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Karen Faye / Karen Faye
« on: December 31, 2009, 08:37:06 AM »
Now, some of you are following Karen Faye on different websites. But I want to warn you about something.

Be very careful what you believe when it comes to her. Unfortunately, I really believe that she is using Michael's death to draw attention to herself.

There was a thread on another forum where it was stated that she went to Forest Lawn and he was 86 pounds or something on that order- to be blunt skin & bones.

First of all let me tell you something about that comment- even if she did go there, no employee is going to discuss a deceased with a hair dresser. So you will know for future and further references. Matters relating to deceased are confidential.

There are aspects that are legally forbidden to discuss with the public. I can tell you from what I know he did not go from being 136 to 86 or 96 lbs as she claims.

Then the latest is about Naomi Campbell which I posted a thread earlier. While Naomi has a rep for being demanding and spoilt as she is- she would not stoop to the level. In order to stay on top she has had to be professional. To say what KF claims is ridiculous and untrue if you step back and think about it.

Michael didn't say much most of the times, but he did tell things if you bothered to really listen to him. He was very much at ease in the video of "In The Closet" and Naomi knew of his work ethics. The man was about business. If anything were to happen he didn't mix the two.

Back to Forest Lawn, mortuaries are required by law to keep certain aspects of a deceased records and conditions confidential. This includes medical information. Now if the family chooses to talk that's one thing. But the establishment has a legal and moral cause not to do so.

The family has run their mouths a lot, but not one of them has said that he was the size she claims.

Then some time ago she goes on line and talks about the man's private. Is this the behaviour of someone who loves, let alone respects you? NO!
This is something done to draw attention to ones self.

Besides his children the greatest loves of his life were his fans.

Michael would not appreciate the tactics that are being done. So you may get mad, but be aware. This woman is not doing anything out of love for Michael Jackson.

She comes off as nuerotic and unbalanced. I think she may have been in love with him, heady, needy and never got pass first base.

Now I will agree that there were other women around that were trashy (my words), but what makes her say some of the things she has?

Most people here loved Michael and out of grief you're reaching out to people who you think felt the same way. Love is demonstrative.
I hate few things more than a person who uses a death to elevate their own selves and that's what this lady is doing. So beware.

Michael loved you. He truly loved you. He adored you. And yes he did hire her back. But Michael had also turned a corner and he was rethinking alot of things including his staff.

Anyone who has to wait to do what she is should be looked at twice. So just consider and weigh it in the balance.

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