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Michael Jackson life or "death" is his and only his. He can decide to do whatever he wants with his existence and that should be no one's business. The only persons he should have to answer to are hs kids and his mother.

What about those people commiting suicide because of a superstar they never met? Did they ask their mothers and fathers how they felt about it?

Everybody does what he wants and if MJ decided to fake his death, I am sorry but there is no one who can hold this against him. The right to disappear is a right every human being has as long it is not done to commit a fraud.

I fetl really sorry back then when i heard bout those people who take their own lives when their idol disappears, especially if they are really young and maybe in a difficult time of their lives. But then again, everyone is allowed to live their lives without having to think "Oh maybe he s gonna kill himself if i do this or that". Geeeeeeeez

Plus, we dont have a proof of these 12 peeps...only story i heard is this russian impersonator who "tried" to cut his veins and then went on tv to tell his story...(looking for his 15 min of fame maybe?)

Suicide is a terrible thing, nothing to joke about, but i dont think u do it just for one reason. It s a bunch of things all together imo. And MJ is not responsible for all the sadness of the world. He paid his dues. We should just leave him alone now, he s not to blame, dead or alive
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Quote from: "doreentbird"

I wasnt the one that made the original statement. Was just commenting.  I don't know if they go to heaven or not. You don't think they are more at peace then the rest of us struggling everyday?

When you commit suicide you go to Hell....at least thats what Ive learned. And if Hell is as bad as the Bible says it is, then  struggling everyday with life on eath is a much better way to go.

I didnt mean to offend you...that wasnt my intent...Im sorry if I did.

Well for what i know NONE of us knows...and nobody ever came back to tell us bout it..

I think every human being has a right to rest in peace. Suicide is not a crime. When u can no longer take it...we are no one to judge people who cant bare living anymore. And i hope (and strongly believe) that God or Allah or whatever name we wanna give him are not judging either but taking care of every single life like it would be their only problem

but then again, what do we know? nothing.
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