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Michael Jackson News / Re: New MJ album coming out in 2012
« on: January 05, 2012, 07:22:14 PM »
Nice!  To heck with the article, I'm happy to hear that there's going to be some more new Michael music in 2012!   :)

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI September 27
« on: September 27, 2011, 05:44:06 PM »
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Wishingstar, I agree with you 100
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I just have a random comment on humanity: It can suck at times.

I have HLN on and watching the coverage of the trial as I sit here to read among my friend's posts (which I LOVE). 

What makes me comment so harshly on humanity are the actions of the press/media.  I have only this network on, but no doubt others are as pompous & self-righteous in their reporting.  I can't believe how much they are eating this alive and turning it into such vulgar display of their own devices.  They just reported that, "the Jacksons just all went into the bathroom".....I am sorry but  WTF?? .  These press/media people are so vain, so disgusting, so arrogant in their speech.  I remember the trial in 2005, and it was crazy then too.  However, like everything in the world, it's more now.  We have more tech at our disposal links, facebook, twitter, texting, instant communications all over the place. 
The entire coverage seems more like a sports event.  I am expecting the reporters to pullout a playbook and do those little point A to point B lines.  (A girl is being interviewed from Germany.....came just for the trial).
Anyways, I am so over-the-top ill with the press.......they are such self-promoting maggots.  I can't even begin to imagine how it would feel to have your life dissected by these creatures.  All the self-promoting commercials for this.....make me puke. 

Well, sorry for the rant......but I had to say something.  I hope this trial is staged, because otherwise I just might throw in the towel and go live on a mountain top.....hopefully with a nice 'bout it BeTheChange...mountain top vineyard?   ::P

I am sure by the time this is over, I'll have to rant again....hopefully, I'll be able to control it better. 
OMGosh...they just called it a "circus", is this for real?  Humanity at it's best........not. 
Murray entered the 9th floor and was rushed by some woman.


i agree with you 100% vulgarity .. Some people have audacity.. I am also watching HLN and at the begining they wrote that one juror was with the judge.. I wonder if it is not Michael.. Why one juror?

I agree with you guys.  The HLN people are really irritating me.  Stupid media.  I don't understand why everything has to be a story anymore.  I had to mute HLN and just start listening to the livestream link that Souza provided.  The only reason I still have the TV on is so I can look at the people while they're talking.  Although there is a slight delay on the HLN channel so I'm hearing them before they're actually talking on the TV.

Hoax Pictures / Re: Photo Used In Trial - MJ At The Hospital
« on: September 27, 2011, 05:32:21 PM »
Hmmm, why is gurney Michael wearing a hospital gown?  My understanding has always been that ER docs and staff will remove clothing to give them easier access for working on the patient.  So why would they take the time to put a "dead"/barely alive person in a gown?  Despite Michael being a celebrity, wouldn't they be more concerned with trying to save his life, rather than dressing him in hospital attire?  This is one of the reasons why I think this photo is fake.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Souza, you rock
« on: September 27, 2011, 05:26:44 PM »
Thank you Souza for posting the livestream link!  I hadn't thought I would need it since I'm in the US, but the HLN channel keeps interrupting the testimonies with their own comments (like I care what they have to say!) and for commercials.  Jeez.  Thankfully I can listen to it on here.  Thanks again!

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: Paris Jackson Twitter @ParisJackson
« on: August 05, 2011, 01:48:48 PM »
I interpreted this to mean that she thinks someone in their group tipped off the paps, and she was a little irritated about it, not that Michael was in disguise and with them.  I didn't think this was a clue, but rather a vent to her friend.  Who knows.

Twitter ~ Verified Accounts / Re: Paris Jackson Twitter @ParisJackson
« on: August 04, 2011, 10:12:50 AM »
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People... Does anybody honestly believe Hollywood Tonight isn't MJ? I mean, I would only ever believe that if he himself told me so. If it's not him singing, it's a guy sounding 100000000% like him. And this has never even been suggested, the Cascio tracks were in question, but the other songs? Next thing people are going to say is it wasn't MJ singing on Bad.

