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I'm of the opinion that David Geffen is a key player in the orchestration of Leaving Neverland. He was around MJ since the mid eighties and his influence only increased as the nineties clocked over. Pretending to have MJ's best interests at heart, Geffen was there-  pulling strings, offering business advice , getting rid of people  that he didn't like and instilling his  own people such as Sandy Gallen in key roles. They torpedoed MJ's dreams of making movies and blamed Spielberg. But it was all really the  petty , vindictive little man who runs Hollywood. It was no accident that Geffen held the number 1 position on that list of enemies that Mike had taped to his mirror. Of course it is hard to make anything stick to Geffen, he is that slimey. He always has one of his minions do all the dirty work and take all the risks, just like Hoeprah did when endorsing that filthy mockumentary. .
Geffen is  getting rather old now, from the looks of those pictures he keeps posting of himself with all those celebrities aboard his yacht , so I console myself with the knowledge that sometime soon he will have to give an account to the heavenly Father for all the vile and nefarious crap he orchestrated while on this earth. He won't be able to hide in that day.

Hey guys.  :Goodbye: I'm good.

I liked the last line. Possibly the only line of truth to the whole story.  "Michael has planned the most amazing encore ever".
Even after all these years,  I still like to think of that encore. Especially now and what that would mean for the pieces of shit like robsome and safecheck as well as that great beast hoprah.  :Poo: They would all be liable for defaming a living person. Ah....what a sweet outcome that would be for this whole sorry mess.

Made me think of  "See you in July' that MJ said before disappearing. But those shows at the O2 were  to commence on the 8th of July, not the 18th. 
 If Pearl and Bobby are involved, then I wouldn't waste  time on it. May be she thought of adding another day for each year that has passed. Anything to lure people into her orbit.

Kenny Ortega / Re: Your thoughts?
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:57:07 AM »
Yeah, I think the hoaxer in all of us sees these things like the 777 thousand listed as needed for Taj's doco, but the explanation could also just be because that number is so identifiable  in MJ's  persona and career.  I too have been swinging between those thoughts  of hoax or not,  and I would love it if it was, but I am of the opinion that this shit is real. Always has been a matter of life and death for him. Damn that man sure had some assholes around him. One thought I encourage myself with in this whole shit fight is that this time around, it hopefully will be the last time and it will ALL come out into the light and the shadowy figures behind these lies will been seen by all the world for the vile and putrid filth that they are. It is a lot different in 2019 than the last time. Doesn't matter as much about who controls the media in today's world as more  people are inclined to research things for themselves instead of being force fed from the matrix's tittie. You are not the only one Souza who is swearing like a sailor these days. I need to go and listen  again to Paul Moony paying out on oprah . It's the only thing that takes the edge off my anger about that bitch.

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Have you heard of the Andy Kauffman vs Michael Jackson death hoax parallels?  There are a lot of similarities in their deaths including: Andy was a jokester and liked illusions just like Michael, right after his death a movie came out called "Man on the Moon",  and he seemed to have orchestrated and controlled his memorial.  There are more similarities but don't want to get into that now.  Anyway, Andy had an alias he called Tony Clifton who was an obnoxious lounge singer and comedian.  He became so famous that some people thought he was a real person.  He actually appeared in public after Andys death.  I wonder if Jack Crooner is MJ's equivalent to Tony Clifton?  Maybe he is using Jack to "play" with us like he said he was going to do before the BAM.

Thanks for reminding us of this. I remember a hoax video from about 9 years ago that was about the MJ / Kauffman hoax similarities, but I  had forgotten about Tony Clifton, and I do see how Jack could be the MJ equivalent.

Messages to Michael / Re: Happy Birthday Michael!
« on: August 29, 2018, 05:13:16 AM »
Well that time of year is upon us once again.
 :Cake: Happy Birthday MJ  :Gift:

The big 6-0.
 We all may be getting older, but at least your music is timeless.  :Music:

Introduce yourself / Re: Hello everyone
« on: August 08, 2018, 09:40:02 PM »
Hi Sim . Hi Darina. So good to see you guys still around.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Joe Jackson is not doing well
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:13:10 PM »
I have just read the news that Joe has passed.
My condolences to the whole family.

To quote Pearl......I am the face of believers.
I am not happy to have her as my representative.  I don't have problems with a little quirkiness... but crazy as cats##t, to quote Tariq from the racist rant video is a whole other matter.
Pearl, you are $elling  your documentary to gullible fans after cherry picking from the  topics, ideas and stories that the entire community explored and sifted through in the early days of the hoax. The irony of it is in the fact that many things were discussed however,  not all  are  legit "clues". Definitely some interesting coincidences, but to promote as proof and hard evidence of a hoax...definitely not. An investigative journalist should be able to know these differences. 
The early days after June 25th '09 were something incredible to be a part of.  For many of us, it was all about justice / vindication for MJ. Our forums and research were a labour of love, free for anyone to read. Not to be sold for profit. 

I'm just gonna end this by saying stop promoting trolls posing as MJ online. 

What I find most mind boggling is the amount of weird and questionable doctors that have been around MJ at one time or another. From Murray to Arnie Klein and AJ and Patric Treacy. They all seemed to have been star struck and then willing to sell themselves out with self promotion or stories about their friendships with him. Just really unethical for a professional in their position.
I agree that this Jack Crooner thing has been going on for too long now, and if it is just shameless self promotion on AJ's part, he should realize that he only has fans by default because they think it could be MJ in disguise.
I must be really tired and jaded these days, because a suspect person in disguise, or any number of twitter troll pretenders or new clues no longer get more than  a raised eye brow from me. 
Yep, there is only one way to shock the world and that is to come back from the dead.

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Apparently Brandon Howard is going to play MJ...

I read that too. I think that is great casting. There is a resemblance, though I don't believe him to be MJ's bio son.

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Corey is really brave, I hope no one kills him considering that he's spreading the truth.

I think he is very brave as well.
It is so great that those tapes from the Santa Barbera police interview where they weren't interested in who had molested Corey, but only wanted dirt on MJ were aired on Dr Oz. Really well played by Mr Feldman. He anticipated their initial reaction of denying and saying the tapes were lost and then, bam....there they were. He needs to be kept safe. Not only him, but his family. This is a David and Goliath type of story. Not only Corey's, but it involves Michael at it's core as well, and that is why he has MJ fan support.
Stay strong Mr Corey Feldman.

Helena at Vindicating MJ has written a great update .

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A link to the documentary "An open secret"

Some of the people Corey has named are in this doco.

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