Does Michael know at what point reached his play?

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Does Michael know at what point reached his play?

  • on: April 30, 2010, 08:01:37 PM
Good Evening friends Blog.
Have a good time not leave posts here, but today, after much consideration, I decided to write and make an appeal.
And this call is for us, by our thoughts, ideals and feelings.
Until when will we be manipulated and emotionally abused by those people who simply do not believe that Michael is alive, and mock, make fun of our emotional?
Even when we have to tolerate these people are telling TMZ officials, friends of Michael posting dates?
This lack of respect took a size so great that many people no longer believe in back in June.
I'm the one my friends, forgive me.
The fact is that the only thing we have to believe, is the diary, which says that his return will be in June, and yet there is controversy, after all anyone here seen this diary?
But he was the first objects that appeared just the day after it happened.
The rest is conjecture, lies, jokes with our face!
My proposal: That the blog owner or moderator, delete this type of comment, no opportunity even to post this.
If Michael decides to return, it will do in his time, anytime you find that everything is as it should be, clear his way.
I BELIEVE, inside my heart, my feelings, my spirituality, tells me that he is alive.
And that is enough, let's not let that play, to manipulate our feelings.
Above all we are human, and must be respected, we will put a stop to those who do not respect our choice, to believe that his death was forged.
Let's put a stop to those who are laughing by our backs, laughing at us, calling us poor fools and idiots!
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You said it:  We are all humans ,and that gives everyone the right to voice their opinion, whether you agree with it or not.  Don't be a hypocrit!

I believe Michael is alive, but I respect other people's opinion.
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I disagree. I think it's important to take everybody's feelings. I'm not completely sure of Michael being alive. Just because some things are not convincing me at all...Must I be banned for it ?
What progress can we make if we have nobody to disagree ? It would be only selfish satisfaction...unless you have THE proof, all this remains a TALK about Michael's death hoax.
hopefully we are able to talk about what we consider to be true or not...or we would act like blind people...

PS : if you want to ban me, please do it because of my horrible sense of humour, would be better reason I think  :lol:
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Well Angelic, may be Michael needs our belief of his come back. He needs to see that we are waiting for him , not going to forget him, not going to give up on him, not going to leave him on his own to deal with post-hoax period.
If he is dead, are going to give up on Murrey conviction as just a negligence, manslaughter?
What you are saying?  how we are being manipulated and by whom? TMZ?
I would say vice versa.
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i think it is a very important lesson to learn..(if we did not already know it)...that EVERYONE....on this earth ...has the right to their own opinions and thoughts.....also that is the human condition that.......NOT ALL OF US WILL AGREE ON EVERYTHING........that would make us all can we all please let others say what THEY believe....and if we disagree....then keep quiet and disagree.....just say..."o.k. that is your opinion,i have mine" and leave it alone and respect others right to their own thoughts.............find that inner love of humanity from inside yourself..........your life will be so much richer for it.........xxxxxxx
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Hi friends, What, Scorpion, Loyalfan
Of course it will not do such a thing contrary to friend up but I respect everyone's opinion, and I think that unfortunately did not understand my reasoning, I must have expressed myself badly, in the title.
What bothers me is these people who say they are personal friends, who know where he is, those who claim to be employees of TMZ, specifying dates and are inventing conference.
We were so hopeful and at the end is a disappointment after another.
Many here in Brazil and are angry because of that, no longer believe that Michael may return on June.
This is exhausting, after next month will already be completing a year if my God is very fast, and we continue here in search of an answer, a certainty, something that makes us move forward.
And is such a person an hour has a name after another, saying that the truth would have 28.4 days and we had friends?
It is not the first time this has happened, then I think these people who have entered the blog, announcing his return on a given day, who spoke with him ... and so should not be here.
Their goal simply and enjoy with our guy, nothing else.
And the worst these people, but they do not believe that Michael is alive.
So they lose their time and ours making us clowns.
I'm no hypocrite, by contrast character and personality is not that I lack.
And respect to everyone here, is that I never go into a blog, play false news, get sleep, cause everyone is anxious, because we are so anxious and thinking, Jesus is true?
So friends in no time someone criticized here, your posture, just like to know how Michael feels or would feel seeing their fans are being duped by people who have absolutely no respect for the feelings of others.
A hug.
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