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Messages to Michael / Re: Words to My Hero <3
« on: October 02, 2011, 10:51:51 PM »

I am a college freshman now! That's a good thing...  ::P I enjoy living in the dorms and stuff. Except for the times when they are extra loud during quiet hours which isn't too cool...I have school at nine in the morning and I'm doing pretty good at it so far  :lol:

Gosh...I miss you so much  :cry: I just got sad after listening to some music of yours for a moment. I guess every fan of yours gets the way sometimes. But I guess it's nothing we can do right now.
:( As much as we want to do something we just have to keep at it and just keep beLIEving in you.  ;) It just gets hard sometimes... On another note, a person who makes me cry when I listen to their music as well is this 11-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho. Her voice is gorgeous.... :cry:

But I shouldn't have anything to worry about it. Like I said, as long as you are happy, nothing else matters....because I care about ya!

But anyway, I think the college life is good for me since I like to be by myself a lot. Ever since my grandfather died this summer, I don't think I ever want to be back at that old house with those old memories with the same people who are doing the same thing--nothing... I just don't want to be there anymore.

Even though my mom doesn't want me to, I want to travel .I have an itch to see the world as much as it frightens her for me to go to different countries. I just want to see wants out there...beyond these barriers of the States. I want to see the rolling green of Scotland, the freshness of the Caribbean or the pounding heat and rhythm of Brazil. It sounds so amazing... so impeccably beautiful. I would love to experience that and one day...I will.

So how are you? How was your summer? Did you watch a summer setting sun? Did you see the fire and ice of the purplish pink sky and the stars dance and run? I wish I could talk to you personally as odd as it sounds :) Just to see what it is like. But if this is as close as I can get, I'm totally fine with it :)

I love you so much... Have an awesome week!~ 8-)


Mimee <3

General Hoax Talk / Re: Will you still hold out hope for a return ??
« on: June 27, 2011, 11:36:56 AM »
Hopefully, he comes back in July but IDK...I'm getting kinda somber during this time.

But I gots to keep the faith!!!!

Other Odd Things / Re: Lady GaGa's Edge of Glory
« on: June 26, 2011, 08:44:09 PM »
Quote from: "Tove"
I'm just listening Gaga's new born this way cd and just wondering- Why all the things from MJ? For example song Bad kid's starts just like They don't care about us. I have to listen the record again to be able to analyze other Michaelism's. But this was weird.
The more I see and hear Gaga the more I find out things from Michael. Well, I suppose it all makes sense someday.

People say that 'Bad Kids'  DOES have a MJ reference to it!~ Quite the interesting song.

I personally LOVE Lady Gaga. She's awesome! Maybe because I can relate to some of the things she has went through in her life but any other way, I adore her and her music! :)  bearhug

TMZ Articles / Re: Shaq DESTROYS Classic Michael Jackson Songs
« on: June 26, 2011, 08:32:21 PM »
just a damn shame...

@TouchedbyAnAngel That vid is very interesting! Thanks for posting it! I got this kinda building suspense feeling whilw watching it...

Others / Re: Chris Brown - She Ain't You
« on: June 13, 2011, 07:12:53 PM »
Everybody knows Chris Brown can't stand a chance to Michael. That comparison is dead. MJ killed it a long time ago... moonwalk_/   :lol:

Omer is so cute <3

Others / Re: Chris Brown - She Ain't You
« on: May 18, 2011, 01:55:37 PM »
I know he likes MJ and all but I'm sorry... he screwed that song ._. I hate it. Thanks for posting it though! My sister listens to this song all the time and whatnot, but I don't like it :(

TMZ Articles / Re: Conrad Murray Juggling 3 Women On Day MJ Died
« on: May 16, 2011, 01:22:51 PM »
Quote from: "StrangerInCalifornia"
Quote from: "black_orchid"
Quote from: "paula-c"
PureLove wrote :

Our hero is turning out to be the playboy now? He should hold a playboy magazine in his hand at the trial. And again Murray's "rolling his eyes" picture. Priceless.

yes, I remembered this picture of Murray and that look sexy. like saying "here I am mamacita""

LMAO! Look at this guy looking like The Dancing Bear from Boogaloo  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: This is too funny! <3
hahahahaha!!!!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: that just made my day!  :lol:

LMAO! OH NAW! <3 That picture is crazy

Quote from: "heartphantom"
black_orchid, thank you, that is my purpose too. Many people who deal with them may not even know what is going on behind. Pretending problems don't exist and just waiting for them to vanish is not the solution, we can't be passive, i can't. Especially when this people are still active. Articles, you tube videos, posts and announcements on forums is the least we can do to expose the danger and alert their potential victims. Information prevents drama sometimes and if we help one soul then we already succeeded. This doesn't disrespect the man we are here for, quite the opposite. We cut out these internet predators who use Michael Jackson for their sick agenda.
At least we can try. It doesn't cost us a thing.

