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« on: May 17, 2010, 05:40:11 PM »
Try to be as succinct as possible, despite everything that has been exposed briefly, if deployed would be pages and pages, I believe this is not the purpose of the topic. Already, I apologize for the bad English, but for reasons of time was translated into basic google it. I apologize to Souza for the delay, but unfortunately not had the time I would like to devote myself to this work at the moment.

1-1 ° - Medical cardiologist unable to know how to make a CPR; 2 - A single photo of Michael in the ambulance, obviously edited, 3 - An ordinary person killed in her home under suspicious circumstances, would have banned the house for avoid interference in the investigation, something that never happened, and if a celebrity whose life is full of situations and people suspected ... really very complicated accept.

2 - The reason, in my opinion, are actually several: 1 - The complete dissatisfaction with the direction of the contracts until 2012; 2 - The career stalled, due to numerous reasons, from personal, contractual etc. 3 - The very willingness to be an example as a person, something that people could look at himself and find a way to be an example to mankind, and 4 - I still believe that all this will be part of a larger project to resume his career, and all these facts would be used. More importantly ... all doubts clarified.  ;)

3 - What we are doing ... believing in him and his motives, which are not few. I do not care called crazy ... he was called mad for long, acts as a "go to the club." ^ ^

4 - I met so far in my life no more worthy to spend my time investigating. It's been an incredible year of observation and analysis. I dedicated myself to investigate this, because I think Michael Jackson worthy of attention. His life, his attitude throughout his career, I do understand that would be cruel, if we simply accept this "death" peacefully, even though everything was very clear and resolved ... which is not the case. The least we can do to "give back" a bit of care he had for humanity, especially the people of our generation is making the new generation knows who Michael Jackson was really, by its actions, not by the media vomited about him.
Doubted the death of Michael Jackson since I got the news. I have no "proof" that made me believe, just did not make sense initially. And after all "enlightened" in the media, doubting much of the news, I searched on google about a possible scam and found this forum that had just been created ... I thought ... is ... I'm not the only one who thinks so. Then things were not happening, and each new headline doubt became almost a certainty so far it only has increased.

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    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  Please watch the full ... then draw your own conclusions

6- Never had the interest in verifying the truth about fake deaths, Diana may have been poorly explained too ... but if it was fake too just wish that she is well and happy, far from hell that made his life while nobility

Hugs and...go sow

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