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Below the greatest show on earth, provided to you by Michael Jackson, collected with the help of the members of our forum.

June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson passes away at the age of 50.
CNN keeps reporting that he is in a coma and that they can’t confirm he is dead, yet TMZ.com already reports he died at 2:20 pm PT. Now here is the first weird thing: according to reports, the doctors at UCLA pronounced him dead at 2:26 PT, 6 minutes after TMZ.com reports about his death.

Michael Jackson dies

The media shows us the following footage:

Michael Jackson rushed to the hospital

Now here is what is wrong with this video. The ambulance is backing out of the property. The driver has to correct his way 2 times. Ambulance drivers get a special training, so the fact that he is having that much trouble to get through the gates is weird by itself. Besides that, there was no need to leave the property backwards, since the mansion has a roundabout in front:

Michael Jackson Carolwood Drive mansion areal view

Of course you can say that there might have been cars blocking the ambulance’s way, yet the driver had at least 30 minutes before the EMT’s showed up with the patient, so there was enough time to either remove the cars, or turn the ambulance in the right way. Yet they decide to leave the property backwards with a dying Michael Jackson in the back and no sirens are heard after they finally went on their way. So far for ‘Michael Jackson RUSHED to the hospital’.

And even though it would not be picked up that day, the garbage was brought out:

Garbage on Carolwood Drive on 6/25/2009

Instead of a doctor, Jermaine makes the statement to the press about his ‘passing’ and we are also told that Jermaine is the only one of the family authorized to make statements:

Michael Jackson dies statement by Jermaine Jackson

We are soon presented Michael Jackson’s ‘last’ picture by ET Online:

Michael Jackson ambulance photo

According to the EMT’s they transported a ‘sick, old, frail man’, that they didn’t recognize as being Michael Jackson. They later also say that he was already dead at the house, yet this picture clearly shows us Michael Jackson with a popping vain on his forehead.
The EMT is performing CPR with one hand, on the collar bone. It doesn’t look very professional, to say the least. This picture was made by The National Photo Group. Remember this name, because it will pop up a lot of times with questionable pictures. They were the only ones on the scene and this guy was the lucky one. Normally Michael Jackson is chased by paparazzi wherever he goes, they are lurking near his house, but on this day they all had a day off. There was one other guy with a camera, but he thought it was more important to make a picture of the other guy that was making the famous picture:

Michael Jackson photo of ambulance photo

Now why isn’t he running to the ambulance to make such a valuable picture himself? Why make a picture of the lucky photographer? That just doesn’t make sense at all.

The ambulance picture is clearly a fake; Brian Oxman (Joe Jackson’s attorney) even confirmed it

Brian Oxman confirms: Michael Jackson's ambulance photo is fake

The photographer of National Photo Group, Ben Evenstad, knew Michael Jackson personally:

Michael Jackson and Ben Evenstad

Here is an interview with Ben, where he slips up around 4:10. “…and the other people that were there that day and the other uhhhhh….” What other day?

Interview with Ben Evenstad

Last but not least, The National Enquirer reported in January 2009 that Michael Jackson had only 6 months to live:

Michael Jackson 6 months to live

And 6 months later he is dead, what a coincidence! The picture that was floating the internet back then that made people believe he was really that sick:

Michael Jackson in wheelchair

Credits go to…. exactly: The National Photo Group.

Next up is the flight to the morgue which was shown to us in the media.

Michael Jackson's body arrived at coroners office

Around 1:30 you can clearly see the body moving. If it’s moving by itself or with the help of someone else is not important, it’s moving and we get to see it. If someone moved it, that person must have been pretty strong to lift it that way, because he is not standing next to the body. That means he had to lift it while sitting at the head. Even though Michael Jackson was not the heaviest person in the world, it’s still a lot of weight to lift, and besides that: why would the lift it?

Michael Jackson body moving

Another odd thing here is that the position of the body is off. In that type of helicopter, the stretcher should be positioned more at front, not in plain sight when the door opens. Where the body is positioned now, are chairs for the crew:

Inside Michael Jackson's helicopter

Another questionable thing is the white sheet covering the body, since the LA Coroner has blue ones:

LA County Coroner body bag

So far for the weird events on June 25th. It should be enough to set some alarm bells.

