Message for Applehead Joe (by request)

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Message for Applehead Joe (by request)

  • on: December 03, 2009, 10:55:38 PM
I posted a message to you some time back after you closed your channel...Pleading with you to STAY and not to go COMPLETELY....It has been some time since then...You are still very missed by me and many others...We all believe in you and really would LOVE you to come back to us....

This was the original letter from "Message for Applehead Joe" thread from the new old MJHD....

Dear Michael

It is very difficult finding the right words to express what I think and feel about you and this situation. We are from opposite poles on this earth and are also from completely different times as well.

All my life I have watched you from my corner of the globe. As I watched you I felt your happiness and Joy and felt my heart break when yours did. To me you are always just "Michael" sweet and kind. You have always been illusive and out of reach.

Throughout the passing years I have wanted to know you and understand you and only now I am slowly starting to do this but it took your absence to wake me up from this sleep I have been in for so long.

On the 25 June, the world as I knew it ended. You have always been there and then like a puff of smoke or mist on a lake you disappear from my life and now you are gone. That day had an ethereal effect on me. I found myself being pulled by your mystery and falling deeply into a kind of strange supernatural LOVE of which I have never experienced before.

The magic of the internet has brought us all here together, we are strangers living side by side sharing this experience.

Please don't feel afraid and YES I will be here for you always.

I don't know what I can say or do to help ease your mind.. I can only imagine that you are feeling lonely, isolated and very frightened at the enormity of everything and perhaps feel the need to reach out to someone.

I am a gentle spirit (with an over active imagination) who means no harm, so don't misunderstand me and know me first. Reach out to me and let me be your TRUE friend.

My PM is always there,
For those of you who believe that Applehead Joe is Michael, this thread can be a place to write messages to him.....For those of you who don't know who this person is here is a brief explaination..
Applehead Joe had a You Tube channel called AllTheInjustice.  This person posted a video of Michaels voice telling someone he was afraid. After this video was posted all hell broke loose so to speak and the video was removed. Unfortunately Applehead Joe was bashed and criticized for being a FAKE and so on. He became very sad and hurt by this and left a long letter before closing his channel..All this happened in the space of an hour.  I have included the letter that AJ wrote just to recap. I have also included the original video which some had recorded.  People thought this voice was Don from the UK..Personally, I think this is real and Applehead Joe is Michael...IMO...

On my you tube channel I also have Don from the UK recording. ... 8WzBojqGLE

Applehead Joe
Channel Views:
31 October 2009
My heart and prayers go out to every individual.
About Me:

I have nothing to gain or lose, I made this account out of the shear kindness of my heart. Always aiming to spread Love to you all. There are so many speculations and plain contradictions, I feel my whole intention was aimless and therefore I will make it easier for you all by leaving, COMPLETELY.

But first, I must tell you this: I have no idea, who Dom is. I don't know a person by the name of Stephanie either.

I Love my children so very, very much, they are aware of the situation, yes you did see me at Universal Studios. However, many sightings of me are false.

Omer wants to be left, alone.

Dr Conrad Murray will not be charged with a homicide, where it concerns me.
Dr Arnold Klein is a LIAR. I feel very let down by him and his actions. What he said was disgusting and dehumanizing.
I did not impersonate Dave on Larry King Live.

Cassandra is my friend and a very good person.

I Love my sister Janet. My sister Rebbie NEVER had a twitter account. La Toya is not a bad person. You give Jermaine a hard time, I think. Marlon, Randy, Jackie & Tito, they have stuck by me, so far and I thank them sincerely.

I Love my mother Katherine, she has helped me pull through thick and thin, never making me feel bad about myself, but giving me Hope. My father Joseph, is not entirely a heartless person, I just wished he would have cared more.

I do Love my family and most of all the Fans, you have to know that.

Without Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips' help, I wouldn't have managed this. You will know more in due course.

Body doubles have been used. But were they used for me?

Elizabeth Taylor, she is like my second mother, I Love her so much. I Love Diana.
Evan Ross is not my son.

Chris is so funny, he makes me laugh even when I feel like crying.

I keep seeing "fedora hat man" videos and I want to tell you that I was not at the funeral, in person.

The 911 call... Oh God. I hate that you had to listen to that.

If you have been wondering my This Is It song was written by me. Anka and me had a plan.

Sony are not as bad as you may think, I wouldn't allow that. The new slogan has been done for a purpose.

The video I uploaded was me, it was planned to see how things can be interpreted and now I know some of you clearly do not know me, but say you are fans. I feel slightly let down and hurt by this.
Some also speculate on whether I attended my Press Conference in London, March. I did attend.

The ambulance picture was not real, I'm sure most of you realize this.
I was not in the helicopter, that was someone else.

In regards to the RTL coroners van video, some parts were real.

"I'm alive and I'm here Forever" & "Love Lives Forever," I chose this, when TOY - the Fans.

Liberian Girl is very significant. Don't close your mind. Please keep an open mind.

In my Movie, the Gilda scene was not intentionally meant to be a clue, neither was my hand gestures.

I do Believe in the 2012 theory, we need to stop all wrong-doings in this world and help to Love one another more and to show each other support, before it's too late.

Some rehearsals date back, quite far.

I have told you much, I feel compelled to do so as I will not be sending replies any time soon.
Please don't hate me for what I have done. I have Faith in you all, I Believe in you all. I just wish you would have Believed in me. Most times I feel isolated as though there is no one around to understand, to understand why I have done this. I can not wait to personally tell you all this. But the time will come, when I feel it is best to fully reveal.

I would just like to add a special thanks to those who have beLIEved in me on YouTube from the start (in no particular order):
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Re: Message for Applehead Joe (by request)

  • on: December 03, 2009, 11:21:14 PM
Wow MjsWendy... Your letter is sooo beautiful... It brought tears to my eyes... It really did... Michael must have been so moved, that's for sure...
Michael, you have all my love and support... I don't care how much time it will take, I'll be there for you ... I just hope that you're going well, that you're safe, surrounded by the people who love you as much as you love them...
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Re: Message for Applehead Joe (by request)

  • on: December 04, 2009, 02:15:30 PM
Hi MJ'sWendy do you know when Applehead Joe decided to "withdraw" completely?

I.e on what date?

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