Has there been 2 this whole time??

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Re: Has there been 2 this whole time??

  • on: December 30, 2010, 08:39:03 PM
hi everyone
 i think nefari is right i think there were two of him a twin.
let me explain further.
 look at speed demon then look at him in bad videi it is not the same person there is no way.its close to looking like him but it isnt.thenlook at him in leave me alone .
one is really rough and sexy and beautiful all together then the other one is just beautiful.even look at the part in the hair you can tell the real mike right away he always had it parted the same way.the other one looks like he just made the part but his hair doesnt fall around his face like the real mike.
 speed demon is the one that just stuck out for me.
and the ears are different even the teeth .they may look the same but look closer mikes were more bigger  and the other one looks perfect.then look at his eyes ones eyes are more soulful ,the other one has bigger wider eyes.
i have just noticed this like mike did some things and his twin did the other things.
maybe some concerts mike did but his twin did some too.miami orange bowl victory tour is definitly mike.
then look at bad short film there are two people playing the parts just look at the faces side by side.ones lips are bigger  the other one has a bigger lip up top and smaller lip on the bottom.and the ears slightly different.
you really have to observe it.
i think he did have a twin and one died.
just my opinion wanted to share
god bless
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