Hey, I'm here for you! We have to stop these people. I also don't want to be passive towards this problem that is STILL in affect as we speak. We got to let everyone know that these people are SICK and using MIchael Jackson as a puppet!  :evil:

Quote from: "Its her"
Quote from: "heartphantom"
you shared the lurid gossip with us, shoveling B.S. our way.
Being selfish and choosing to see only what's causing us pleasure while hoax hunting, is not Michael's message of change or LOVE. A visitor on this forum could be the mother of one of that children. Sometimes with this kind of "BS" insignificant for others, you can save a soul. I will not stop  TRYing just because your comfort is disturbed, at least trying is all i can do and this we should to all.
And i find your reaction quite interesting too................[/b]

Naw, I just know that evil is never eradicated by glorifying it. Hurtful, questionable fiction should remain where you found it, and die due to lack of interest. Now, everyone, including the kids you are so concerned about, are able to read it here, where there is a reasonable expectation of RESPECT for Michael Jackson. That's all.

There is harder core, filthier stuff online, but I'm only interested in not giving anyone, child or grown,  the impression that it is acceptable to feed here on a guy who has said himself, he's been "bleeding a long time now," from this very thing, lies.

Not objecting to free speech or anyone's option to partake of crap where they find it. The objection here, in my head, is that THIS man is someone we know of and appreciate. You're helping them use him for disrepectful UN-loving sport.

I has not as much to do with my comfort, as HIS. But, he's grown and is probably numb to it, and he'll probably never see it, so, let's say it is not as much about my peace, as it is others' character....garbage in, garbage out.  I am not interested in locking threads. As adults, we should have had enough guidance to be able to police ourselves.

But, "do what you want" . respect/

I don't think that just because she posted this here that she anyway 'helping' their sick actions. If it does give these lunatics some attention. it's going to be negative not praising them. She's right, these people need to be stopped. They obviously slandering his name and all of these sick ass claims that they put for the PUBLIC to see,  it is unacceptable. We as fans, true fans at that, should try to make sure these type of people not do this to MJ. These kids SHOULD know who they are dealing with....these people are mentally insane. Yes, there is a high level of respect for Michael Jackson here of COURSE!She/he  posted something that needs to be addressed directly about MJ's respect and  what these  people are really doing right now. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED. Immediately.

Because if we we had an type of bravery in us. We would try to cease this inappropriate behavior.

Wow, he seems pretty upset with whoever is harrassing him like this... Smh. This hoax thing is hard...

Quote from: "PeaceLoveHappiness"
Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Quote from: "black_orchid"
Quote from: "PeaceLoveHappiness"
I have a couple of things to add to this thread.
3.) Regarding his love for his fans.  Every decent, successful entertainer should love their fans because without the fans to support them by buying their music, going to their concerts, or watching their movies, they wouldn't be successful entertainers in the first place.  Like most, I'm sure that Michael does appreciate and love his fans, yet he still keeps a safe distance from them, understandably so.

Exactly ^^- Thank you.

Maybe every decent, successful entertainer should love their fans, doesn't mean that they do and they certainly don't go out of their way to show any love like Michael always did.  Their love is shown for the good of their bank accounts.  Michael doesn't fit into that category.  He's light years ahead of all of them in every area measureable.  When he says he loves his fans, I believe he really does "love" his fans differently than any other entertainer who might utter those same words.  The expectations and end results are not the same.  

As far as him keeping a safe distance, that goes without saying.  He isn't crazy and knows without a doubt that he would be crushed to death if he didn't.

That's why I said decent.  IMO, the ones who don't at least appreciate their fans aren't decent people.  And I agree with you that Michael is one of the few who not only appreciates his fans, but has also gone out of his way on countless occasions to express that appreciation.

