the Piano games videos about michael jackson still alive

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he has been a great help  with this michael jackson hoax he has told me that sony announced thats their making
this is also it
and there has been a website but it actually doesint have a webpage and intead it takes you to google and it show a bunch of conspiracy of a bunch of things and on the search box says: conspiracy "pearl harbor" jfk rfk mlk "princess di" 911 titanic

it is all very confusing but the man from piano games as looked in the webpages and he said that their are 30 clues but he just doesint have the time to lokk for all of them if you guys want you could watch his videos and watch part 16 heres the link
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Thanks for posting that was very interesting, I liked MJ taking his kids to Karate after the burial sweet.
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Yeah that was interesting. Of course, the SUV windows looked tinted so you couldn't see.
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Hey guys, I wanted to point out the articel mentioned in the video.. I think the writer is being unprofessorially sarcastic.

Heres what the text from the article:
Celebrating the box office returns of its posthumous Michael Jackson film This Is It, Sony Pictures announced today that it would release a sequel titled This Is Also It.

"When we put together This Is It, we thought it was it, but it turns out it wasn't it," said Sony spokesperson Carol Foyler.

The success of the Jackson film -- along with the debut of a startling DirecTV ad starring the late Chris Farley and the continuing airing of commercials starring the late Billy Mays -- has sent entertainment industry insiders scrambling to exploit the careers of other dead celebrities.

"Dead is the new black," said Buddy Schlantz, a talent agent and longtime observer of the Hollywood scene. "Walter Cronkite can write his own ticket now."

Elsewhere, the FAA said that airline passengers should be concerned if their pilot attempts to friend them during a flight. here.

Andy Borowitz is just messing around, he makes fun of the two pilots who were busy using their laptops while they missed the city they were supposed to land in. also check out his website.. obviously satirical

Who ever made this video, is trying to pass this off as true, or just doesn't get the joke.  If he is knowingly misinforming us.. don't pay attention to the probably safe to say he made that and is looking for popularity..
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