a Christmatime message for you, Michael

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a Christmatime message for you, Michael

  • on: December 27, 2009, 09:52:46 PM
- - -  A few nights ago, a profound realization came to me.
        As alllll the people who are honoring you; all the different people in all their unique ways, ALL are becoming stronger, personally. Not just empowering a universal love; strengthening themselves as individuals. I truly believe this.
    As many are showing you love and/or from your inspiration to love, I think many (at least I did) take for granted how much more they're loving themselves. It's amazing. We love you, not only for who you are, how we identify with you. You appreciate what's good and meaningful in life. Hence, we are honoring the same yearnings and values as you. As we do so, we recognize the goodness in ourselves and honor this. This makes us stronger as it nourishes our souls and cultivates our voices.
    When I thought of this, later that evening, I shuttered inside with a renewed joy.
I was driving up & down a windy road. It was lined with a variety of snow-topped trees of all shapes & sizes. Also present was the spirit of gentleness- deer; all around. Though I couldn't see them, I could surely sense them. And not just because deer happens to be one of my totems & spirit guides; I was attuned; attuned to the joy of oneness.
          So, I'd like to thank you for making this a special time in my life.
                                love, Elizabeth                *if you're reading this a 2nd time, cool.
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We need to give Michael a living legacy of true honor.
"Stand-up, stand-up" to clear his name.
Isn\'t this the least we can do for him ?


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