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« on: December 07, 2009, 01:38:20 AM »
MJ was DD on LKL and on the day of his burial for one reason. He had to find a way to go to the burial and he wanted to speak to his friends and family, so he posed as DD.
1. DD eyes are a different color than the DD on LKL.  Sure hazel eyes turn colors but DD on LKL has jet black eyes, just like MJ.
2. The voice sounds and the voice inflection is like MJ.
3. The reference to Paul McCartney.  A 7 year old may know of the Beatles, but not PM? And why would a 7 year old put that in his long term memory. I mean if he went to Neverland, what about the rides, the candy machines, the train, the game room, the toys, the movie theatre, the animals...
4. DD was on staff at MJJ Productions, along with Miko. Why? What was DD's job at MJJ Productions? Maybe this wasn't the first time MJ had used DD as a disguse.
5. DD sat next to Dame Liz Taylor at the burial. Liz was seated at the end of the isle in her wheelchair and DD pulled up a chair and sat next to her. Does DD know LIz Taylor that well?  There were many people there who knew LIz Taylor but none were bold enough to pull up a chair and sit next to her, a hold a conversation.
6. DD spoke of MJ on LKL as a human being, not the what the media thought him to be. This was very important to MJ for the world to know.
7. DD spoke at the burial. His speech was very simlar to what we herad in TII about L.O.V.E. and loving each other.  
8. The oversized suit and broad shoulders were needed to hide the device needed to pull off the fake hands. Pulling off the hands is simple compaired to pulling off a hoax death.
10. DD appeared on LKL and has disappeared into the computer. He gave no more interviews about MJ. None written or in person.
11. DD's strange messages. On the one hand he says the hoax is a hoax and that he is greving, on the other hand, he approves messages from people who think he was MJ on LKL.  One of his last "moods" was "I am it." Why play with those who obviously care for his friend. Why tease us with crazy messages.

Conclusion: MJ was DD for one day.
Why?  Because he could.  He wanted to go the burial and he wanted get up before those who were most special to him and thank them. Maybe in some strange way he wanted to be there. I mean this is MJ, trying to understand him is impossible. I don't think his speech at the burial will ever be  seen by the public, because he knows he'd be exposed.

The debate will continue, but until I'm given evidence to the contary, I will always believe MJ was DD for one day.

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