Oxman Answers Questions Outside UCLA - Intresting Answers

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Frank stated on Larry King Live that he was at a restaurant in a hotel and was just going to have lunch when he got the call that an ambulance was at MJ's house.  He called Randy Phillips to go to  MJ's house, as he was closer, and when they got there the ambulance was leaving to take  MJ to the hospital.  Pretty sure this is correct.
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inthe raffles interview frank talks about a halloween special with nbc was there one?
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found this by accident clicking on google

http://mjkit.forumotion.net/all-odd-thi ... rank+dileo

"OK, here's the transcript I have highlighted the things that I think are odd + comments. Any thoughts?

We now welcome to LARRY KING LIVE, finally, Frank DiLeo, Michael
Jackson's manager. He worked for Michael from 1984 to 1989 and was
rehired by Michael earlier this year, calling you out of retirement.
Fit's in the movie theory. Frank is someone
Mike actually could trust. It was known he (re)hired a lot of new
people this year. He needed people who he could trust + actors to go on
with this.

Why did he bring you back?
FRANK DILEO, MICHAEL JACKSON'S MANAGER: Well, first of all, you should
understand that Michael and I have been speaking for the last couple of
years when he came back from (INAUDIBLE). We were talking primarily
about movie projects. And then he just called me and said, listen, man,
would you like to manage me again?
No comment....  

He says, I need somebody that understands the music business and the touring business. And I said, sure, love to.
KING: The day he died, tell us how you first learned.
DILEO: I was having lunch at the Beverly Hilton. And I got a phone call from a fan who was...
KING: A fan?
DILEO: A fan who said, Frank, do you know there's an ambulance in front of Michael's house?
And I said, no, I don't, but I'm going to look right into it. And I
hung up. I called Michael's assistant. And I said -- his name is
Michael, also.

I said Michael, is there an ambulance at the house?
He said, that's what I heard. He said, I'm on my way. And I said, well,
I'll be there in one second. I went in to get my ticket for the car.
And I called Randi Phillips and said look, you're closer...
KING: Randi of...
KING: Right.
DILEO: I said you're closer to Michael's house than I am at this
moment. Go there right away, I'll meet you there. Drove there, the
ambulance had already left, asked Randy. He turned around. I came from
the other direction. I went to pull in, they said, Frank, he left. I
said where did he go? To the hospital. I drove to UCLA.
KING: What was the scene like? Where were the children?
DILEO: The children were in another room down the hall. They brought
Randy and I back. We were the first two people there. And they were
working on him in the room.
KING: They were still working on him?
KING: He was alive at that point?
DILEO: I don't know. I said to Randy, geez, I think he's alive. We have
a shot here he'll be OK. When the nurse came out and I looked at her
and she looked at me, I almost fainted.
KING: Because she said --

DILEO: She just looked at me and said he's not going to make it. He's
gone. But we'll keep working on him until his mother gets here.
Question: since when are nurses
allowed to make statements like that? I thought that only doctors
could. Nurses shouldn't say anything. And WTF, work on a dead body
until his mother arrives? hmmmmm

KING: Who finally told you he was dead?

DILEO: That nurse did.
Again, big thing for A NURSE to say, where is the doctor in this story??

KING: You had to tell the children?
DILEO: I had to tell Katherine first. And I told her with a doctor and
a social worker. And it was pretty emotional. She grabbed me and cried
and we hugged and cried together. And then I had to tell the children.
He had to tell the children? Shouldn't Katherine have done that?

In the meantime, I called Joe Jackson in between. But he'd already
known. I gave him my sympathy, and I went in and told the children.
KING: How do you do something like that? No experience is there?
DILEO: No, I've never lost somebody like that. It was very difficult. I
went in with a social worker and a doctor. And just had to say -- they
knew, they knew. And they got up and I said, I'm sorry, but your
father's passed away. And they hung on to me for a while. We all cried.
KING: How did you take it?
DILEO: Very bad. I mean, I've cried for days, and it's a lonely feeling, because I'm not family, but I'm a friend.
KING: You were more than a manager?
DILEO: Oh, yes, he was my friend. Forget the manager part. He was my
friend. And we were close. We talked a lot. Not as often as I wanted
to. But we worked well together years before and we were working well
KING: Did he seem physically OK?
DILEO: Yes, he was physically OK.
KING: He was rehearsing, right?
DILEO: He was rehearsing well, eating well. We were making sure that he
had the right protein shakes, the right food. We gave him chicken. You
know, we brought him food to eat. He ate it. He'd say I'm not hungry,
but he'd eat it.
So he wasn't anorexic???....

