exploiting MJ for cash.

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exploiting MJ for cash.

  • on: April 01, 2010, 04:36:23 PM
<!-- m -->http://perezhilton.com/2009-07-15-latoy ... -interview<!-- m -->

LaToya Jackson Made Bank For Interview

As the Michael Jackson rumor mill keeps rolling on, new information involving LaToya Jackson's "candid" interview with the Daily Mail is revealed. You'll recall that LaToya told the rag that she believes her brother, Michael, had been murdered by a "conspiracy of people."

We've now come to learn that LaToya was paid for that interview by the British tabloid. Though no exact amount has been released, sources close to the business as well as the Jackson family confirm that she was given compensation for her thoughts on Michael.

This actually does not surprise us in the slightest, nor do we think because she got paid, she isn't saying what she truly feels. But it is a pretty damn shitty thing to do, getting paid to talk about your dead brother.

Of course, we see this as only the beginning of ways to exploit MJ for cash.

Just the tip of the iceberg!

Read More: LaToya Jackson Made Bank For Interview | PerezHilton.com <!-- m -->http://perezhilton.com/2009-07-15-latoy ... z0jsno00R2<!-- m -->
Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate
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Re: exploiting MJ for cash.

  • on: April 01, 2010, 04:53:01 PM
<!-- m -->http://thisblksistaspage.wordpress.com/ ... believing/<!-- m -->

LaToya Jackson on “20/20? with Barbara Walters: Seeing is Not Believing

LaToya Jackson with Barbara Walters: she may not have taken money for this interview, but she sure is appearing on The View (Courtesy: FromInsideTheBox)
Okay, I’ve seen the interview on YouTube, but I’m not going to dignify this mess of an interview by putting on the blog. What is truly dismaying is that a couple of polls I’ve seen on more mainstream black blogs insist that LaToya is right, that there was a conspiracy to murder Michael Jackson. I still think black folks have more sense, but this is some preposterous shyt.

Her Las Vegas condo is in foreclosure; she’s just released a new, moderately received album and a song in Michael’s memory; and Jermaine’s latest promoting scheme, a concert in Michael’s memory at Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace (where Marie Antoinette was born), crashed and burned when none of the people he touted were able to come. It’s been moved to London and postponed to 2010, if it happens at all. The Jacksons are trying to do what they always have done: make money off their more famous and more rich late brother.

Time and again, though, Barbara Walters tried to make LaToya see reason. She asked LaToya about who specifically wanted to get at Michael’s money. Again, LaToya named no names, only mentioning “the people” around Michael. Walters told her point blank that Michael Jackson had been a drug addict. LaToya said that these mysterious, shadowy people had gotten Michael addicted. Most tellingly, Walters remarked that Michael Jackson had been–what Cedric the Entertainer was fond of saying at one time–a grown (ass) man. She asked LaToya whether Michael Jackson could be blamed for his own actions and decisions at all. LaToya kept on the same tack, raising her voice several times to Walters as if impatient and irritated that Walters wouldn’t take her charges at face value.

I was shaking my head when LaToya called Michael “god-like.” That relegated her, in my eyes, to the status of a fan, not of a grieving sister. But what truly interested me was the exchange about the telephone conversations Diana Ross had with Katherine Jackson after Michael’s death, and when the terms of the will was disclosed. Pointedly, the will named Katherine as guardian of the children; however, if she was incapacitated, his children were to be raised by Ross.

LaToya’s body language, as well as her guarded remarks about that issue made it clear to me that Katherine wasn’t going to let Diana have the children, not without a fight. Jealous Katherine was probably getting hers back for Michael’s very close friendship with the singer, which began when the Jackson clan moved to Southern California, and Michael was temporarily placed in Ross’ care. Currently, her Witness daughter Rebbie is taking care of Prince, Paris and Blanket on a daily basis, and from some reports, the rest of the siblings aren’t pleased about the kids being raised with the Witnesses, having had their own experiences with the faith.

I’ve also been trying to recapture an article that I saw in a British tabloid about another Jackson sibling, a daughter apparently fathered by Joe Jackson, born after a Jackson tour to Britain in the Seventies. Apparently, the woman, who is now a mother herself, wanted to see her half-brother buried, as Michael had been aware of her existence and had visited her over the years. But the paper reported that Katherine, jealous and angered over her husband’s philandering and that he had supported this daughter, ordered the woman away from attending the memorial service and funeral.

That young woman wasn’t responsible for her being brought into the world. Joe Jackson and the woman’s mother were. If this story is true, that Jackson sibling should have been allowed to say goodbye to him, for any kindness he had expressed to her, like the purported MJ son, Omer. At the same time, Katherine has always been angered and jealous of Diana Ross’ hold on her son, even J. Randy Taraborrelli has said this. Especially that Michael had loved Ross from an early age, and that in death, he would entrust his own children to her, rather than to his own adult brothers and sisters. Having had the kind of childhood he had undergone, Ross must have been a kind of fairy godmother to him, an oasis in the tumult; someone who appreciated him just as he was.

Anger, jealousy, and grudge-holding. If Michael Jackson was a god, his godhood is certainly created from some really base materials.
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Re: exploiting MJ for cash.

  • on: April 01, 2010, 04:56:57 PM
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Originally Posted by earth child  
Tohme didn't act alone either though. He is friends with a lot of the businessmen involved with Michael. All those people around Michael should have seen he was in trouble and needed help, including Kenny Ortega, they all brushed it aside because of the dollar signs in there eyes. They all should pay for being a part of Michaels demise!
The follower fans could see it, why couldn't the people he was around everyday?
That is the very reason they kept the family and close friends away, they didn't want to jeopardize their "show" by getting Michael help. Remember his friend D*i*c*k Gregory talking about the Michael during the trial? Michael stopped eating because he thought someone was trying to kill him. He said those same words to Latoya. He had to be on an IV drip for 12 hrs for dehydration. To me, he looked even thinner now then he did at the trial and no one took him to a hospital! They let that doctor drug him up instead. They all need to pay!

I totally agree with you. And the most involved businessman of them all is former billionaire Tom Barrack of Colony Capital. When Michael said he made a deal with the devil, I'm convinced he was talking about Barrack, the guy who held the debt note and pushed for the concerts to get a return on his investment. This is the same guy who stands to make a fortune if Michael is buried at Neverland or if Neverland is turned into a museum.

Tom Barrack went from billionaire to millionaire this year. A former billionaire in financial trouble.

This was written on June 2, 3 weeks before Michael mysteriously died.
The private-equity firm Colony Capital’s Tom Barrack, the man who set Jackson’s comeback in motion, has seen his net worth drop with the financial crisis of the last year. Forbes estimated his wealth at $2.3 billion around the time he met Jackson, but he is now merely a multimillionaire. He said the economic downturn makes Jackson even more attractive as an investment because his value has been overlooked: In times like this, he said, “finding little pieces of information that others don’t have” is more important than ever.


In a video news conference earlier this month, Phillips acknowledged that the company has only been able to insure 23 of the 50 This Is It performances.”


In an interview last week Dr. Tohme Tohme, an orthopedic surgeon-turned-businessman who had previously worked with Colony Capital, identified himself as the singer’s “manager, spokesman, everything” and spoke about the benefits of dealing with business titans Barrack and Anschutz rather than their “sleazy” predecessors. “Michael Jackson is an institution. He needs to be run like an institution,” Tohme said.

The next day, however, Frank DiLeo, Jackson’s current manager and a friend of three decades, claimed he was Jackson’s manager and said Tohme had been fired a month and a half earlier. Tohme denied being fired but declined further comment.



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