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Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ's New Album-Pitting Family against Friends?
« on: October 27, 2010, 12:39:08 PM »
I think the important part of this message is that Sony "hired a forensic audiologist" to determine if it is Michael's voice. It's notable that they are mentioning a possible imposter. It will be interesting to see where this leads...I'm betting that the family and Sony are in on this together...another piece of the Bam. They test his DNA, his voice....what else? Handwriting on the will???

TMZ Articles / Re: Randy Jackson is Nopra on Oprah
« on: October 13, 2010, 11:11:49 AM »
Red Rose - you are exactly right.

We always want to make Michael Jackson a one-dimensional person. This is brilliant. He's using the "akido" method...taking the enemy's sword and turning it back on them. Oprah can't resist a "story." Michael knows that. He's just using the family to play good cop and bad cop to expose the truth.OHHHHHHHHH! I NEVER want to be his enemy...or the Jackson family either!

This is a human game of chess with all his "enemies" as the players. How exciting!

Who is the REAL Michael Jackson? You're seeing it played out in front of your's called justice.

Does anybody remember the TMZ headline - Katherine Jackson - the buck stops here. I can't copy it right now. But the way I read it at the time was that Katherine was calling the shots, probably via Michael. "The buck stops here" was a sign that US President Harry Truman had on his may still be on the President's desk. It means the President is the final decision maker.

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine & Joe Jackson Do 'Oprah'
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:33:12 AM »
Remember Oprah hates to be lied to. Do you remember the author that was not quite truthful about his "memoirs?" She was furious. I don't think he would give her the "scoop."

Wasn't she on one of his "lists?"

I don't know that releasing the FBI files is definitive proof that Michael is dead. It could just prove that Michael planned his supposed death very well. All the FBI needs is a death certificate. It was very obvious that he thinks that anyone who even believes that it could be a hoax or a conspiracy is crazy. He didn't leave much room for any doubt on that. That's okay. He's right...sometimes Michael's rabid fans don't help the cause for anyone to take this seriously. He's also right...what good does it do to attack him?

 For some reason, I don't care for Tamborelli...mainly because of what he wrote about Michael's wedding to Lisa Marie. That was very painful for Michael. I just find it difficult to believe that he could be such a close friend and write some of the things he did. I read the entire book but just thought some of the things were thrown in just to make it more salacious. Just my opinion. I can't agree with his respect for him.

I think he said time is also critical in that once Sneddon et al know that he is putting this together and a possible indictment could come, then they could move out of the jurisdiction.

I think the timeline is to Pledge the money by Nov 15 and then the money would be actually collected on Dec 15. Did I also hear him say that Michael Moore is interested in helping with the documentary. If that's the cause he would give it immediate credibility. I think he also said that if the money is not there on Dec 15 or pledge by Nov 15 then he will not go any further with the investigation.

I so want this to happen. I hope he is legit.

2 Bad - You mentioned that they were collecting funds to create a video. I went to the website but didn't find that information. Can you tell me where that's located?

Thanks so much for the info.

Other Odd Things / Re: Calling all Lightworkers :)
« on: October 08, 2010, 09:24:42 AM »
BetheChange - this is wonderful. It's going on the fridge, next to my bed, by my desk, etc.
so I can read it when I get those "I'm feeling different" moods.

What a wonderful gift Michael has given us - each other!!!

Other Odd Things / Re: Calling all Lightworkers :)
« on: October 07, 2010, 12:45:09 PM »
The adoption funny! I have one of those too. There are 11 children in my family. I happen to have red hair (yes, the red headed step child) and obviously don't tan. My sister did. So I told everyone she was adopted from an American Indian adoption agency. That was during my days when I was doing the opposite...trying to make myself the benchmark for "normalcy." Didn't work.

I think Michael did so well because his mother was so spiritual. She truly understood his uniqueness and encouraged it. You can really understand that in the Jackson Family movie. Because she did that, I'm not sure he ever understood until the media painted him as "weird" that he was unique. She created a wonderful cocoon for him. It's just a wonderful parenting story.

Other Odd Things / Re: Calling all Lightworkers :)
« on: October 07, 2010, 07:23:46 AM »
I think I'm older than most of you so this has been an ongoing theme in my life. Oddly enough, it didn't all come together for me until Michael's "death." I have spent most of my life trying to "fit" in and now I realize I was squandering the innate gifts that God has given. I hope I word this correctly, but there is a verse in the Bible about God being a jealous God. For me, it's as if he demands my time to meditate and listen to his voice. And I spend a great deal of time doing that. Some people call it "intuitive" I just call it listening to his voice. If I do that, there are few "surprises" in my life, meaning I know when things are going to happen, ie an illness that I need to be treated for or a job issue, etc.

