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Michael Jackson News / Re: New announcement about arrest
« on: December 02, 2009, 07:50:50 PM »
Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Quote from: "city.gal1"
Hey guys, not to defend Murray but murder indicates deliberate intent.  

From what Murray has told the LAPD all they have right now is incompetence and the question of how to deal with the propofol issue since that is not a controlled substance in the sense that never in a million years did the DEA/FDA (whoever) think that this was a drug that was going to used outside of a hospital or procedure setting.

All they might have right now is medical negligence and manslaughter.  

Supposedly, the authorities are still sifting throught the "drug chain", just like when Anna Nicole died.  No one was charged with regard to her death until about a year afterward.  My guess that is going to be the case here as well.

In my way of looking at it, any time a CARDIOLOGIST cant perform CPR - CARDIO PULMONARY RESUCITATION (notice the word cardio in meaning heart :lol: ), it is murder with deliberate intent.  If he has a license and this turns out to be true, God forbid, they should have them revoked permanently.

Exactly, I agree with you!
I think that if an MD is in the room after pushing drugs and the pt. dies---especially if he admits or it is found out that he 1)didn't observe the patient for respiratory depression because he left the room (to pee/make phone calls----whatever) and 2)didn't have the proper monitoring equipment and 3)failed to perform CPR in the correct fashion equates---in the least---to gross negligence, which should be an automatic/immediate suspension of his license. After all, his obligation was to his patient-and to do no harm! Something is rotten in the state of Murray! I don't like what I hear and what I have seen (so little of it). I can only rest in the assurance that this has been so strung out for the purposes of the hoax. None of it makes sense!

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