Murray's connection to James Brown?

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Murray's connection to James Brown?

  • on: April 28, 2010, 01:45:27 PM
Dr. Conrad Murray Linked To James Brown
by big cheese3 Aug

King of Pop with Godfather of Soul

Dr. Conrad Murray, according to reports, was not only the private physician to Michael Jackson, but also to the late James Brown (AKA, the Godfather of Soul, and ‘JB‘) who died of a heart attack on Dec. 25, 2006, aged 73 years.

James was known to be addicted to painkillers, and allegedly to PCP (Angel Dust), too. Murray, it is claimed by the New York Post, was a member of a clandestine group of physicians, singularly known as ‘Doctor Feel-Good‘ who worked and provided medications for various high profile celebrities in the 1990’s.

JB’s longtime producer and assistant Jacque Hollander claims:

“If James Brown wanted drugs, he knew he could get them from these safe doctors in Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.”

Jacque goes on to insist to the Post that JB’s wife Adrienne was also a patient of Murray’s when she died in mysterious circumstances. However, police reports state she died two days after receiving liposuction from an unlicensed spa unconnected with Murray.
Jacque was center of a sexual harassment lawsuit seeking $106 million in damages against JB, claiming he aimed a shotgun at her, raped, beat, and mentally tortured her over the course of several hours in 1988 when she worked as his publicist. James died before the case was to be heard some 20 years later. The criminal case against JB was thrown out of court on statute of limitations having run out, which led to lawmakers suspending the law when ‘the victim has been intimidated or manipulated into staying quiet.’

The MJ plot thickens with JB now in the mix, meantime Murray sinks deeper into the crapper! ... mes-brown/http://
I don't know how true this does anyone know about this site?
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We know that Murray was suppose to be James Brown's doctor before he died. If this guy from the article is to be believe Murray was James Brown's deceased wife doctor at the time of her death. If he even suspected Murray may have did something wrong. Why would he years later hire him as his doctor?
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