Argentina Earthquake 6.0

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Re: Argentina Earthquake 6.0

  • on: February 27, 2010, 11:39:30 PM
Quote from: "airieslady"
Remember the planets are aligning up as Michael once sung about... but is real!  And then we move into the black hole in the Milky Way!  I believe many more things will happen... even scientists are not sure exactly what will happen, but they feel many earthquakes, sunamis, volcanic eruptions and shifts of the south and north poles and unstable gravity!  Now, that's some scary stuff!  

We are beginning a transitional state which with all the natural disasters going on will make us a more spiritual human race in which the basics of life will become the most important for survival and rebirth of our planet.

....... or our planet could just explode or burn up completely!  

Well, I hope it's the spiritual senario!
And I really hope all of this is not the manmade evil doings of HAARP project...they will end up destroying themselves and our entire planet before anything else natural!

Earthquakes happen daily. It just depends on how strong of one there is. The Earth is trying to kill US more so than WE are killing the earth (even though being green is extremely important). The oceanic and continental plates move a few centimeters per year. I knew that there was going to be some big earthquakes after that volcano erupted underwater mid summer last year (as the magma is pushing out from a rift) which only applied more pressure to the plates.

Our planet won't explode or burn up tho. It's only a natural process that has been happening for 4.6 billion years. I am more worried about when Yellowstone blows its top and a nice lil nuclear winter will kill most of the population on the Earth (whenever THAT happens I hope I am not alive when it does)

As for mentioning gravity, I have a strange feeling about 2012 being a polar shift (When our magnetic north pole will become our magnetic south pole) We won't fly off the planet, but we are due for one I would say anywhere from now until a few thousand years (nothing to fear though, as pole reversals don't match up to any mass extinctions on the geological time scale, though we don't know what happens since humans haven't been through one may screw up some electronics?)....
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