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TMZ Articles / Re: Dr. Conrad Murray Ties One On
« on: January 04, 2011, 09:39:55 PM »
Guys I have a funny feeling about this picture. Being that he is wearing the same clothes or similar clothes as when he went to Starbucks. Do anyone know when this I guess so call recent picture was taken.  When I took a look at the thread that TMZ done in May 2010 it is the same exact tie and suit. Guys, do you believe that there were more pictures taken that day and this is one of time. It seems like the same images are being circlutating over and over again. I think that there are more pictures with Murray in this suit and there were not taken recently. I would love to hear some of you guys insight on this.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Michael Jackson Double-Mask
« on: January 03, 2011, 03:20:53 PM »
I think this is something that Michael like.  He always want his fan to question everything and do not believe everything at face value.  I think now we are opening our eyes more to the world itself. To not believe everything that is handled to us.  I am also very cautious when there are many statements are there saying what will do and what he won't do. We as fans cannot know for sure what he would or would not do. I think that we should take it with a grain of salt.  Remember what was it that made us feel a certain way about a certain situation that involved Michael . We all have to remember that he is the MASTER OF DISGUISE. I think that the only thing that we could do is give our honest opinion on things.  I notice in many of those pictures that he wore a lot of medals. Is there any way we can find what the medals are and if you take a look at him in the white suite you will see that on the right sleeve on the biscep area crest.  Is it also possible to find out what type that crest is.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Full Album Cover art
« on: December 22, 2010, 10:02:21 PM »
Guys, I was doing some researched while looking at the beautiful artwork that was done for the album. I think someone on this forum, it was stated that Tatum O'Neal was by Katherine.  The lady next to Katherine is Jane Fonda. And yes Michael met her in the 1970's and they are friends. And you know that she is linked to Ted Turner(TV Mogul). Tatum is at the bottom underneath Janet Jackson. Also is you would take a look to the right of Janet, it looks like her hair is covering the face of someone. If I am not mistaken that profile belong to no other than Mac. And to the far right of the artwork, you will see I guess you can call it The Tree of Life. Do you guess remembered that it was stated that Michael grew up as a Jehovah Witness, well it was stated that in the beginning that there was a tree, The Three of Good and Bad and Eve was seduced by the serpent in the tree.  If you look very closely you will see the serpent(snake) in the tree. Guys we should also examine very closely the left side of the artwork as well. If you notice, it shows Quincy Jones, O'Jays, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordon, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr, James Brown and many more Motown Family. I think that there are a couple more influential people that is in this artwork.  I think that we should try and get the names of all the people that are show in this artwork.  Right up at the top of the Motown Family, there are couple of people that many be influential in the history of the world. The faces look very familiar but cannot place the names.  I know some of you guys are very dam good researchers and will find out who they are.

Michael / Re: Shocking Discovery in "MICHAEL" Booklet
« on: December 22, 2010, 03:40:57 PM »
Guys did you read the information on Mr. Michael Durham Prince. Under Self Section is shows 2 titles: Michael Jackson's This Is It: Staging the Return-Beyond the Show and the  Michael Jackson's This Is It: Staging the Return- The Adventure Begins.

What do you guys think about that.

Regarding Michael Jackson meeting on 9/11.  I think it was stated that one of his friends from Saudi Arabia told Michael to be very careful.  Now this was before the 9/11 incident. Did one of my friends from Saudi knew something was going to happen.  That I do not know. I will do some research and see if I can find that article .

Michael Jackson News / Re: Teddy Riley's New Official Blog
« on: December 12, 2010, 06:15:56 PM »
Hey Guys, I have found something that you all would be interested in.

Nov 13 2002 7:30 PM EST 1,295
Michael Jackson Takes Stand In Millennium Concert Lawsuit
Promoter Marcel Avram says singer backed out of two shows, costing him millions.
By Jennifer Vineyard

Michael Jackson took the stand Wednesday to defend himself against a concert promoter's lawsuit accusing him of fraud and breach of contract.

Marcel Avram, a European concert promoter who has worked with Jackson since 1972, filed suit in June 2000, claiming the singer cost him $21 million when he allegedly abandoned plans to perform two millennium concerts on both sides of the international date line (see "Michael Jackson Schedules Two New Year's Eve Shows?").

Jackson's testimony by midday was brief, limited to "yes" and "no" answers. The trial, which got under way at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria, California, on Tuesday, found Avram's and Jackson's attorneys using their opening statements to blame each other for the concert cancellations.

Attorney Louis "Skip" Miller told the court that Avram was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses after Jackson backed out of the shows. Jackson attorney Zia Modabber countered by saying Avram wanted out of the shows after two charity concerts also involving Jackson failed to make a profit. Those shows were held in Seoul, South Korea, and Munich, Germany, in June 1999 (see "Slash, Scorpions, Others Scheduled For 'Michael Jackson & Friends' ").

Avram testified that his contract with Jackson called for two for-profit millennium concerts and two charity concerts and that when the charity shows lost money, he expected to recoup his losses with the millennium concerts but could not when Jackson backed out in October 1999. He said he lost even more money on advance event and production costs — about $10 million — as well as a $1.2 million advance paid to Jackson for the millennium shows. The promoter estimated he lost another $10 million in earnings for the two concerts and the worldwide television rights he had secured.

Because Jackson never performed the concerts and never rescheduled them, according to the lawsuit, the promoter was "left to explain [Jackson's] erratic behavior and to pay all of his bills. As a result, [Avram] is now vulnerable to countless lawsuits, some already filed from Jackson's concert vendors."

The suit isn't the first Avram has filed against Jackson. In 1994 Avram's promotion firm sued Jackson for $20 million after the singer failed to complete his 1993 Dangerous world tour, claiming fraud, negligent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty. Jackson had canceled 19 Avram-promoted concerts.

