Naming Your Threads and Posting Links

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Naming Your Threads and Posting Links

  • on: December 03, 2009, 04:06:22 PM
I'd like to make a request of all members, if I may, with regard to how to name your new threads when you post them, and info regarding links to other info.

First, for the thread titles. I have a weird brain, so it may just be me that has this problem. But when I am scrolling through the list of topics, when I see a topic with a very vague or general title, I just can't recall what it was about and/or if I've read it and/or if it is something I want to read again. Examples of vague topic titles would be things like:

What is This?
Do You Know?
I Just Found This.
This is Cool.

The only way I can know what those things are about is if I read them. But I may have already read them. Might already have responded too. Or maybe it's something I didn't want/need to respond to, but I don't know unless I look at the thread. Then often times it's something I don't need to respond to anyway, so I've looked for no reason.

I just think it would be nicer (and VERY MUCH appreciated), if everyone could post threads with topic titles that are much more specific in nature. Examples:

What is This About MJ's Death Certificate?
Do You Know When Murray was Interviewed by Police?
I Just Found This about the Ambulance Photo.
This Info About Workers at Neverland is Cool!

It would REALLY be awesome if topics could be specific like that. It saves time and keeps my brain from going AWOL on me.  :lol:  Plus, when we're using the Search feature of the community to look for threads that we need to find, the more specific titles would make those threads much, much easier to find.

And about threads that include links, to videos, articles, etc. I have done this myself and that's how I realized it was irritating--so I'm trying to stop doing it now! LOL But when we're posting links like that, it would be helpful if we could include a short summary of our own along with it. Instead of just posting the link and asking everyone to check it out, it would be good if we could just summarize what it's about too, so everyone will know. Sometimes we post things (like a video link or article link) and when some of us go to look at it, we're clueless as to what we're supposed to be seeing or looking for. Or sometimes we've already read or viewed whatever's there, in the past, and if we knew what it was about (from a summary) then we wouldn't need to go look at it to begin with. Know what I mean? So posting links would be great like this:
This page has an article about XXXXXXXXXX, and I think XXXXXXXXX.

Or something along those lines anyway.
Sorry to ramble on about this stuff. It's just been gnawing at me so I wanted to make a thread about it.
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Re: Naming Your Threads and Posting Links

  • on: December 03, 2009, 04:30:25 PM
Good idea!. Even it could be pretty helpfull when someone wants to start a new thread, to find if it already has been posted...
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