The Sun once again proves to be tabloid trash

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Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Here's a copy of my e-mail.  I hope every one of the million who come here will inundate her e-mail box with responses to this.  This is bullshit.
Once again, you have proven beyond question just how right MICHAEL JACKSON was when he dubbed most media publications as tabloid trash.  Now we at the mjdeathhoaxforum can report by the millions, the self serving tactics used by reporters like yourself, when reporting "stories" paraded as fact.  You have been outed for the frauds that you are.  Thanks to our wonderful investigative team moderators and owners, Mo and Souza, you passed the test with flying colors!  You receive an A+ for the change to fit scenario!  You totally twisted and omitted important facts given to you.  And we've got PROOF!  We know who sits on the throne and who rules your hand.  We investigate. Remember?

Michael Jackson always reminded us not to believe everything that we read.  Now it has been proven to all of us, firsthand, that you people are out to sensationalize any and every story you touch.  Even when you have vowed, in writing for heaven's sake, not to do so, it seems you have to take a detour.  Perhpas you could sum it up to the devil made you do it.  that's, of course plausible, even if it is also quite sad.  At any rate, millions will read it and millions more will BELIEVE, not you but Michael.  You fell into your own trap.  Guilty as charged.

I am thrilled that people will be able to read  and see and ascertain just how you must have twisted every story you ever did on Michael Jackson.  You were like leeches, just waiting to suck all the blood and life out of his legacy.  I hope it paid your bills.  I hope you were able to sleep nights knowing what you did to a genuinely kind, compassionate man.  And I hope you think about his children when you put yours to bed at night.  How inhumane you are. You should be ashamed.  If not, you will be.


Neverland, Oz

Well done!!! :D
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