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  • on: December 03, 2009, 10:31:00 AM
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Some men see things as they are and say: WHY?
I dream things that never were and say: WHY NOT?

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  • on: December 03, 2009, 10:42:36 AM
Interesting video. It does give some good points!  8-)  Thanks for posting it!! :)
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Keep the faith. The truth will prevail! :lol:

It is indeed an interesting summary, though! I was resently watching some of MJ's concerts back in '88, '92-93, '97 and couldn't help the feeling of deja-vu with the TII. The Lightman in TII seriously reminded me of the 'Robocop'  in HIStory tour (sorry, dunno what's the right name of that thing! =)  Also the rehearsal of TDCAU was almost 100% exact replica of that in the tour in terms of both sound and choreography. And there were no songs from the Invincibe album in TII. Why? Michael has so innovative, so ahead of his time in everything he did and he loved to surprise his fans. So why to comeback with solely old material?

Was MJ really forced to do the tour, in which case he didn't want to put much efforts in it and just left it to Kenny Ortega and co? That would mean they're all lying now about his enthusiasm... i hope not and frankly don't see the point in it. On the other hand, if those concerts were never meant to happen (of which i'm very much convinced) using the old material is very convenient: there are lotsa records of past rehersals that could be used to back the footage up.

Sorry if that's not quite in line with the video, just some thoughts!
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~A serious face is not yet an indication of intellect. All stupid things in the world are done with that exact expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile!~  


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