This Is It - The Contract

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This Is It - The Contract

  • on: February 28, 2010, 08:32:50 AM
Some perhaps notable things appear to stand out on the contract that Michael signed to enter into the deal with AEG that he would perform a tour...

1) The contract is addressed to Dr. Tohme
2) There is no date (or the date has been removed)
3) The contract states that the ArtistCo agreed upto a number of 31 shows at the O2 in London, England between July 26th and September 30th 2009 (notice the start date? not July 8th)
4) The contract clearly states that the artist must perform a minimum of 18 shows in the first leg of the tour (being the O2 in London, England) (Why start with 10? why not 18?)
5) "The artist shall use his best efforts to maintain a possitve public perception of the artist and shall not conduct himself in a manner that will negatively impact the reputation of the artist or promoter"
6) Section "Broadcasting and Recordation Opportunities" Blanked Out
7) The "Force Majuere" Section
8) Contract sent to The Michael Jackson Company att. Dr. Tohme Tohme, with aditional copies sent to Dr. Tohme Tohme and Dennis J. Hawk (an entertainment lawyer in LA)
9) The two Different signatures of Michael Jackson? (representing the company and the artist)
10) Doesn't mention the name of the tour ... ntract.pdf
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