courtesy of MJFC Wesley Snipes would like MJ to return

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Wesley Snipes Says Michael Was "Angelic"
(17-4-2010) Wesley Snipes, who appeared in Michael Jackson's 'Bad' video in 1987 - was devastated when he died last June at the age of 50 and would like him to return because he was so special.

He said: "I danced in the video for 'Bad'. His death was a great loss for all of us. And I hope and pray that his creator - or whatever you believe in - will send him back as an angel to entertain us. With Michael we lost more than an 'ordinary' person. There has to be something angelic about someone who reached and inspired so many different people all over the world. Maybe we just didn't look after him well enough."

Another hero of Wesley's is legendary soul singer James Brown - who died in 2006 - and is currently working on a movie about his life.

He told website "We're working on it. It's on the way, but we are trying to figure out how to finance it at the moment. I guess I'll give you James Brown when the world ends in 2012!"

The 47-year-old star is so keen to portray the 'Sex Machine' hitmaker in a realistic way, he has been practicing his famous scream.

He said: "That's easy! I started as a dancer and singer and where I come from James Brown and Michael Jackson were very influential. We literally listened to them every day, so I can certainly do the screams."

Source: MJFC / Bang Media
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i am glad to hear this

a believer an admirer

i remember snipes in his heyday and he was brilliant

i would go and see the film for sure

so they are out their in celebrity land - true fans/admirers

but we see mostly the fakers.
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