I like your avatar ^^- But I totally agree. Michael is an amazingly loving person. He appreciate and loves his fans very much.  bearhug We supported him through his hardest and his most triumphant of times.

Quote from: "PeaceLoveHappiness"
I have a couple of things to add to this thread.
3.) Regarding his love for his fans.  Every decent, successful entertainer should love their fans because without the fans to support them by buying their music, going to their concerts, or watching their movies, they wouldn't be successful entertainers in the first place.  Like most, I'm sure that Michael does appreciate and love his fans, yet he still keeps a safe distance from them, understandably so.

Exactly ^^- Thank you.

Quote from: "heartphantom"
I was browsing for the last 2 hours and i 've read so so many weird stuff going on around this hoax that i've decided to start this thread (if not here then where), so everyone - guest or member - to be in alert. I know we all can think for ourselves but a lot of freaks, smart psychos have their way with deceiving adults and god, children! If you find anything useful to be careful about please post it here !
For starter, here are few of my findings, i'll add more when i have time.

1. SOURCE You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login:


You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Kathy's personal account
We have been watching this for a month to- Please check this out and see just how far this has gone. Please PM if you are a parent of any of the children involved and I will give you some important information. Some steps you can take as the parent of a minor involved with this scam.

Now we have these two creating channels posing as Michael Jackson ALIVE

Most of the ghost accounts were closed. Stephanie still has multiple accounts on YouTube. Some are children, some are fans, and some are not as fans.
Some may even be in your friends.

This doesn't mean we start pointing fingers at everyone we do not know.

This means "caution If you have a new friend, new account that is pumping you for certain information about others...or a new account that starts drama. Please watch yourself and watch out for your friends.

New fans do create account that are honest and may have a new account or created a new channel.

Stephanie and Kathy are predators.
They try to blend in to make their scams work and be realistic.
However Stephanie and Kathy get very agitated when their story line starts to crumble.

They lash out at the non-believers they turn to people that have be grooming as friends and plant evil seeds that takes the heat off of their scam and get's everyone upset and confused.

Do not let these two destroy your love for Michael and for your friends.

There is more than one Stephanie with fan accounts- I will try to refer to the Stephanie from this account as Steph/con or Steph c.

Please report anything you see that could indicate they are moving around, they are trying to be slick.

Just keep your eyes open for new accounts causing drama, or passing around secret codes that it is Michael. He would not take this chance after all he has been through. Alive or passed.

Kathy however claims she is in with Michaels family and they are getting married and as you can see she is claiming to be trying to get pregnant or is pregnant according to the deviant art comments. That is ridiculous. Stephanie is the one writing the comments as Michaels spirit. The same as she did here on You Tube.
People are getting confused that they are playing both sides of Michael being passed away as well as being alive.

Stephanie is still collecting children and saying it is Michael adopting them as his own. She still speaks freely and openly about the kids, and getting those children to also bring other children to her. Claiming Michael wants to surround himself with innocent children. These children are also subject to Kathy and Michaels Love Affair and trying to have a child- (of course Stephanie is the one claiming to channel Michaels spirit and he is the one who owns the account and he lives with her she also claims.)
This is completely inappropriate for children to hear how they love to practice making a baby and how they cant get enough sex, often commenting that they have just had sex or how much they do have sex.
Many of these children have created an account at to follow and speak to (Steph/AKA MJs spirit) Stephanie could not handle losing the children or the attention therefore she connected with them through Kathy, personal emails, and PM comments on You Tube and
Most of the people are children ages 10-15 that believe this to be Michael's ghost. Most are calling him(her) "daddy" they are calling Kathy "mommy. This is disturbing. These are young children.
Most of these kids are still here as well. They are still communicating with Kathy in a very inappropriate manner. If anything it has become an underground network of PMs and emails. They still will leave comments in public as well.

All these kids are calling (steph/MJ spirit ) him daddy ...
Stephanie deleted a bunch of comments but I have them. Stephanie has gone private with all of them now.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.. *closed*
(MICHAEL JACKSON spirit AKA Stephanie 21 adult bisexual female living with Michael Jackson's Spirit she claims)
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (13 years old)
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (13 years old)
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (12-14 years old)
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (12-14?) Account says

Those are just a few there are many more! You can check their profiles. She also has Children Profiles , and many fan accounts she uses to confirm her lies. She uses these as bait accounts. She is manipulating these kids and coaching them what to say, telling them to block anyone who doesn't believe. She is having them also bring more kids as I mentioned before.
Kathy has had her own children taken from her. She also admits to having a sexual relationship with a minor he was only 15-16. She claims the minor seduced her! She blamed everything on the child taking advantage of HER.
She lost custody of both of her children, they were taken by CPS (child protective services) She claimed once that is was because her house was dirty, then she claimed to have a rare disease, and child molestation occurring , however she claims she did not molest them but there was mention of this as valid reason to remove them as well.

