Jackson Brothers On Live With Regis & Kelly

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Jackson Brothers On Live With Regis & Kelly

  • on: December 03, 2009, 10:22:21 AM
Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Jermaine were on Live With Regis & Kellly this morning. I watched the whole interview. Anderson Cooper was in for Regis.
 All four brothers looked great. They seemed happy, smiling, laughed a lot and were cheerful. Anderson asked how their doing (forget the exact wording), they said that their hanging in there. He also asked how the children are doing, they said that their doing fine(how could the kids be doing fine? They lost the only parent they have, I wouldn't be fine if I lost my father! :? ) I took note that none of the brothers mentioned Michael's death, & they didn't say the words dead, died, or passed away. There was very little talk about Michael. All four of them acted like nothing happened. I think they were mainly on to plug their reality show, and that's what they did pretty much the whole interview. :roll:

I might be missing somethings, feel free to add things I might've missed. Over all , all four brothers looked great and were happy. It was exactly what I was expecting from them, they always seem happy and act like nothing happened.  ;)  :D  :)  8-)
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