Possible MJ Reveal Date!

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Re: Possible MJ Reveal Date!

  • on: December 07, 2009, 09:45:43 PM
Quote from: "Lou"
Quote from: "iwantyouback"
I agree. We do not know the reason for what happened on June 25th. If his disappearance is all about publicity and money, yes the media will definitely crucify him. However if what happened is for a deeper reason, which I truly believe, then hopefully the media will leave him alone.

Iwantyouback, you got my point: if it came out that what happened was for a deeper reason, media would have to report it and not necessarilly crucify him.

Quote from: "bec"
Michael already has been crucified.
Michael has not broken any laws in the United States in the process of this hoax. I wish people would stop perpetuating that misinformation.

Very well said, bec!

Quote from: "Lorrie"
People who insist that Michael won't/can't come back are jumping the gun. Why? Because they offer this, that, or the other reason for why a comeback is impossible or unlikely without even knowing exactly why Michael's death was faked in the first place ***AND*** without knowing if Michael was even the person responsible for his death being faked.

Hi, Lorrie! I've thought about that too. If it's really  a hoax, maybe it was not even his idea... good point!

I dont know anymore :?
I have one question.
If he is not planning to come back..Why all the clue's?
One did it special for me..Muray in court.. the close up from the trasch can..the money.
Why this?? in that case what is the point in this ?
Greetings Mattie
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