Some questions help me out please.

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Some questions help me out please.

  • on: December 03, 2009, 09:07:15 AM
Hi i'am new to this site i was a reader not a writer but i have a question. I allways wonderd why Mr. Michael Jackson returned to the U.S. I was under the impression that he left and was not intended to return at any time correct me if i'm wrong please. The reason i ask this is because i read about the hoax thing in december 2008. What if at that time something was really wrong with him and he came back to make all the arrangements with his family so he could dissappeer does that make any sence???

I don't no if this has been posted before i so please delete.
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Re: Some questions help me out please.

  • on: December 03, 2009, 09:12:08 AM
This sounds very plausible. I've also been wondering about where Michael truly is for a couple of years now. I'm sure he's with his children :)  ;)
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Re: Some questions help me out please.

  • on: December 03, 2009, 10:46:13 AM
If I'm understanding what you are saying I think it's possible. The only problem that my brain has with registering that is if he were to do all of that then why plan the concerts? Why not just move out of the US and live where ever it is that he wanted to live? I've also thought about the possibility of him leading his private life and not returning to his family or fans, I have a hard time with that also. It wouldn't make sense for his family to make the statements that they make and for all of these clues, questions, and inconsistancies that we have. It would make sense if MJ just wanted his fans to know that he was alive, safe and ok. But are we as the fans ready to accept that, that is all we are getting? Secret messages from his family and possibly him that he's alive and well? From what I have seen in the past through interviews and other books, MJ thrives off the love from fans. He has used the media to get attention back onto himself (not in a bad way so please don't get me wrong), almost as if he won't let people forget about him. Remember the statement from one of the award shows, something along the line of where did he go to here he is again. In another interview MJ (Diane Sawyer) they were talking about the statue thing and MJ said that he got everyones attention and that's exactly what he wanted. I don't think he would have it in his heart to disappear from his fans and not let them (us fans) know that he is alive and well. That's just my thought of course.
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Re: Some questions help me out please.

  • on: December 03, 2009, 11:47:50 AM
Absolutley , I don't think MJ has been gone a couple of years due to the concerts (and no I don't feel that it wasn't Mj at the O2) Another reason I feel MJ hoaxed his death is because he has stated numerous times of how he longed to get away! I mean dissappear from the public! Hey I have an idea! Can someone research and upload footage of interviews MJ has done? Stating that he would like to disappear? I know he did say it in the Rabbi recorded conversations. Let's see what we can find and do a total a grand total of MJ stating this! This would help to validate us to the non hoax believers u know? thanks. I feel MJ is still here because there are too many clues.... also I do not feel as if he would do it to his fans and definitley not the family. But IDK u never know. He been in spotlight for years!! :|  :|
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