The Invincible Theory

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The Invincible Theory

  • on: December 07, 2009, 02:52:56 AM
So I just recently was listening to the full album of invincible thinkin. Invincible was Mj's last REAL album ever made, and I heard mj had been talkin bout a hoax in the past so I thought mayb we could get sumthing out of the songs or just the titles of the songs. And my mom said I should just quit but idk it just feels like sumthings wrong with this michael jackson death thing. So this is what I got off the invincible album...

Butterflies- Mj being nervous about the death hoax?

Don't walk away- Mj's death and how us fans feel?

2000 watts- Michael Jackson: This is it

Break of dawn: Omer Bahatti?

Cry- Saving the world before 2012 and not ignore it!

Heartbreaker- Everybody broken hearted bout MJ ?

Heaven can wait- Mj not dead yet! So heaven can wait!

Invincible- he's invincible! He coming back!

Privacy- Media & Stories?

Threatened- Death & Hoax?

Speechless- MJ stayin quiet...He has so much to tell us but he is speechless about it

Lost children- 2012?

Unbreakable- The Come Back?

Whatever happens- Fans Supportin MJ?

You are my life- How Mj and Fans feel about MJ bein gone?

You Rock my world- Beging of a new beging with things going back to normal for mj, his fam, and fans?
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Re: The Invincible Theory

  • on: December 07, 2009, 03:19:40 AM
I think this "creation" of Michael's permeates everything he has done, sung, said, etc. for at least a decade if not more. I definately think you got something here! They are more than just beautiful love songs. Reminds me of the fact that Song of Solomon is in the Bible because it tells of God's great passionate love for Israel.
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Re: The Invincible Theory

  • on: December 14, 2009, 03:14:35 PM
as a huge mj fan i have most of his other fans do... :)

you have some really good points there...

im going to listen again now, even though i am always listening to it...

this is one of my favourite albums   :D  :D
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