Stephanie is a proud bi-sexual. She is the on that Types for "Michael" she claims and exploits his graphic sexual life as a ghost. However she contradicts herself by saying he can have sex and often borrows her computer to type his own messages.

She has some of them call her "peter as in peter pan, this is her way of hiding more easily and confusing people not involved. Her Kathy explains "peter".......

ABOUT MY BEST FRIEND PETER AKA OMGMiyazaki829 ok I'll explain my YT sister stephanie has been a medium since she was little so she has been able 2 communicate w/ spirits since then, which would probally freak most people out, after MJ death he met her spirit friend Jimmy, and she took care of both these spirits, he is still here b/c he was and still is a powerful psycic, which allows him 2 feel the pain of all his fans, my sister created this channel so he could communicate threw her 2 the people he loves dearly, we call him Peter for 2 reasons 1 my aunt gave him the nickname 4 Peter Pan 2 b/c we want 2 protect him and stephanie since there r certain trolls that think she is making this all up but there r 2 many people that has seen and felt him 4 this 2 b a lie he now goes around trying 2 heal peoples heart b/c thats how much he loves them, plus b w/ the love od his life Lisa Marie Presley

That is from Michael Jacksons spirits lover Kathy! (She claims to be engaged as well)
Below is a graphic PM from "MICHAEL'S Spirit Please tell me Michael would not be saying these things as his life has always been private. This is why they have to be stopped....

Lisa was my first... Lisa and I kept it going for fifteen years... After we had that fight, Lisa and I made love four times!!! And supposedly bumping and grinding to my music that night counts as #5...

Lisa was the only woman I ever felt fully comfortable having sexual feelings and relations with, before Katie.

Lisa and I... (blushes) Oh, why don't I just say it?

This Page is Comments taken from different Channels these are comments that are supposed to be from MICHAEL JACKSON'S Spirit (who has a youtube account) a woman named KATHY her accounts listed above. (Claims to be his lover! having sex with his ghost) Stephanie is the other Fraud pretending to be Michael Jackson. **She Claims She Types For Him** PLEASE START AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE COMMENTS Section on this page...this will explain everything. Please Comment and Pass this on . They Need to stop degrading his name. Support Michael's Name and Honor by spreading the truth about these liars. They will block anyone who questions their accounts. But if we spread the word people will be aware of them. Some fans are hoping they are talking to Michael Jackson's ghost and call them selves his children. It get's pretty sick when you see the comments that are supposed to be from Michael explaining graphic sexual acts with Kathy. Also Claiming to have these sexual encounters with LISA MARIE PRESLEY. they are vulgar and far beyond something Michael would post. They are also getting upset with fans who don't believe. They have made death Threats as you will see in the comments. Please stop Fans from getting fooled by these frauds.

I FELT SICK READING IT! Please, contribute to this thread with any information you read about possibly dangerous sick people outthere who take advantage of this hoax and can literally cause life dramas if not suicides!

I'm sorry for commenting again. But i just re-read it and this just BLEW ME to the utmost. Blew my fucking mind. How can you be this crazy? I just wanna know. This is really, truly crazy. I am just highly upset at how they just....disregard us, MICHAEL! , and every other person who they literally disrespected, feelings. It's just INSANE! I just tried to let my mind wrap around that and just let my mind simmer on that. But it's not working. And to think that she's on the same website I am on and friends with the same people who PROBABLY don't know what the HELL she is doing, is just....just CRAZY  :evil:  OMG! WTH?!?! This literally made me SICK! All the things she's done to all these people, these children, to Michael, to EVERYONE! This has to stop NOW! Somebody better get her. I just had to login to my deviantART account just to leave a comment to her about how sick and crazy she is. Seriously. This blew me! I can write a whole story right now about how messed up this lady is.

Thank you for posting this because we all had to know about this one way or another.  :( SMFH!!!!!! That's crazy as hell.... smh.

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