Mj's double???

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Mj's double???

  • on: September 13, 2010, 09:26:55 AM
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Re: Mj's double???

  • on: September 13, 2010, 09:29:32 AM

There are several threads about this video already, please use the search function of the forums...
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Re: Mj's double???

  • on: September 13, 2010, 09:41:08 AM
Sorry Mo....  :lol:


I struggled to get to Michael.
Name Leachim reached the most remote places on the internet.
But it's time to say goodbye to the name Leachim.
Now, I'm just Fabio.There Leachims, many knew it.
Most had hoped, but I always knew I was one, and that I was wrong.
Michael Jackson has never been with us personally, but was keeping an eye on us.
He never agreed with our work, and why my channel was suspended.
But now, I no longer have to lie.

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
Personally, I just want to tell the world that I'm a Fake.
I said I'd show a video, and it would be a surprise.
I recorded last night, so it's so dark, but that's it.
I would like everyone to know who I am, and the images were shown for MP.
I was always an eye on everything, but I'm not Michael Jackson, I'm just LeahciM NoskcaJ, whose original name is   Fabio.
The video I will post today on the channel for those who want to see.
I know, that's all!

Poor woman said on 8/26/2010
@LeahciM NoskcaJ, you know what's worse??
I was not wrong, I would like very much is now apologizing for my mistake.
Well now you saying that is a fake FDP will make dozens of fans suffer.
Will hit a void in the hearts of these people.
And for what?
Prove what?
That people still believe in something without thinking?
Who did not understand anything that MJ said?
I think there would be more dignified ways of doing this...

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
I'm in the video dressed in white blouses.
I've always been.
The LeahciM is Fabio.

Poor woman said on 8/26/2010
I'll be short and thick.
Fabio did a lot of stupid people.
Now who will raise the sign with the phrase "I AM IDIOT"?
Many will still try to prove that the video and MJ, even saying that Fabio is it.

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
I'm being honest now because when it comes to telling the truth.
As the world say, the truth will out.
I would say that the print of the MP is much better than that in black and white video that barely see anything.
Did you ever stop to think that LeahciM may not be the only crazy people who research that Michael is alive?
People have invented, was not I who forged the death, but I know there's a lot of craziness around it all.
MP know that I have suffered because of the Hoax, it need not believe, and nobody needs to know, but the truth is that lying hurts.
LeahciM brought hope to many, but at the same time opened the eyes of a crowd of people who fall into the nonsense that was on the face that was fake.
If anyone believed that a group of seven leachims had Michael as chief, and was there for the world walking by canals, frankly ... These people are totally deluded, are infected by the illusion of fantasy stories.
ell me that if I come here saying that Michael was flying in my window, people will believe?
Maybe believe ...
These people must open their eyes, I'm not the first to invent anything, nor I will be the last.
Save your words of disgrace, not to say that I'm an idiot, irrational, because everyone already knows this, and I even know.
For now, the only thing you need to analyze is that I know more than you about the Hoax.
Nobody here knows more than me, and I do not know more than anyone here ... Everyone knows what is truth and what is lies, all the things I said, there are truths and lies, it's up to each use your head to get the good enough.
Another thing I'll repeat, I am in the videos ... In all, the video of the first steps in 2010, and another who demanded MJDpartners rights.
In the picture above, print the MP, also me last night.
Okay, any more doubts?

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
Yeah, and while people kill themselves so much hate, trying to destroy the moral NONEXISTENCE already a person who plays with the feelings of others, I'm sitting here in my chair, watching it all unfold.
MP, you always put ... I helped spread the scam.
Look, do not waste your time talking nonsense to me, why go in one ear and out the other.
I've said what I had to talk, you already know-tions they had to know, need not be dwelling on it ...
Another thing, do not want to go through nice ...
It was never my intention, but one thing you ignore is that my drivel is some truth, but you prefer to lead by Odio, and continue on thorns, and thus never reach the Roses ...
I'm not Shango, owner of justice, but I believe in my tiny head that the way things has been going on, nobody ever get anywhere.
Sorry but I'm not a bit worried about what people are saying to me.
Tired of being a psychopath, I decided to GROW, and forget the people who call themselves fans of Michael announcing follow in his footsteps, but in the end they forget the principal.
Love was left to bring ...
Ah yes, I am not using love to be acquitted, and did nothing for nobody.
You know all, own the truth, and know that I did everything to get attention.
Okay, okay ...
What else?

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
Oh, another thing.
Everything that was posted here was not discovered myself quiz show.
Nobody came up to me and unmasked, even I did it.

Poor woman said on 8/26/2010
@LeahciM NoskcaJ
This is a double-edged sword.
To prove that people were misled had to disclose, but it helped you.
There was another way?

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
I have a great job.
People already know that I am the General Coordinator of Social Programs.
Working with the poor, people thrown out of food and no money, living with the human misery from Monday to Friday.
I am not inhuman, nor am I to do without.
I'm just what you'd like me to be.
Ah MP, had another way, but I preferred to leave the privilege to you.

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
I do not feel any guilt.
On the contrary, I feel a relief!

Poor woman said on 8/26/2010
Fabio's fault for having created the lie, but it is not the only culprit.
People who believed also to blame ...
And the worst thing that even he is talking about it in the video some people still think it's MJ...

LeahciM NoskcaJ said on 08/26/2010
And the coming of Michael Jackson!
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