Brittany Murphy pill riddle

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Brittany Murphy pill riddle

  • on: March 01, 2010, 02:47:17 AM
February 28, 2010, (Sawf News) - Actress Brittany Murphy obtained a prescription for 120 hydrocodone - also known as Vicodin - pills 11 days before her death.

But according to a new report by, the day she died there were only 11 pills left in the bottle.

The website also claims the LA County Coroner's Office cannot locate the doctor who prescribed the pills and is on the hunt to find him.

According to the Coroner's report on Murphy's death, the pills - which were reportedly prescribed specifically to Murphy - were supposed to be taken a maximum of four times a day.

However, 109 of the pills were missing from the bottle when she died, and even if Murphy had maxed out on the prescription, only 44 pills should have been missing. reported: "So why were so many pills prescribed in the first place? That's what the Coroner wants to know. The doctor's name on the pill bottle is Cohen, but so far the Coroner can't locate him."

The cause of Brittany Murphy's death has been listed as 'accidental' - the result of pneumonia, along with prescription and over-the-counter drugs
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Re: Brittany Murphy pill riddle

  • on: March 01, 2010, 08:53:14 AM
I am prescribed that at a max of 4 a day, but my doctor wants me to take 3 so he only gives me 100 for a 30 Day supply. I have to pace myself though because on my worst days (I have an extremely painful condition) I need like 5, once I took 6 in a day, but 6 is the max safely on mine in 24 hours and I would never take more. After that you are ER bound.

That many pills missing from 120? That is a death sentence.
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