On June 26 we learn that a Demerol OD allegedly caused his death, later on it’s changed to Propofol. The autopsy still has to be performed, but apparently they already know the cause of death.

Another thing presented to us in the media is the 911-call, but we get 4 different versions:

Michael Jackson 911 call or hoax?

According to what we heard in the media and what we have been shown in the ambulance footage, Michael Jackson was at home at Carolwood Drive when the 911-call was made. We hear the doctor in the background, so that means the caller should have been there as well. Yet the screen of the ambulance tells us something else:

Michael Jackson screen in ambulance

The call wasn’t made from 100 North Carolwood Drive, it was made from 9641 Sunset Boulevard…. The Beverly Hills Hotel:

The Beverly Hills Hotel

We’ve all been told that there is a Cell Phone Tower at 9641 Sunset blvd which is the common explanation as to why the 911 screen cap has that address.

According to this site there is no Cell Phone Tower at 9641 Sunset Blvd.

Zoom in on The Beverly Hills Hotel (as recommended by the site) and see that there are no Cell Phone Towers. There are none marked on there.

Cell number 909 273 4846. Cell phones can be traced – especially in emergency situations. This call was made by a Verizon number, obviously as it says Verizon Wireless on the screen. When a person calls 911 from a cell phone the call is placed through to the PSAP (Public-safety answering point) call center.

“The location of the phone will be tracked using triangulation – by taking 2 or more readings, it is possible to calculate where the signal is coming from by working out the triangle that fits the signal strengths. The 3rd point is the location of the phone. (Meaning they don’t pinpoint towers, they pinpoint the most likely physical location of the cell phone by determining the signal strengths it sends out in multiple directions) However, when the person who has the phone has made an emergency call, this GPS transmission will always be sent. This is designed to ensure that the police can always track a cell phone location, in order to get help to people who need it.”

So if the caller was there, the doctor was there and Michael Jackson was at the Beverly Hills Hotel, then who did they pick up at Carolwood Drive?

We are also introduced to the doctor, Conrad Murray. For the next couple of months this picture will be the only one we see of the doc, before we get floated with pictures and videos of him.

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray

We are being told the doctor performed CPR on Michael, and due to the leaked 911-call we know he performed it on the bed. This man is supposed to be a cardiologist, yet he performs CPR on a soft surface, while everyone knows this will not help at all. CPR needs to be performed on a hard and flat surface to be effective.

A strange letter was posted by TMZ.com from Dr. Murray to his patients:

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray writes letter to patients

Also published by TMZ is a picture of the closed practice of Murray. Interesting to see that the waiting room we see does not resemble the waiting room we see behind Murray on the picture as posted above, not at all.

The practice of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray

On July 1st we are provided (again by TMZ) with Michael’s last will. The first page states the following:

Last will of Michael Jackson

A few things are off already. First of all his middle name states ‘Joseph’. Although most people think that Joseph is his middle name, the indictment of the child molestation case in 2003 states something else:

Michael Jackson's indictment

Listen to the verdict on June 13, 2005:

Michael Jackson not guilty on all counts

Then we have two copies of his passports, both stating Michael Joe Jackson:

Michael Jackson's passports

Legal documents that clearly state Michael Joe Jackson and the jury foreman reading the verdict to Michael Joe Jackson. According to this we may assume his true legal name is Michael Joe Jackson. So why does the will say Joseph?

Another thing is the names of the kids. Although the birth certificates of the complete Jackson family are sealed, TMZ (there they are again) obtained the birth certificates of Michael’s children:

Birth certificate of Michael Jackson's oldest son

According to the birth certificate, Prince’s name is Michael Joseph Jackson JR., yet the will says his name is Prince Michael Jackson, JR.

Birth certificate of Michael Jackson's daughter

According to the birth certificate, Paris’ name is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, yet the will says his name is Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, without the -.


Birth certificate of Michael Jackson's youngest son

According to the birth certificate, Blanket’s name is Prince Michael Jackson, II, yet the will says his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, II.

So what is wrong here? Did Michael Jackson forget how he named his children and did the two executors forget to check as well? And are the birth certificates real? The name of the father is listed as Michael Joseph Jackson, and we just learned his legal name is Michael Joe Jackson.
Also, Debbie Rowe’s middle name is spelled differently on Paris and Prince birth certificates.

