So Answer Me This- The Famiy Lying

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Re: So Answer Me This- The Famiy Lying

  • on: April 27, 2010, 02:00:01 AM
Whoever would have cashed from his "dead" but NOT CHILDREN or Katherine. Period!  Prince and Paris pretty mature to understand if immediate family cashes from the dead of their  daddy therefore they would not DARE to do that. These kids growing and see and understand everything. What they would answer them eventually? Michael is controlling everything.
He is getting rest for big comeback. DoctorDead is right, Michael is not escapist, he is taking his time out. He did not like London project and was not ready. As a perfectionist, he would not appear on the stage unprepaired PLUS UNDER CONTROL and PRESSURE of mosquitos like AEG, Ortega, Philips.
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Re: So Answer Me This- The Famiy Lying

  • on: April 27, 2010, 04:59:24 AM
Michael has brought all of us together, from different parts of the world, with different beliefs, different personalities, different colours .....there is a reason we are all here, and I don't think its about the hoax.  
This forum has opened my eyes to my own problems, fears and flaws.....

Maybe we should all look deep inside of ourselves, and heal the "Man in the Mirror".

Thanks to this forum, and many thanks to MJ, I have now come clean about all the skeletons in my closet, as I'm sure we all have them.  Michaels life resembles my life, and things I didn't want to face before.  To me, Michael is my "Saviour", my guardian Angel.  His message is about L.O.V.E and healing the world.  
I can see now, that what he means is to "Heal ourselves first", for "we are the world", you and me !
Michael, I thank you for reminding me how simple life really is.................I have you to thank for that, all you guys on this forum, who I proudly call 'MY FAMILY.....As always, with L.O.V.E  xox
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