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i was pretty sure that at least 7 peeps killed themselves. I saw an interview with Jessie Jackson encouraging folks not to do this and all ,that MJ would not want this .I believe it, because 2 people were reported as killing themselves over Curt Cobain of Nirvana when he  died . So if peeps would kill themselves over C.Cobain then surly peeps would kill themselves over MJ ,as his following would be about 40times higher than Cobain due to MJ being in the Biz for 45 yrs. Unfortunately, it is more likely than not, that peeps did commit suicide ,It made me incredibly sad ,upon first hearing of Mj's death,{altho NOT suicidal} the earth stood still,it was like someone just sucked the breath out of you ,I was surprised by my own behavior ,I did not expect his death to have such a profound effect on me . I still have difficulty looking at certain things regarding MJ's death without getting teary eyed & sad . Even tho I was a fan my whole life {I am 48} I would not have expected to be so disturbed about his death ,and now even more disturbing the GIGANTIC CONSPIRACY involving not only his death ,but practically his whole life .I feel that even the GOv. have used Mj over the years to push an agenda because that is what they do ,they use the media ,Hollywood & the music industry to manipulate the way that they want the public to think ,Well ,if it is on the news or in the paper it must be true . WRONG ! Even when it comes to political stuff the media is not telling the truth anymore about anything . 911 was quite possibly an inside job , Man -made global warming is possibly a lie {see 30.ooo scientist sue Al Gore } Obama promised to get rid of the patriot act and he signed it again on Sunday {SEE patriot act it is extreme violation of US citizens rights ! You can be thrown in jail and/or executed without trial} The US  CIA has been caught red-handed torturing people and of breaking the Geneva convention ,& of committing mass genocide when searching for WMD in Iraq that never existed . Why else would the FBI have a file on MJ ?it wasn't just child molestation stuff ,what about the other 300 & something pages that are permenatly classified . The obama admin. is currently in the process of " Sensoring the internet " The Alex Jones channel has been Banned in China ,Australia and 2or 3 other countries they are attempting to restrict the amount of internet acsess that we have and charge u money for it . Bill Gates owner of Microsoft is involved in human depopulation plans & his "favorite method is Vaccination " see on U tube ! And check this THE DR ,JOHN FEILDING THAT  SIGNED MJ'S ALLEGED DEATH CERT . ACCORDING TO WIKI ,"LED EFFORTS TO DEVELOP PLANS TO DEAL WITH BIOTERRORISM & PANDEMIC FLU ! WHY DID THIS PERSON SIGN MJ'S DEATH CERT. ? hE IS ACCORDING TO WIKI, HEAD OF THE hEALTH SERVICES & PEDIACTRICS  IN THE sCHOOLOF pUBLIC HEALTH & mEDS. AT THE UCLA . MJ DIED AT rONALD rEAGAN AIRPORT hosp. Does this DR work for the Coroners office ?
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Quote from: "Christiana"
Quote from: "jill"
I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing it if it came out of Jesse Jackson's mouth.

I've seen the video of Jesse saying that...it's on YouTube.

As for those asking for the "proof" that some fans committed suicide...what do you want? Photos of the bodies? Death Certificates? Something else? Sorry to sound harsh, but I mean, expecting proof that fans committed suicide...how is that any different than non-believers who expect proof that MJ is alive? We have no real, true, indisputable proof that he is. We offer up "clues" and "evidence" (and in a lot of cases, great stretches of imagination and wishful thinking), but that is not "proof." Yes we still get irked when non-believers demand "proof."

If some fans did commit suicide, there's not going to be a bunch of proof. Their families are not going to go around making public statements to the press to say yeah, my son killed himself over MJ's death. Ain't gonna happen, nor should it have to. The likelihood is that some fans probably did kill themselves. Was it 12? Who knows. But there's not going to be proof all over the place. And if they did do it, that doesn't make it MJ's fault, IMO. People who commit suicide have issues already; MJ's death could have been a catalyst for their suicide, but it cannot be the cause. Mental Illness is the cause. A mentally sound person does not commit suicide.

Fact is, we don't know for sure that any fans committed suicide.
Anymore than we know for sure that they didn't.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 yeah what are you  going to do ,go on the news & talk about your daughter or son committed suicide over Michael .I don't think so, and the media suppresses things they don't want the public to know about all the time .Like what kind of person Michael really is for example .I would agree that if a person did such a thing it was  a pre-existing condition ,and that MJ would not be responsible .But Mj being such a sweet,kind ,compassionate ,loving soul ,I am afraid,would feel responsible . This makes me sad .
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