Michael Jackson's will

Signed July 7, 2002, exactly 7 years before the memorial. The number 7 will pop up a lot of times in this story. According to Randy Jackson, the signature on the will is not Michael’s. Conclusion must be that the will is a fake.

You may think now that he would be in major trouble if he faked his death, because these are fake documents. But a fake of a fake is not fraud. You should also know that Michael’s life insurance wasn’t paid out, it was cashed in. You can cash in a life insurance while you are alive. And last but not least: government parties must be aware of this, since they have to know his legal name and they have to know that the released documents are fake. If he has the FBI on his side, a lot can be done.

The memorial was held at July 7, 2009. Seven years after the will was signed. The first weird thing was the circus:

Barnum circus in LA during Michael Jackson memorial

TMZ reports:
“Like Michael Jackson’s memorial couldn’t get any crazier — Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey continued an L.A. tradition this morning by parading their elephants through downtown … to the Staples Center.”

“Phineas Taylor Barnum (July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891) was an American showman, businessman, and entertainer, remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the circus that became the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.”
Source: Wikipedia.org

Michael is a fan of Barnum. Was it a coincidence that the Barnum circus was there? Maybe, but there are too many coincidences in this story to be a coincidence. With numerology the coincidences can even be debunked, more about that later.

The memorial program:

Michael Jackson's memorial program

“A celebration of the LIFE of Michael Jackson”

So let the circus begin! First we have to wait a long time before it begins. As the casket is brought in, the choir begins to sing:

Michael Jackson's memorial service

“Soon and very soon, we are going to see the king”

Somewhere halfway through Jennifer Hudson performs “Will you be there”.

Michael Jackson's memorial service

The spoken words in the song are done by Michael himself, yet a small snippet was changed. In the original lyrics and every recording available, the lyrics are: “In my anguish and my pain”. Yet in this version it is “In my anguish and my painS”. The family might have used a recording we don’t know about, yet if that recording is of such low quality, it wouldn’t make sense.

Jermaine performs “Smile”, but he ‘screws up’ big time.

Jermaine Jackson performs Smile at Michael Jackson's memorial

Instead of “Light up your face with gladness – Hide every trace of sadness” he sings “Light up your face with sadness – Hide every trace of gladness” without blinking.

Kenny Ortega makes a nice slip up as well:

Kenny Ortega's speech at Michael Jackson's memorial

“We were here, we were right here a little less than a week ago and Michael was with us.”
Michael was ‘dead’ a little less than a week ago…

There was a total lack of emotions from the family and the kids even looked pretty bored while chewing gum. Even though they were trying, we haven’t seen one tear, not even by Paris. And why the dark sunglasses? To hide the tears, or to hide the lack of tears?

On the screen at the end they showed us this picture:

Michael Jackson Liberean Girl photo at memorial

This is a picture of Liberian Girl. For those who don’t know the clip: The clip was shot while people were waiting for Michael. At the end he appears, showing that he was directing behind the scenes all along.

Michael Jackson Liberean Girl video

On July 7 TMZ comes up with the following article:

Michael Jackson's numer 7

Pointing out the 7’s in Michael’s life. Like we told you before, the 7’s will pop up quite a few times.

Also leaked on July 7 is the Death Certificate:

Michael Jackson's death certificate

The deceased on this document: Michael Joseph Jackson. Since we learned already that his legal name is Michael Joe Jackson (which means this name has to be mentioned on the Death Certificate as well, besides aliases) we know this is again a fake of a fake.

On July 16 an unreleased song was leaked called “A Place with no name”. As of today, there is still no name on the crypt in the Grand Mausoleum where he is supposed to be buried.

Michael Jackson A Place With No Name

On August 18th we get to see Dr. Murray for the first time. The good ol’ doc made a video for his few patients and published it on YouTube.

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray thanks supporters

Instead of sending his patients a letter, this doctor decides to hire a camera man to film him in HD so he can inform his patients on YouTube. You can say whatever you want, but this is just plain weird.

On august 25 we have the first “could he still be alive?” report. A video is shown on German television showing (someone that looks like) Michael Jackson jumping out of a coroner’s van.

