O2 strange reflection on sunglasses

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O2 strange reflection on sunglasses

  • on: April 03, 2010, 05:49:37 PM
I just noticed something strange on couple of photos from O2 announcement.

Out of 400+ pictures available from O2, on three pictures only there is some kind of red-pink reflection on the glasses. Interestingly enough, although there are at least 400 pics from the conference available and countless number of other MJ photos, for autopsy or other death reports TMZ has used the pics with this strange reflection.

I added some lighting to the pic to see it better.

The pics are small but the reflection seems odd, it does not look like stage lighting, it has strange color and shape and when I took a closer look it looks like.... window with shutters:?

i think on the upper side of the glasses you can actually see a hand that looks like opening a window shutter of some kind :? what do you think?

can you see it also?

what does it mean? opening of the shows...but that was O2 was supposed to be? so what else: secret opening of something more? secret window?
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Re: O2 strange reflection on sunglasses

  • on: April 04, 2010, 04:51:59 PM
I personally don't think it's a weird reflection. I don't think it's a window with shudders. And I also don't think it means anything. Just my opinion though. There was a podium in front of him, lighting, a teleprompter and other things. And any of those things could be reflecting there.
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