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http://www.justice4mj.com/news/2010/3/2 ... ee-mu.html

Katherine Jackson is furious at Conrad Murray after a report claimed he interrupted CPR on her late son to conceal drug evidence from paramedics.
LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson's mom is furious over new allegations that  her son's doctor was more worried about hiding the drugs he was giving the King of Pop than saving his life.

Katherine Jackson, 79, is demanding an upgraded charge of second degree murder, her lawyer told the Daily News, after a report claiming Dr. Conrad Murray interrupted CPR to conceal drug evidence from paramedics.

"Mrs. Jackson never doubted that this man murdered her son, and these new revelations, if true, mean we need additional charges to fit the severity of his crimes," attorney Adam Streisand said.

"Second degree murder requires malice aforethought, which can be implied by the conduct of the defendant," he said yesterday. "The actions alleged suggest that Dr. Murray abandoned his duties as a physician or an ordinary human being to save himself rather than his patient."

Murray, 57, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He admits he gave the singer the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid but denies doing anything that  killed him. The coroner ruled Jackson's death a homicide caused by an overdose of propofol and other sedatives

The damning claims came in a witness statement by  Alberto Alvarez, the Jackson employee who rushed to Murray's aid shortly after 12:17 p.m. on June 25 and seeing the king of pop lying on a bed with his arms outstretched and his eyes and mouth open.

Murray was performing CPR with one hand and then grabbed vials with rubber tops and asked Alvarez to put in a bag, he said.

Murray also asked Alvarez to remove an IV bag from a stand and put it in a separate blue canvas bag, Alvarez said.

Once the drugs were concealed, Murray asked Alvarez to call paramedics, the witness said in his statement, obtained by the Associated Press.

Murray's lawyer rejected the allegations, arguing that Alvarez didn't mention the drug stashing story in his first interview with investigators.

"He wasn't putting bottles in a bag and trying to hide them," lawyer Ed Chernoff told the AP. "We are confident that a fair trial will ferret out the truth."

A separate witness could also prove troublesome for Murray.

Jackson's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams told probers that Murray asked him for a ride back to Jacko's rented mansion right after the singer was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Murray allegedly said he wanted to retrieve a cream "so the world wouldn't find out about it," Williams said in his statement, also obtained by the AP.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown has asked a court to suspend Murray's medical license in the state pending the outcome of the criminal prosecution.

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