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Quote from: "jill"
I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing it if it came out of Jesse Jackson's mouth.

I've seen the video of Jesse saying that...it's on YouTube.

As for those asking for the "proof" that some fans committed suicide...what do you want? Photos of the bodies? Death Certificates? Something else? Sorry to sound harsh, but I mean, expecting proof that fans committed suicide...how is that any different than non-believers who expect proof that MJ is alive? We have no real, true, indisputable proof that he is. We offer up "clues" and "evidence" (and in a lot of cases, great stretches of imagination and wishful thinking), but that is not "proof." Yes we still get irked when non-believers demand "proof."

If some fans did commit suicide, there's not going to be a bunch of proof. Their families are not going to go around making public statements to the press to say yeah, my son killed himself over MJ's death. Ain't gonna happen, nor should it have to. The likelihood is that some fans probably did kill themselves. Was it 12? Who knows. But there's not going to be proof all over the place. And if they did do it, that doesn't make it MJ's fault, IMO. People who commit suicide have issues already; MJ's death could have been a catalyst for their suicide, but it cannot be the cause. Mental Illness is the cause. A mentally sound person does not commit suicide.

Fact is, we don't know for sure that any fans committed suicide.
Anymore than we know for sure that they didn't.
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