story of his death.(There are multiple articles related to this on the internet.) Now he is using them to break ongoing stories about him. Other networks and publications are watching them now...they're not just considered another tabloid since Michael's death.

Somehow I think his mother's finances are tied to the Bam. I just haven't figured it out yet. I don't think that the Las Vegas story today is a coincidence either, especially since we have been talking about the possibility that he is living in his Las Vegas "Neverland."

I still believe the Bam will be played out in court...but not in criminal charges, but in financial/estate/will issues. Only my opinion...

Michael Jackson News / Re: Michael Jackson's Career Resurrection
« on: June 27, 2010, 07:18:14 PM »
What do you think still has to happen for his restoration to be complete? I agree with you about the Bam.

When Joseph recently complained that Katherine should have done more, didn't he say that at some meeting they had and he was all upset that Katherine and Michael were laughing?

I might have that incorrect but I think that's what he said.

Michael Jackson News / Re: The will has not been filed with the court
« on: June 26, 2010, 12:03:53 PM »
MO - if the will has not been filed, does that mean that Branca et al are also in on this "hoax"? Is Michael then really making all of the financial decisions? I'm really confused now.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Please read this video done by karenjoymc
« on: June 26, 2010, 10:56:52 AM »
I think it's not wise to jump to believing this video because I think right now, after yesterday, we are all very vulnerable.

Having said that, there are some things in the video that help to explain some of my questions.

I found it hard to believe that MJ had planned this for so many years because he did not have his finances in order. Not just the huge debt, but I don't think this is the latest will. Also his mother is struggling financially (I do believe that, not just tabloid trash) which jeopardizes the security of his children in the Encino home. I don't believe he would have left her in that situation.

I think he was stressed out...but this makes more sense rather than just being stressed out about the performances which would also make sense that he would have trouble falling asleep as the July performance dates drew closer. I never believed he could be a serious drug addict and a doting father...the two are not compatible. I also never thought he would put his kids through this just for a "movie." I agree, he left clues for his fans in the movie.

Stevie Wonder's outright sadness both at the funeral and at the Rock n Roll hall of fame was real. But I also believed Michael was not dead. I couldn't reconcile the two. Now with this video, I think the sadness is that Michael will probably never be able to perform again or even return.

I don't want to rush to judgement, but there may be some validity to this. To me, this lines up more with Michael's character than the other theories. Of course, this is all my opinion.

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine Jackson to Joe: Don't Drag Me Into This!
« on: June 25, 2010, 06:33:33 PM »
I think Katherine and Joe are playing "good cop and bad cop." That's what I think the headline is trying to say...she's not going to be play any role in this part of the hoax. I still believe the bam will be played out in court as they uncover the financial inconsistencies, the possibly "bogus" will, etc. Then Michael can do a bam...not before. All of this has to be played out under the assumption he is "dead." I think both of them are doing an incredible job in this movie...worthy of an Oscar!

TMZ Articles / Re: Jackson Molestation Attorney Visits MJ
« on: June 25, 2010, 01:57:44 PM »
Mo - I was in the military. Are you sure you weren't a drill sargeant at Lackland Air Force base?'re great. Keeping us all in line.

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