I don't know if the rest of you have also noticed that you're blindsided by people's cruelty. I'm extremely naive about man's ability to be cruel and abusive. I don't think that way so I am childlike in anticipating it or dealing with it. I think God has made me be more alert and mature in those situations over the last few years. So I totally understand Michael and the people who took advantage of him.

I have seen a few people post health issues here and one thing that I have noticed is that "our group" tends to have poor immunity issues which manifest in various illnesses. Fortunately, I finally found (or God directed me to) a very good holistic doctor who has addressed both the physical and spiritual needs. Sometimes I think our hyper sensitivity to injustices and evil does cause us to have physical illnesses.

Again, thanks to all of you. God had told me he would provide me with a family, I just need to let go of the one that I have. It isn't a healthy enviornment for me.

Growing in the knowledge of His love--

Other Odd Things / Re: Calling all Lightworkers :)
« on: October 06, 2010, 10:27:09 PM »
Thanks so much to all of you for being vulnerable and sharing your stories. I so identified with all that has been said. I come from a very large family and have always felt isolated and alone. I knew that I wasn't like everyone else and yet I love them so much. Just today I felt I needed to make a decision to take a break from them because I don't seem to be able to be me and still be a part of the family. What is keeping me with them is keeping me from whatever God has for me. It is a terribly hard and frightening decision. But I feel constricted by their constant pressure for me to conform and my inability to share anything with them...including my obsession with this site.

Then tonight I stumbled on to this particular topic. It is so comforting to know that there are many more like us out there. If this was Michael's purpose, then the riddle for me has been solved. My unexplainable desire to continue to follow this site for so many months now makes sense. Today I was so distraught and was asking for spiritual strength. I took a walk and listened to Michael's "Keep the Faith" and totally surrendered all the fears and doubts I had about where God wants to take me. Tonight I feel like I have my answer. I
hope this thread is continued. I will follow up on the sites listed here. I am excited about hearing more from all of you. Thank you so much. I think what God has for me is bigger than I even imagined.

The Bible References / Re: Michael Jackson and Religious Symbolism
« on: October 03, 2010, 05:28:15 PM »
This connection seems really out there but it does validate so many of us who feel a strong spiritual connection to Michael's death and who have been almost uncontrollably drawn to this site--those of us who liked his music but were never "fans" so to speak. This is one of those spiritual moments when it's almost too much knowledge to attempt to absorb let alone understand.

Serenity- thanks so much.

TMZ Articles / Re: Jermaine's Child Support Plea -- I'm Broke, No Joke
« on: September 26, 2010, 10:30:21 AM »
Has anybody else noticed how many messages we have been getting about money? Through TMZ (or Michael) we basically have been given his financial status.

This is the message I'm getting - other than the $400,000+ money in bank accounts, all of his money and assets are tied up in the estate in assets. The estate has paid off a huge amount of debt with I assume whatever income (not revenue) has been generated. The remainder is being used to pay his mother's and children's living expenses...and let's not forget the lawyer's fees.

 Is it possible that Michael is being supported during this interim period by the money his mother is receiving? Is that why we've received at least 3 if not more TMZ articles about his mother needed additional money? Is that the reason she has embarked on the money making schemes with the somewhat scrupulous characters?

The estate has to account to the court for all the expenditures out of the estate's funds.
So even if the estate lawyers are in on the hoax and they funneled money to Michael, it still has to be accounted for. I think the message "I'm broke, no joke" might be related to Michael's status and not just Jermaine's.

I guess my other intuition is that maybe he does need money to complete his own investigation before he comes back. Maybe that's the delay.

These are all just opinions. But it's getting harder and harder to ignore the "money" related "clues??"

I think we're not paying enough attention to the TMZ articles related to money. There's a reason why the same message is being repeated over and over. I've said all along we need to follow the money but maybe TMZ is saying the same thing.

TMZ Articles / Re: Jackson Executors: How We Turned it Around
« on: September 24, 2010, 12:09:23 PM »
Just because he owed other debts, doesn't mean he owed the IRS. It just means either he or his financial advisors/accountants were smart enough to pay the IRS first. The two are not interrelated.

Also, I think there is some confusion between revenue and income. Because the estate generated a large amount of revenue, doesn't mean all of that (after expenses and fees) translated into bottom line income/cold cash.

If this is all true, why did he cease to fund his Heal the World Foundation supposedly because he was not able to fund it any longer.

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