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Hi! after the upload of a  Moonwalker Console Games,i up a better one.
Arcade SEGA Moonwalker! Look like a Fake 3D and music make a Arcade game much better!
The Game Run on an emulator M.A.M.E and i made a screen with Tutorial configuration for play.
I upload a pack with a game in a directory roms, you just read tutorial step by step...
and then you can play!HERE a Megaupload link,go there enter code at TOP  RIGHT
WAIT 45 sec and Download a pack in GREY (REGULAR FREE DOWNLOAD).
UNRAR the achive open it and go to the center of the page here and READ TUTORIAL.



Arcade Version - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker:

After his initial gaming adventure Michael would pair up again with SEGA to appear in their Dreamcast classic Space Channel 5.

    * Original Release Date: 1990
    * Publisher/Developer: SEGA
    * System: Coin-Op Arcade Game

Viewed from an isometric perspective and of the group is based mostly on all-out arcade style action. Michael has a variety of magical super-powers, allowing him to shoot blasts at enemies and force them to dance until they explode. The game also allows up to four simultaneous co-op players, all taking the role of MJ, just in different colored outfits.

The goal of the game is the same as the console version, to rescue children captured by mobster, Mr. Big, who seeks to take over the world. As he frees each child they give him a health boost or bonus. When a level has been completed and Michael has defeated the boss, all the children he has rescued from the level come out to greet him.

At each level Michael fights through swarms of enemies, ranging from 40s style gangsters, street gang members and killer robots. When needed his faithful pet monkey bubbles runs around and if he and Michael touch, they merge together and become a killer Michael Jackson robot.

In his final confrontation with Mr. Big, he fights big who is in a floating wheelchair. Once defeated the chair explodes. Jackson then turns into a space ship and blasts off just as Mr. Big and his fortress on the moon (you got that…the moon) explodes.


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Wow - you are amazing! Thanks :)
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Quote from: "Jacksonology"
http://http://www.thesmartass.info/play/genesis/18961/Michael+Jacksons+Moonwalker you can also play it Online
Nah! is not the same...your link it's a genesis version not Arcade ! ;)
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