KING: Was he insured, by the way?
DILEO: Yes, there's insurance, not on him, but on non- performance. Although, it's AEG and Michael Jackson's company.
So if I understand this correctly, there was no LIFE insurance?

KING: So they get money?
DILEO: They get -- the company goes towards the estate.
KING: Does the dispute --
DILEO: When it pays off. It hasn't paid off yet.
KING: There's a dispute, Frank, about how many shows he agreed to
perform. Here's what Leonard Rowe, the long time friend of Joe Jackson,
told us a few weeks ago, watch.


LEONARD ROWE, FRIEND OF JOE JACKSON: Larry, the first conversation I
had with Michael Jackson the night -- it was a Friday night, the night
he asked me to come and go to work for him. This is what he told me. He
said, I only agreed to do 10 shows for AEG. I never agreed to do 50.


KING: Is that true, Frank?
DILEO: No. Michael knew there was more than ten shows. He knew there
were 50 shows. Sometimes Michael would like to say, gee, I'm only doing
ten. I woke up, now I'm doing 40 more.
Just LOL: I canm actually picture this in my head, Mike at breakfast joking around....

KING: He might have said that to Leonard?
DILEO: Yes, but what he was saying was what by popular demand I have to
do 40. And incidentally, there were enough ticket requests to do 85.
KING: Eighty five?
DILEO: Eighty five. And you have to understand this also, the manager
at the time and three attorneys read the contract to him. He knew how
many shows he had to do.
KING: You read that contract?
DILEO: I read it too. And I know what's in the contract. And there was a minimum and a maximum.
KING: What's the minimum?

DILEO: You have to ask AEG. I'm not allowed to divulge. Not from AEG, but Michael's sake.
Not allowed to divulge for Michael's sake?? hmmmmm

KING: We'll be right back. Friday night, Jermaine Jackson's here. Don't go away.


KING: We're with Frank DiLeo, Michael Jackson's manager. You wanted to add something about the dates.
DILEO: Just the fact that it came out to 50 was because he wanted to
beat Prince's record of 21, and be in the Guinness Book of World
Records. He wanted to do 50 to put it out of touch.
KING: Really, he was competitive that way?

DILEO: Michael's a very competitive person in everything he does.
IS he???  

KING: All right. Frank, what about this dispute now? You know Mr.
Branca. Who gets to be the handler of the funds? Katherine is the --
she's in charge, but they've got 60 days. How do you read it?
If you add a month delay to this, not very uncommon in this case, it should be the end of October...

DILEO: Well, I read it this way. Branca and Maclaine are in charge.
KING: For 60 days?
DILEO: For 60 days. I'm sure something will be worked out with Mrs.
Jackson. It may be her. She may want to appoint somebody. I think
they're going to try to work that out. Mrs. Jackson is one of the
loveliest women in the world. I think she's going to make the greatest
grandmother ever.
I had two grandmothers. If I can pick
another one, I'd want to be her grandchild. Whether she wants to
personally haggle with movie companies and record companies is another
KING: What do you think of the Branca companies?
DILEO: Yes, Michael liked them. He wouldn't have put them in there if he didn't like them.
KING: Do you think they can work together with Mrs. Jackson?
DILEO: Yes, absolutely, absolutely. They can work with her.
KING: Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe were on this show. And Joe said that
they seemed to have -- not imply, they said that Michael was being
controlled. Watch this.


ROWE: Michael Jackson's life at the end was being controlled and
manipulated. Michael Jackson was not allowed to make his own decisions.
He was not allowed to hire who he wanted to hire to work for him.
Michael Jackson was being told what to do. And people were controlling
Michael Jackson. The same people that were controlling Michael Jackson


KING: Want to comment on that?
DILEO: Absolutely. That is as false as they get. Michael Jackson has done and always did what he wanted to do.
KING: No one controlled him?
DILEO: No one controlled him. Listen, when I worked from 1984, you want
to see Michael, call up. Is Michael available? What time? You come
over. Same thing now. You want to see Michael Jackson? What time? You
come over.
If he wants to see you, he's seeing you. If he doesn't want to see you --
KING: was not controlling him?
DILEO: How could they control him?
KING: Or out to harm him?
DILEO: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Listen, this is a devastating
thing for everybody. You think AEG's happy they've got 50 empty dates?
They're not going to fill them this year.
KING: The family
also, father Joe and sister Latoya, have suggested foul play. Here's
what Joe Jackson told me in July. Watch.


