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Okay, now, Paris could have tons of private family moment pictures of her Daddy up there.  We know there are a lot of them because a lot have been leaked to the media.  What she has up there are pics anyone could get online of Michael, not Daddy.  They are pics that are tabloid pics...magazine pictures.  Pictures from his JOB.  Not personal, memories she gathered of him.
These remind me how we thought it was the Great King Of Pop Michael Jackson who died.  The entertainer.  That seems to me more of what she's pointing out.  A memorial to THAT persona.
Notice also, that last week she posted a pic of her on Daddy's back.  The private persona.  THAT one was a current pic (or looked to be as the kids were current ages).  The pics she has on the wall are old. 
I think this again is a great clue.  THAT Michael Jackson, the entertainer is gone.  Dead.  Sorta like Prince  (Prince Rogers Nelson that is)changing his name.  New persona.  Lots of celebs do that.  Change their name and become another persona.  Even Janet with the Damita Jo...although her middle name...  new persona.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Who is still here ? ? ? ? ?
« on: August 05, 2012, 06:31:15 PM »
I'm still here too!  Been investigating the hoax since I heard the first report on TV of his "death".  But, I seem to be absorbed by my life, and work and my dobes, and sleep!  ;)  (I have anemia)
I pop in and out everyday, hoping our Michael has returned, but also hoping he didn't while I was at work!
I know he'll be back, although in the beginning I believed he left to get his own life, make music behind the scenes and just live.
Part of me still wonders that, but with all the clues we've had over the years, they'd be unnecessary if he was staying hidden.
So to you all my family, I love you and all your intense work here.
To you Michael, I love you and not one day goes by that you STILL, as since I found you in 1969, are not a part of my every single day.
I'm still here.

Just something cool about Neverland...
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and....what TMZ said way back when about it:
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and just pics
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I'm not very vocal here this week, but that in no way means I've jumped ship - just very busy with life stuff,  in case anyone's wondering! Just about managing to read TMZ articles and a few comments. Still watchin'!

Me too darlin'
This hoax is so twisted and puzzling I have just decided to let you young minds figure it out.  I'm here watching and learning and waiting.
I'll keep my opinions to me cuz they will prob be wrong in the end.
Michael, I am here...waiting.  It don't matter to me what your reasons for all this are, although it's been most of my life for 3 years.
With us or not, you are inside of me and nothing but my death will remove you from me.

To you all my friends, you do an amazing job and I'm blessed to know you all and be a part of this enormous and monumental show with you all and Michael.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Extra security for Michael Jackson's kids
« on: July 24, 2012, 07:03:50 PM »
So this article says Katherine is at Rebbie's HOME in Arizona....  geeeeeez

« on: July 23, 2012, 06:53:09 PM »
So most of the articles say Katherine is in Arizona resting per doc orders and the family took her there.  Now we hear she's in Arizona Vacationing with Rebbie...Family don't stay in the spa with you...that's not a vacation.    I'm per doc...or vacation with Rebbie and family??
Whatever whatever whatever   :)

7'd Michael buy that RV for his Mom to watch the bros Unity tour that happened 3 years after he "died"!!!!  ;)

So then who has the kids?  Why didn't they know where Gramma is?  Why don't Rebbie have them?  Why don't the other family know?  Why Rebbie didn't tell the kids/anyone?  Who's the people with the phone number and how do they fit into Paris/this?  Does Rebbie live in AZ?  And how does AZ fit into this?  I thought Rebbie lived in Vegas.....

Who is this person answering that phone?  Paris posted an actual number so either they are in on this or this is real.  You can call this real number and get a real person and the number is on line with a real name attached it it and the person is real.
Shaida Baharloo
5027 Rigoletto St
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 876-0186
Confirm Current Phone & Address
Add to Address Book | Map & Driving Directions | Run a Background Check
© 2012 NAVTEQ© 2012 Microsoft Corporation

    (818) 876-0186 is a Land Line phone.
    The local time is 10:51 AM.
    Location: Woodland Hills, CA
    Latitude: 34.16201551335
    Longitude: -118.62485377139

So as this is a female, age 52 that works for the city/county of Ventura, who's the man answering the phone..her husband?  Whoever they are...they know they are part of this and Paris.  I'm figuring the people at her Kingdom hall have seen her today, are they one of them?

This Shaida is an engineer...
and I found a site that talks about a children's hospital in Arizona for Michael....maybe Katherine is there with this engineer to begin the hospital we keep hearing Michael wanted to build all over the world...
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Just trying to put some pieces together......

Interesting...there is info online about this Shaida person.
   Shaida Baharloo, 52
Los Angeles, CA   

    Los Angeles, CA
    Toledo, OH
    Glendale, AZ

Arizona???  Hummmm
But, the number is in the Los Angeles area.

Also, this page...notice that number went to Woodland Hills Ca...and this person is there... (rare name)
and I got this page about her:
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Wonder if someone is building something around there?

That number may be a business to call on weekdays...

Also, Woodland Hills is in between Encino, the family homestead and Calabasas, where Katherine and the kids were renting a house.  I'd also read awhile ago, that Katherine went to the Kingdom hall in Woodland Hills.

I wonder what that phone number is and has anyone called it.  Are there simply clues in that number alone?
Is it the police and why wouldn't Paris say it's the police?  Why is it a SECURITY number?  That's strange too....
Also, how could Katherine disappear at all if she has custody of the kids?  Who has them?  Why hasn't the press jumped
on that?  What about Demon Diamond?  Surely she'd contact CPS...the way she's after Michael and 'his'.
Really, would Katherine, having custody, leave the kids..with whoever, and have no contact?
Even if it was under doc orders, Paris wouldn't know?  She wouldn't wonder why she was being taken care of by someone else?
No...this is more info released my the Jackson's media were all of the weird stories about Michael his whole life.
Publicity.  Bad/strange publicity is still his name out there..he's still on peoples minds.  The stranger the more talk.
We know the world don't hear about the good things Michael did..just the released crazy stuff.
But, this number Paris  gave, calling it security is puzzling....

I put that number into my browser and got this:
Shaida Baharloo
WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91364   818-876-0186

SOOO, who's this???

It don't make sense to me to have the word LIVE in there at all.  LIVE as opposed to dead??  Well, there wouldn't be a dead hologram...a hologram is not dead or alive.  Why not say a hologram Michael?  It can't be a live hologram...they do not live.
Maybe it's a play on words as in not LIVE as in alive...but live as in bring to life.
Perhaps it's live not live....and they are going to bring that hologram to LIVE hologram. 
Life would be Michael.
Just wishin'

I just wanna say to Michael, that home is where the heart is, and you Michael are in our hearts, so PLEASE, come HOME  :)

WOW I think it IS way to coincidental to not be looked into.  Also, as it's been said...the Jermaine part with his toothache..
Didn't he miss a family concert...or was it court because of that tooth???

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