7EVEN is not Michaels Album

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7EVEN is not Michaels Album

  • on: March 30, 2010, 03:47:40 AM
Ok so there something stating that its not really a sony/mj release cd. Its someone with the name of Jason Malachi? He is someone who tries to sound like MJ...some of the songs on the cd are mjs but the rest are not.
Thanks to Miss Moonstreet this is the info about this Album....

7even is not and never has been an official SONY/ Michael Jackson album. Its a bootleg album, made up of released songs/ demos /leaked songs and even some songs which are not even Michael but are a soundalike called Jason Malachi. It surfaced a few years ago, from China or somewhere in that region and is aminly found on download sites.

01 - Gangsta (No Friend Of Mine)
not a full song, just some verses and chorus recoded by Michael with Pras from FUGEES. Released on Pras's myspace under the name TEMPERMENTAL featuring Michael Jackon in late 2006

02 - Xcape
Leaked online and later pulled from being distrubeted by Michael in 2003

03 - Why! (feat. 3T)
released on 3T's album BROTHERHOOD in mid 90's.

04 - What More Can I Give!
recorded in 2001 as a charity song in aid of victims and familes of Sept 11 Terror attacks. Performed once at the charity concert in Nov 2001, blocked from release by Sony due to their dispute with Michael

05 - Todo Para Ti (What More Can I Give) (Spanish version)
06 - What More Can I Give (Todo Para Ti) (Spanglish version)
as above, number 4

07 - Let Me Let Go
cant remember the info about this one

08 - Someone Put Your Hand Out
origionally released as a promo for Dangerous album, given out as a freebie at the album launch. Released on cd in 2003 on THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION

09 - Shout
recore for INVINCIBLE but cut from final tracklist in favour of 2000 Watts. Released as a bonus song on the CRY cd single

10 - I Need You (feat. 3T)
as 3 above, on 3T's album Brotherhood

11 - Ride with Me (feat. Rodney ?Darkchild? Jenkins)
12 - Biggerman
13 - Get Out Of My Mind
14 - Mamacita (feat. Santana)
as far as I can remember, these are all soundalike Jason Malachi, not Michael
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