Michael Jackson Alive?

A fake? Probably, but a lot of people searched the internet back then, ending up investigating this and most of them are still here. Mission accomplished.

September 3rd, Michael will finally be buried. Although he is supposedly dead for more than 2 months, LaToya says he looked great in his casket. Same scenario as with the memorial, the guests have to wait for Michael… until it’s dark.

Michael Jackson's burial

The picture displayed: Liberian Girl…

Michael Jackson's dancers at the burial

Say cheese!

Now here is Forest Lawn seen from above:

Forest lawn Glendale areal view

But if we look at this screenshot, we see more trees and a complete different road.

Michael Jackson burial

In this shot we see a lamp reflected in the car which is used in films to create daylight inside a studio:

Michael Jackson's burial

Yet if we look at the helicopter footage (having helicopter footage is weird by itself, since there was a no-fly zone there that day) we can see the same lamp, floating way too high to be reflected in the car window. Besides that, how is it possible that lamp is even hanging there and on what?

Helicopter footage of Michael Jackson's burial

Here is one of the sets in Culver, where Michael (according to reports) wrapped some footage just before he died. You do the math…

Michael Jackson's This Is It photo

During the burial, Larry King had a quite interesting guest, long time Michael Jackson friend Dave Dave:

Dave Dave on Larry King Live

Here is Dave Dave on Larry King compared to the real Dave.

Dave Dave on MySpace

Why wouldn’t Dave speak up about it now that it has gone all over the internet and even television? Dave works for Michael, ‘nuff said.

October 11th, the song This is It leaks.

Michael Jackson's This Is It song

It’s the second time an unreleased song was leaked, while the only ones in possession of the songs are the family and Sony has some in their vault. Sony wouldn’t leak it, because Sony wants to make money. If people can download it before the release, the sales go down. So it must have been leaked by the family. It is clear that this isn’t a recent song (which is later confirmed). It’s also not complete, some lyrics are incomplete. This is probably an old demo.

On October 28th the documentary “Michael Jackson’s This is It” premieres. The movie is full of MJ doubles, as Joe Jackson already revealed a few weeks before. Some might disagree, but if you look at this picture below, you must admit that something is off.

Michael Jackson doubles

The very beginning:

Michael Jackson's This Is It

“And piece by piece by piece, MJ is revealed until he drops out.”

In the new Smooth Criminal clip we can see Rita Hayworth in a scene from “Gilda”. The actor who played the character who faked his death was born at the same day and month as Michael.

There are many things in the movie we would like to point out, but if you are completely new to the hoax, it might be hard to understand all at once.

If you didn’t wait until after the credits of the movie, you might have missed this:

Michael Jackson's This Is It - after credits

‘Let me bathe in my own time when I come back in. I’m gonna button my shirt or my jacket or whatever it is. I’m gonna look around a little bit, play with them. Snap my fingers maybe, then bam!’

Besides this, there was no “RIP Michael Jackson”, no mention of his death at all.

December 22, 2009. With a one day delay the FBI releases Michael Jackson’s file. The 333 page file proves Michael’s innocence. Download the FBI file here:http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/blog/fbifiles.zip

January 3, 2010: another unreleased Michael Jackson song hits the web:

Michael Jackson's unreleased song

TMZ reports:

“Much like 2Pac, Michael Jackson has no problem releasing new music, even though he’s … ya know, dead.”

On January 26th TMZ publishes another article that can make people doubt his death:

Michael Jackson live in concert

January 31, The Grammys. There was a big tribute to Michael Jackson, yet they ‘forgot’ to mention him in the “In Memoriam” list of passed artists. Not really someone you would forget…

Michael Jackson not included in Grammy Memorial

The kids accepted the Lifetime achievement award and although Paris practiced her speech for a week (according to TMZ), this was all she had to say:

“Daddy was supposed to be here, daddy was going to perform this year, but he couldn’t perform last year. Thank you, we love you daddy”.

February 7, Doc. Murray visit’s MJ’s tomb. By himself at Forest Lawn and not one fan spotted and attacked him. He is actually posing for…. again The National Photo Group. Those guys are Lucky bastards!

