Documentary: Michael Jackson - Who killed the King of Pop?

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The following documentary was broadcasted by SBS6, a Dutch TV channel, on February 28th.  It was an interesting one despite the fact that it's based on 'the murder of Michael Jackson'.  It's narrated in Dutch, but there's a lot of interesting English spoken footage in it.






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a interesting thing Navi said,   " why fake your death when u can create your world " and he knows MichaelĀ“s body movement so well, he knows if there were double at O2 and doubles in TII  :D  :D
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Thanks so much for posting these MO!   :D    Im in the UK so wouldnt have been able to see this otherwise.

I think they were quite interesting, showing a lot of what we have already seen and discussed.

I have to say, that my favourite one is the last video  @ 4.41 (dont know the guys name :oops:  :oops: ) but the commentator says  "its like a movie?"  "Right?" :o

Yep, so true just like a movie 8-)

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Thank u for posting this MO, people who still think they didnt use doubles should watch this docu!!!!!!
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Thanks for posting. I live in Italy and I've missed so much.   It reinforced the contradictions we've been hearing. I don't get the guy (Steven....) who says "It's like a movie."  Do you think he suspects it's a staged death?
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My opinion from another topic;

:lol: Jermaine is giving a MAJOR clue! He says; I'm his brother, but I'm his fan. I hurt the way they hurt".

So there is this guy. His brother -who happens to be the King of Pop- dies and he is hurt the way the fans are hurt. Nah! Not that I am underestimating the hurt of the fans, but to his BROTHER the pain should be bigger. They grew up together! They are family! It is only normal for him to hurt more the way the fans do!

So as I see it, Jermaine is hurt like the fans, because the King of Pop is gone. But Jermaine the brother isn't hurt, because his brother is still alive.


And I'm doubtful about his tears too. He cries when he talks about MJ's charity work. To me, it would seem more logical to start crying when he talks about how hurt he is (just like the fans), because that is what touches your heart more.


I've been watching the same part over and over again, and the more I watch, the more I'm convinced that Jermaine is a horrible actor.  :lol:

The dancers tears seem genuine to me. Maybe he isn't in on the hoax, maybe he is crying because he feels bad that MJ had to hide... I don't know. But either he is a brilliant actor, or he is really hurting.


When I strongly imagine one of my loved ones being gone or dead, I also tear up.
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There are many clues

The only 2 persons who didnt lie are the dancer and the black woman

Uri Gellar:
tried to control his face, exaggerated gestures of his body... He is telling lies.
Remember they get paid for interviews.
He is nervous, he is moving particular one shoulder, means he is telling lies

Michael would never.... hmmmmm .... killed himself
Michael IS a donor
all the time he has a little smile on his face when he is telling about the DEATH Michael
Why is he smiling?

But look and compare it to, when he is talking about Michael taking drugs: He becomes serious. He wants the people to know the truth! No smiling! But about a death person he can smile?  

Michael impersonater:
Look at his face when he is telling about faking death, look how he smiles!!  

Somebody else said: Michael IS not here

They said 99,9 Percent of what is told in the media is false and untrue

But now they are telling the tuth to us?!?!?
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I really wish I knew how to speak dutch so I could get the full understanding of the host when he speaks. Sorry to say but, I giggle @ him speaking because some of his words seem like they are fake joke words. I am sure that might be how people who hear english speaking people feel sometimes.

Anyways that isn't the important part to my thoughts. I haven't been able to view all the videos due to my laptop goes through major lags on the videos and it is doing alot of nonresponding lately. Plus alot of the info is speculation on MJ's "death" prior to the hoax being revealed in full. To me not all of the information is important or relevant.

But, there is one major point that stood out for me. During the first video, which is the only one I could get through because of my laptop issues. Anyways the guy who said  AEG, Sony, and whoever else is involved in the making of the TII film, concert promotions, etc. Don't give a FUCK about MJ and if anyone should be looked at, it is them.

I absolutely agree 100%. I have thought that from the jump start of MJ's "death".

I know that the guy's opinion is based on speculation on his thinking MJ was actually murdered. I however know MJ is ALIVE, and this was a planned hoax by him but, it still doesn't take away a very important thing in what I believe also and that is AEG, SONY, and everyone who did MJ dirty is who should absolutely be investigated.

That includes K.O. I have always gotten a creepy feeling from him. He was the one who was there in 1993 when MJ first got accused of child molestation. He was the one who was there when MJ first started to believe he was Peter Pan. K.O. was also the one who  tweeted some disturbing ques about Captain Hook.

From what I read on Illuminati and Peter Pan programming, the Master is Captain Hook.

Now I had said in another thread I believed someone was still trying to exploit MJ with the Peter Pan shit and at first I wasn't stating a name but, now it is full on. I am saying this is what I believe and have believed from the jump. Manipulation at it's core.

I am not easily fooled by K.O. His background and who he has worked with in the past don't mean squat to me. When I see injustice happening that is all I see.

No one has to agree with me but, I am never going to change my opinion on this.


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