But if this is Paris' real account, wouldn't she know? At least if Michael's alive. You could say he would've probably told her.

I'm confused.

That is something I had wondered about too.  Maybe she was referring to the spoken part?  Although if I remember her comment correctly, she had said that it wasn't Michael singing.  That is actually one of the reasons I didn't believe it was her real twitter account, but it's hard to deny it not that she has posted that picture of herself holding the sign with her twitter account ID on it.  I guess we'll never really know all of the truths behind that album until Michael comes back (if he comes back) and addresses it himself.

General Hoax Talk / Re: Has anyone seen this video?
« on: August 04, 2011, 09:58:04 AM »
My understanding is that the video was made very recently.  It was just uploaded to the Kingofpop - kids website on Monday and uploaded to youtude on Tuesday.  Plus Paris's hair is getting pretty long again, and she had trimmed a good bit of it off a year or so ago.  I just thought that one laugh sounded exactly like Michael.  Thanks for the replies!

General Hoax Talk / Has anyone seen this video?
« on: August 04, 2011, 01:29:54 AM »
I saw this video posted on the Kingofpop - kids facebook page and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the unseen person has a familiar laugh?  Now I know that Paris doesn't have a tumblr account, but I do think that is really her and Prince in the video.  However, it seems as though the person behind the camera is the one laughing and that laugh sounds very distinct and familiar to me.  What do you guys think?

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TIAI & TS Discussions / Re: QUESTIONS FOR TS
« on: June 03, 2011, 08:11:12 PM »
Quote from: "suspicious mind"
Quote from: "TheMoonIsDancing"
Quote from: "Le Papillon Bleu"
D.S.=Detective Sneddon
T.S.=Tom Sneddon

I doubt our TS is THAT TS  :evil: . If he is, we're in big trouble.  errrr

hi there moon. any chance you have the speech your signature pic is from?

You can see the video on youtube.  It's called Michael Jackson Japan, and the person/account who uploaded it is named jimmcgee63.  Michael had visited Camp Zama in Japan in 2007.  Other people have posted the video too, but I watched this version.  Hope this helps!

Quote from: "suspicious mind"
wow ! i must be really  :?  i could have sworn we were just anylizing the information  argue/  :roll:

I agree.

I didn't take Kathy's comments about Michael living at the hotel to literally mean that he was living there up to June 25, 2009.  I know that he did stay at the hotel when he first came back to LA from Vegas, but I still think that he was living at the Carolwood address on June 25th.  I also don't think Kathy would have said that she went to his house after she left the hospital if he was still living at the hotel.

Brian Oxman / Re: Oxman Suspended From Practicing Law
« on: June 01, 2011, 03:00:21 PM »
With all due respect to Oxman, I'm surprised that he still has any clients after already being suspended twice.  I wouldn't want to use him as my lawyer if I needed one.  With this third suspension, it makes me wonder how many times a lawyer can be suspended before being dis-barred.

It seems odd to me that Kathy would have rubbed all over a dead friend's body.  I can't even imagine doing that, not even to my best friend.  Perhaps a spouse, parent or child, but not a friend.  I'm inclined to believe that she is embellishing her story a little.  I also think that Michael may have maintained a room or suite at the Bel Air Hotel, as he did have business meetings there, but I am still convinced that he did live at the Carolwood address at the time of his "death".

I think Samantha is lying about this.  Jason is always there in all of the video footage of Michael leaving Klein's office and jumping right into his vehicle, so it seems as though he is telling the truth about this.  I don't see how Samantha could have gotten close enough to Michael at these times to know how he smelled.  I also don't think it's a secret that Michael wears a lot of cologne so that would mask the odor of medical chemicals anyway, particularly to someone (like Samantha) who isn't right next to him.

Others / Re: Ayo ... I want you back ... from Billie-Eve album
« on: June 01, 2011, 02:36:45 PM »
I really like Ayo.  I think she has a great voice!  Her new album isn't called BeLIEve though, it's called Billie-Eve and is named after her daughter.  Although she could still be a believer.

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