At the time, the singer faced allegations of child molestation, but the official reason given for the cancellation was that he was being treated for addiction to painkillers. Avram settled the lawsuit after obtaining an agreement that he would have the rights to promote the singer's next series of concerts.

So when Jackson allegedly went shopping around for a new promoter when it came time to promote Invincible, Avram sued him again (see "Michael Jackson Sued By Promoter For Attempting World Tour Without Him"). Though the tour never came to pass, Avram filed a $20 million complaint for anticipatory breach of contract, breach of contract and fraud. That suit is still pending.

Avram ran Mama Concerts & Rau, one of the largest concert agencies in the world, and worked with artists like Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner before being convicted of tax evasion. Though he lost many clients during his jail stint, Jackson remained and even visited him in prison. Avram was released in April 1999 after serving nine months of a three-and-a-half-year sentence.

I will see if I can find any more information .

Michael Jackson News / Re: The Immortal World Tour - Conceptart.
« on: December 07, 2010, 04:24:57 PM »
Do the tree not mind you of the Tree of Life.

Other Odd Things / Re: Possible reason behind Casio/Taryll drama
« on: December 07, 2010, 03:53:38 PM »
Guys,  I have a question.  Why is it that we have not heard anything from Janet about this new album. I personally think that out of the entire family besides his children and his mom, Janet is the closest to Michael, she can keep a secret and knows how the media and show business operates.  Not once did we hear anything from Janet.  This kind of make you wonder and scratch your head.

TMZ Articles / Re: New MJ Song Released: "Much Too Soon"
« on: December 04, 2010, 08:01:33 PM »

I will do some research and see what I can find.

I think that for so long we are used to hearing Michael sing in a certain octave. Now is we all took the time to listen to some of the recording that he did with his voice coach we will notice that Michael has a voice that can range from different octave.  This could be the side that we never knew about Michael.  We always have to keep in mind that Michael will give to you want he want you to hear when he wants you to hear it.  Michael also knows that his voice is a powerful one. And he knows how to use it. We have to get out of the habit in thinking that he would not sing a certain way or he would not do a certain type of song with a certain type of artist.  At all points in his career, Michael knew exactly what he was looking for, some would say he was ahead of his time. He is a great observer, he is aware of what the fans want. I think that we the fans of his music still portray him in a certain light. And what I think he is trying to do is let us know that there are more facet to Michael Jackson than what we see. He wants all of us to think outside of the box, to not be so conformed, and not limit ourselves to the possibilities. As taking a note from the phrase at the Memorial" They say the sky is the limit",  Michael is taking it a bit further to him the Sky is not the limit anymore.

Other Odd Things / Re: Painting: Family reunionby Kingofpopart
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:34:18 AM »
friendlikeme81  I love your Avator is that Shaun the Sheep

TMZ Articles / Re: New MJ Song Released: "Much Too Soon"
« on: December 01, 2010, 03:15:26 PM »
I think that the song Much Too Soon sounds almost like Make It With You by Bread.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Illuminati House of Cards
« on: December 01, 2010, 02:01:53 PM »
Correct me if I am wrong, but in the previous thread it was stated that it was under Obama Administration. When did Obama get elected as present. If my memory serve me correct that would be in the year um 2009. So how could it be the last 3 years under his administration. I think it was meant that the people that was in the administration prior to Obama being elected.

I value every one opinion, but it seems to me that everyone this that this big mess is going to be clean up in 4 years or less. Everyone wants things to be done and completed like yesterday. Everyone has an opinion on how thing should be done. But no one has come up with a plan to get a organized group together with these ideas and present them to people in Washington D.C.  I think that they need to know exactly how we feel about how the country is being run.  I think the average person has more insight than the people in Washington D.C. mainly because we live through it everyday.

TMZ Articles / Re: New MJ Song Released: "Much Too Soon"
« on: December 01, 2010, 12:18:52 AM »
I know that this song sounds familiar to me as well.  THis songs sounds like it belongs in the era of the Carpenters, Jim Croce so that would put it in the late 70's early 80's. I can hear the same time of theme in this song that was in the songs of Jim Croce and The Carpenters, that is why it sounds so familiar. Did you guys know that the guy that wrote the song She Out of My Life for Michael Jackson once dated Karen Carpenter. Small world is it. And I also found out some interesting thing as well. Did you know that Quincy Jones was working with Herb Alpert( part owner of A&M Records) and there were certain songs that Quincy Jones wanted to have put on the Carpenter's album and was told no. Guys I am telling you that the history of music is not what it is being protrayed now.

Guys,  I have a question, what there a problem not too long ago with Sony Gaming Dept( This Dept handles the PS3) in which this game console was not doing so well in the market and the revenue was not coming in as the Sony Head Honchos predicted.  I believe if I am not mistaken this was in the year 2008. So guys let's think about this, was there anything going on with Michael during the year 2008. Are we to believe that Michael would not know about want is going on in the Games Dept of Sony. Now Sony knows that anything that has Michael name or involve Michael will be a Gold Mine, mainly because Michael is somewhat of a Perfectionist( maybe more than somewhat). Now you know that the competition would not put unreleashed material on any other game console except for the Sony Brand.  I think there is more going on the what is believe. This season as well as next year is going to be pretty interest. Now the question that I have for you guys is this, How can Michael do the things that he wants to do or go forth with the projects that he has in his head without any lunatic trying to ruin him. The answer is simple by not being here(technically speak, not visible to the public). In other word, behind the scenes and being protected at the same. In my honest opinion, I think that someone or some people know how much Michael is really worth and trying to undermine him. I think that Michael got his people looking into this situation and having them keep him abreast of what is going on.

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