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray visits Forest Lawn

February 8, Murray will be charged with manslaughter. But before he goes to court, he’s getting himself some coffee. And who are lucky enough to get him on camera?

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray

The National Photo Group!

They also follow him to his car; the good ol’ doc doesn’t seem to be annoyed by the paps.

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray charged in Michael Jackson death:

Conrad Murray charged with Michael Jackson death

According to the criminal complaint, the D.A. alleges Dr. Murray “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson … in the commission of an unlawful act, not a felony; and in the commission of a lawful act which might have produced death, in an unlawful manner, and without due caution and circumspection.”

Conrad Murray charged with Michael Jackson death

There is only one count, which is strange by itself if you remember that Michael Jackson was charged with 10 counts with the child molestation case. The more counts, the bigger the chance you can get someone behind bars. Apparently the need to get Murray in Jail is not that high. We can also see he allegedly killed Michael Joseph Jackson, a non-existing person.

His bail was set to $ 75,000 at least that is what TMZ reports:

Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray bail

Yet if we do a search ourselves, we will learn that Murray is nowhere to be found: http://app4.lasd.org/iic/ajis_search.cfm
He has been listed with a $ 75,000 bail, a few hours later it was $ 0 bail, now he is not listed at all.

History is repeating itself. An innocent black man, condemned without trial. Murray is called Doctor Death by the media and the public and people assume he is guilty, without even taking the effort to look at the case, which makes no sense at all. Could it be that Michael Jackson is trying to teach us something?

Also released on February 8 is the autopsy report.

If this doesn’t make you at least doubt Michael Jackson’s death, nothing probably will.

First of all there are 3 different names stated on this document:

Michael Joseph Jackson:

Michael Jackson's autopsy report

Michael Jackson:
Michael Jackson's autopsy report

Michael J. Jackson:
Michael Jackson's autopsy report

Michael Joe Jackson is nowhere to be found on the report.

  • According to the report, Michael was covered with needle marks, yet people who worked with him days before his ‘death’, say they absolutely didn’t see such marks on his arms or in the neck.
  • The autopsy report says the person on the table had plastic surgery on the ears; Michael Jackson never had surgery on his ears.
  • Michael Jackson added a cleft to his chin back in the BAD-era, yet no bone alteration or any of such is mentioned in the report.
  • There is no mention of the Pepsi ‘accident’ which left a scar on his scalp for which he had surgery.
  • There is no mention of Lupus, and they didn’t find any medicine in his blood for the treatment as well.
  • Michael Jackson has a bump on one of his wrists, which is clearly visible on many pictures, yet nothing about that is mentioned on the report.

According to the report, Michael is 5’9” and has Brown hair, according to the 2003 indictment Michael is 5’11”, a difference of 2 inches, and has black hair.

Michael Jackson indictment

There is more weirdness on the autopsy report, but the above is enough to determine that the body (IF a body was examined) was not that of Michael Jackson. Too many of his features are missing.

Further on in February a LOT of Creditor claims, and TMZ and Jermaine promoting the hoax:

Conrad Murray imposter exposed

Jermaine Jackson knows who killed Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson emergency tape is bogus

Yeah Jermaine, and don’t forget to light up your face with sadness!

March 4, confirmation that TMZ watched this website. Posted and subtitled by Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators on YouTube, later published by TMZ:

Jermaine Jackson connect the dots

On April 2, The National Photo Group has a Photo shoot with Murray again, jogging…

Conrad Murray the runnin' man

A bit weird of course, Murray again has no problems to be photographed and is actually posing for the pictures.

On April 5 we hear for the First time ever Michael was Coca-Cola addicted. And Murray is promoting Coca-Cola by posing for the camera of again….The National Photo Group!

(Ps: Also see how the most known doctor on earth can walk around without anyone even looking at the guy)

Conrad Murray Coca Cola

Michael Jackson's demanding personality on trial

Now here is the new Coca Cola advertisement for 5 Alive:

5 alive TV commercial

The Dodo is supposed to be dead, but resurrects, dancing and moon walking singing ‘I’m Alive’. It’s at least quite odd after articles about Michael Jackson’s Coca Cola addiction.

On April 10 TMZ publishes this article out of the blue:

Michael Jackson casket mystery solved

And after reading all the above, what is your take on it?