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In addition to my last post, she is in the circle of MJ fans that are on deviantART. I can tell because her avatar was made by one of the girls on there who also have a deviantART page, she makes everyone a MJ avatar as you can because they have a similar base. ((she is also a very talented artist XD)) I don't think she is too much aware of how insane this lady is. :(

wow...are you guys for real. I have a deviantART account too. It's kinda odd because in the circle of MJ fans I have as friends on there, she has some of the same ones. :/

Anyhoo, these people are absolutely out of there mind and I just don't understand how or why they would do such things. I mean, get a fuckin' life.  :evil:

Hoax Pictures / Re: Paris Cake ?
« on: May 11, 2011, 10:01:06 AM »
Quote from: "TheMoonIsDancing"
A care package is a box one sends to another, filled with gifts, food, clothes etc. Perhaps, MJ isn't able to see his children right now and sent Paris a care package filled with b-day presents. I had thought about that when I saw this pic. glad someone else mentions it :)

Lol Yeah! <3 She probably does receive care packages from MJ from wherever he is. It's standing out pretty well against the other things she has on her cake. They also say everything on her cake is something that is dear to her heart and thigs she loves so it makes you wonder....

Quote from: "mjj4ever777"
Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Quote from: "black_orchid"
Loving you was easy, once upon a time...  :oops:
I wish you would understand that I only give you a hard time when you don't understand what I feel like. God, I know it's hard to forget this but I'm trying really to just drop it.

Why can't you understand? I'm too young to be this distressed  :(  :cry:  I want you to help me support all the things I love and you turn your nose up at it. You tell me to grow up or that he is dead and gone or something like one person can't change the world, what makes you think you could do that? He probably wouldn't have liked you anyway...

Why demote me?  :(  :(  You really hurt me. All night, I cried. How you always tear me to pieces? I always ask God why? Why would you do this to me?

Did I hurt you? By being the best I can be, like I put someone above you....Why?  :cry:

You broke my heart deep down inside.. you lied to me. You said you loved everything about me. You told me to be myself. You told me to follow dreams and shoot for the sky. You lied to me. You said it was good for me to be different in this world. But you talk about me behind my back like I'm not somebody in this world. You hate the things I love. You always tell me to grow up. To grow up.... You always remind me how I'm almost a college student now. That I need to be more of an adult now. I try to be... but there is someone that I would like to be. I like to be me. I like to be me. You lied to me. Why would you lie to me?

Oh Mommy, you said being different was what the world needs? Why would you say that to me? To idolize someone better than him? To be like my race and do everything the other kids do... They are not me..  :cry:  :cry:  Please Mommy, understand that I can only be what I want to be...

I can only be me..... I'm sorry.

Oh no, little one, don't be down.  Remember everyone doesn't feel the magic that we feel.  It's okay :)   Just remember this and don't let anyone every tell you any different... Shine :)  :)  :D  :D and just be YOU!!   [youtube:oks2dscb][/youtube:oks2dscb]

Amen and God Bless you hesouttamylife!! This is a wonderful song, thank you for posting it for Black_Orchid. I hope it helps her/him to understand that it's ok to be "different"and that we can all "shine" in our own unique ways!

Don't stop believing Black_orchid, Please, please Keep the faith always and don't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams! Live your life with Love my friend and trust in who YOU are...a shining star, unlike any other star in the universe, you are "unique" and "special" just like each and everyone of us here...BELIEVE IT!! <3 <3

Sending you both all the LOVE you can handle! :D

aww thank you! I wish I could have replied to this sooner  :lol: Thanks so much. I love you guys  bearhug

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI May 1
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:39:25 PM »
Quote from: "scorpionchik"
Quote from: "black_orchid"


thank you!  bearhug

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI May 1
« on: May 10, 2011, 05:20:53 PM »
t now... I just read all the clues that he has given us and I just believe this is dumb as hell. To be perfectly honest. There are some things that you might think have bits of truth in them but the rest confusing. It's like one thing doens't connect to the other and I'm trying to figure it out but I'm not going to rack my brain on because that's ridiculous...

I'm gonna go and buy some new headphones, go to sleep and try this again later when I think I am up for bullshit riddles...  :evil:

Hoax Pictures / Re: Paris Cake ?
« on: May 09, 2011, 07:51:49 PM »
What is a care package?

Hoax Pictures / Re: Paris Cake ?
« on: May 09, 2011, 07:51:47 PM »
What is a care package?

Well, so what if he did have a username on here or on any other MJ forum? We don't know. All we can do is guess. I personally, don't know but you can't never doubt too much -.-. Like all of you are basically saying, Michael was a prankster and he likes to fool people.

I have changed my opinion about this subject now since I have read what ever one else has to say about the matter, I frankly believe now that if I EVER knew MJ's username... I wouldn't say anything. I truly wouldn't because I mean, who am I to say?  It's his responsibility and if he was ready to put it out there, let him but I'm not going to put up there if I DID know because that's not my business. But that's IF he does have one...

To address the subject of MJ's love for his fans, I believe that he does love us. Of course he does. It's just that in this whole thing, I believe, he had to find a way to just be himself for once. Just be Michael. Just be a normal person. I mean, come on, if he were to walk down the street right NOW, there will be people all over him like flies on SHIT. Seriously.