KING: Do you frankly think that drugs were involved in your son's life?
Larry. It wasn't only drugs. There's something else behind all of that.
KING: What do you mean? Where is -- what are you thinking?
JACKSON: Well, I'm thinking that there's foul play.


KING: Frank?
DILEO: Listen, something happened to Michael Jackson. We really don't know until the toxicology reports.
KING: We don't know at all. DILEO: We don't know at all. We weren't in
the room. No one was sent up there to do any harm to Michael that we
know of. I'm not sure what he's talking about. Did the doctor make a
mistake? I don't know. You know, that has to come out.
KING: You don't think there was some plot?
DILEO: No. Absolutely not.
KING: Did you know about Michael's drug problem?
DILEO: I knew about it in the past. I didn't know if anything was going
on now and I still don't. Because you have to remember something, to
get the Lloyds of London to give you an insurance policy, you have to
pass an exam. It was a four-hour exam with an outside doctor that they
picked. They sent the doctor from New York. They examined him.
KING: They did that at the home?
DILEO: They did it somewhere. I wasn't here for that, but they have the
results. They're not allowed to give them to anybody. But they said he
was in great health. Now, you know, I asked them. I asked them in
March, are you doing anything? He got a dig. Why would you ask me that?
I said I want to be sure --
KING: What do you make of the doctor in the house full-time, Diprivan, stories like that?
DILEO: I never heard of Diprivan until I heard it on your show, to be
honest with you. And I didn't know the doctor was staying overnight.
Because at the end of the night, he went to his house, I went to my
KING: Back with more of Frank Delco. We certainly
thank him for being with us tonight. Clearing up some things. Back in
60 seconds.



Hey pretty Michael with the tight pants on
You give me fever like I've never, ever known
You're just a product of hottiness
I like the groove of your walk in your golden pants!

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i found this on someones thread re Frank

"How did you originally hear about Michael falling ill?

A fan called and said there was an ambulance in front of Michael’s house. I had just sat down to lunch. I called Michael’s assistant and asked what was going on, and I was told there was something wrong and he was on his way over there. So I got in my car and drove over. When I got to the gate, they told me everyone had already left. I turned around and went to UCLA Medical Center, and while I was in the car, Katherine called and I told her she should meet us at the hospital. So we went in the back, and they were working on him in the room. So I thought he was going to be OK. Then the nurse came out, she looked at me and I looked at her… I almost fainted. The look told me it was over, but they would keep working on him until his mother arrived. Meanwhile, the kids were all there, in another room. I had to go in with a doctor and a social worker to tell them what happened. And those are two things I never, ever want to do again. Excuse me a minute, I might cry here. Let me get a sip of water."
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its  funny how the vid has disappeared

so who is telling the truth - i dont understand what is BO saying
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Quote from: "bec"
But I have not the words here to explain
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion

Lines dropped from the single verse of "Speechless" sung by Fake MJ embedded into "Wanna Be Startin Somethin" in TII.

To me that means he's done singing about it, done being soft and eloquent about it, words aren't communicating it effectively anymore.... perhaps trying a new way of expressing it. Performance art.

I like the way you think bec... ;)
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as sousa notes

why didnt a nurse and not a doctor report the death(?)
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Also in the original transcript of when Oxman talks to the media outside of UCLA that day. The media posed a question to Oxman that was inaudible ..then Oxman responds " I do not know that information he has kept that very very secretive so I am not sure" THis is just me but I think the media asked Oxman did MJ have a spouse, or romantic partner u know? Oxman says I dont know he kept it very secretive. ALso Right after June 25th the next day or same day all of these stories came out about MJ dating NANNY GRACE  :evil: (sorry trying not to gag) but I dont think they were true.....but its kinda hard to believe he wasnt seeing someone hugh? WHo better to see than the nanny. His kids looked at her as mom anyway right? And she has been in MJ and those kids life for a long time . ANd so I can kind see them seeing each other romantically and maybe keeping it quiet. Then someone say MJ did not like her in that way and he did not believe in mixing business with pleasure so i guess another rumour. :roll:
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