Michael Jackson Master of Illusion new Book!!

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Re: Michael Jackson Master of Illusion new Book!!

  • on: February 22, 2010, 07:04:51 AM
Quote from: "GirlSaturday"
The very sad and pathetic truth is that some younger fans do not know that MJ is Black. I was talking to a school teacher friend  after MJs "death". She told me that some young school children in her class were wondering who all of those Black people were at MJs  Memorial and Burial. They did not know that those people were his family members.

Yeah I guess little kids are too young to understand.  They perceive things totally different.  I had a litle girl in my class and she has a mother who is mixed with black and white and her father is black.  I asked her what her color is because we were talking about the difference in people skin tones and that it's okay to be different.  She replied my mom is white and I am brown and my dad is black.  So that's her perception.  I also remember when my little sister was young she asked why is Michael Jackson white?  Did he drink some bleach?  I thought it was kinda cute because she didn't understand.  Anyway MJ wanted everyone to love each other and be color blind but I think he was proud to be a black man regardless of his skin tone.
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