He does love us. In pure admiration and kindness that is unparelleled. To doubt that he ever did, makes me wonder about people. He is sincere and I believe he would never do that to his fans. He just had to find peace within himself now by performing this hoax. All the anticipation of what people expected from him is MAJOR pressure, I can imagine. Not disappointing us, his fans, he cared a lot about us. But yet, people are hurt. They shouldn't be because he's coming back. People are hurt that he deceived us. Just because he deceived us, it  doesn't mean that he doesn't care. He has to find peace within himself even if it hurts people so it shouldn't be much of a conversation, in lost for a better word. <3

« on: May 08, 2011, 05:31:59 PM »
Quote from: "TimesRemembered777"
Hello, Everybody.

Oh sure, I can clear this up. Easy! I will be more than happy to...........

Do you remember when I first came here I said that a select few were stalking me and causing trouble on the other forum? Well, as you have probably figured out by now, that's one of them. Like was already said on the other forum, they are very ANGRY at me because I will no longer subject myself to playing their DELUDED games.

Look, stalker, I'm sorry I do not return the same interest in you as you took in me. Clearly, you need help. PLEASE leave me alone and STOP following me. I will NOT answer your personal questions about who I am and where I'm located because it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Look at the date they joined and check out their post history on this forum. What a biiiiiig surprise! Harassment and stalking from forum to forum? Where is Souza and Mo? This is definitely cause for ban. Please, get ride of this TRASH. This person is NOT even a beLIEver. Please, get off the forum and leave me alone. Take the high road out while you have an ounce of dignity left before you make a fool of yourself like you did on the other forum. Live your life in peace and stop stalking people. It's not nice.

God bless you all, and Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there. bearhug

T.R. xo

Wow, that's terrible  :(  I hope this person quits doing this to you. That's just crazy...

Messages to Michael / Re: Words to My Hero <3
« on: May 08, 2011, 09:09:17 AM »
Que tal?

I took only two years of Spanish and don't know a thing about it. That's high school for you  :shock: . I haven't written to you in a long time so this is pretty fun to do. I haven't been to this FORUM in like forever so that's probably why. My senior year has been getting to me, my family has also. t's just been a lot going on lately that I justd on't want to get into it too much.

My cousin said that I'm part of Generation Slackers. He says he's part of the famed Generation X, which is all he talks about when he gets intoxicated and comes to our house. ME being me, I wasn't just going to let him talk about me like that. It's just disrespectful. It hurt my feelings to the core but I didn't let it show.  :(  So we had an argument  argue/

Afterwards, I went upstairs and I started crying. Not only because my cousin called me a slacker in the midst of all the things I went through to get to the position I am now, but because of the other things that I am thinking about not being able to accomplish. But, I just can't let that get me down... I gotta learn how to smile every once in a while.

Also, I need to stop listening to so many sad songs because that makes me cry too  :lol: .  HEY, I drew a picture of you! It on my art page though  :)  Oh, it turned out so good. I love drawing and I'm getting into realism right now and it's so exciting that I drew you that well! I also drew Freddie Mercury, who is also one of my most favorite singers. His picture that I drew turned out awesome too! Here it is:

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

The picture is incredibly HUGE so I can't post it on here..Do you luff it??? I don't know if you like people drawing you or not but your face is so beautiful. I put my username on here in my tagline so people know it's me and not someone else lol. I hope you like it. I named it Lachrymose because you look sad on it.  :(

I didn't mean to make you look sad  :lol: but it was just there! But other than that it is a really beautiful picture I believe or that's because I get my ego stroked a lot... I don't know.  :lol:

On Thursday, I donated blood again and this time it had an effect on me which is still occuring now. I'm  so light-headed that it hurts  :(  All in a hero's mission to save a life. I feel good about it, no doubt, I just wish this light headedness would go away... maybe I didn't drink enough fluids or something.  Because when I ws done donating, I just grabbed a bottle of water and left  :D Next thing I know, I'm in the lunch line wobbling  :!: Hopefully, it'll pass before school tomorrow!

 penguin/  <----- That's really funny. I must haven't been on here in a loooong time. Major upgrade on here. But anyhoo, how have you been? Did the sun shine on you today? Did you eat pizza today? Did you see a pretty balloon fly across the sky? Did you feel a breeze that you felt that was only for you? Did you drink some root beer? Lol. Wow, these questions I ask get even funnier and yet more poetic everytime. But I hope you got to experience all that because let's just face it, root beer is awesome!

Another end to another letter. I wish I had more to say but that's what I've been up to lately. Drawing and being dramatic  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: . Hope your having as much as I am!

P.S- You remember that word I said that I wasn't going to say because it occurs to much in my letters? Yeah ,take THAT! I didn't say it  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Mimee <3

wow, that's a dream....

I think I would freak out for a couple of minutes and smile uncontrollably and then message him I guess  :lol:

References & Similarities / Re: Similarities Jesus - Michael
« on: April 29, 2011, 11:18:49 PM »
You know my friend said the SAME exact thing to me--about the similarities between Michael and Jesus. I hope this isn't blasphemous but it's true how similar they are to each other...

That is too crazy! How does he hav the dame name and the same firckin age as the REAL Michael Jackson. That made me laugh. :lol: :lol:

One thing that I have noticed through this whole hoax that has stuck in my head are fireworks. Frieworks. I watched the video above and it mentioned Victory Day, which is celebrated with fireworks, The 4th of July (fireworks), Michael's new album commercial, it had fireworks in it. It's just standing out...

I'm gonna say I'm about 80% sure he's coming back in July. I don't want to put the other 20% unless I'm postive :)

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