Michael's trials background to Murray's trial

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Michael's trials background to Murray's trial

  • on: February 27, 2010, 03:17:03 AM
I haven't read the books out on MJ's trial, but this comment I came across got me curious as to the comparison and contrast to Dr. Murray's trial, and wondered at your comments if you maybe have read lots and could shed some lilght on that. I'm particularily interested in the amazing aspects of the trial that were so audacious and different that any other trial. If there's a similar thread I'm sorry but I couldn't find it. This article talked about a music industry person bedazzled over getting to sit next to Michael Jackson when he was young, but hurt when not invited to Disney World with some other kids. He added that it was probably just as well knowing what happened later.

How I met Michal Jackson by ShavarRoss.com, and one of the commenters was:

kimberly_wright30 says:
Hello Shavar, now I'm not here to bash or trash you I just want to know what exactly are you implying when you said "maybe it was all for the best that I never got invited, who knows" what do you mean by that? Because if I didn't know any better (which I do) I could have sworn that you are implying that you believe what the tabloid media says to be true, and being some one who thinks for her self and not allowing any one to convince me of what I should think believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. So I just want to know were do you stand being that you have met this man on a couple of occasions? Because frankly Shavar after raiding the mans property over 100 times, a six month trial ( which btw was the longest in US history for a " charge that is considered by law as petty touching"..outside the cloths I mind you) a 3 million dolor bail, Yes, you heard right "3" million dolor bail for again a charge that for any one els would have been about a couple hundred k's, shoot, you have people that's on trail right now for capital murder that don't get bails like that and with the FBI and the CA. Attorney General's office getting involved you would think they were looking for Jimmy Hoffa some where in Never land and yet they had no grounds or evidence to support the trumped up charges that this man did anything to any body's child and let's not forget that they tried him for 93 via the 1108 evidence, they found nothing to support the lynching that they put that man through which resulted in a full and justified acquittal on all 14 counts by a jury of "THEIR" peers. So Shavar everything that I stated here came strait from the court room transcripts and not Media spin, so what say you? Thanks
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I will really appreciate your comments.
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