Murray back at work...WTF?

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Re: Murray back at work...WTF?

  • on: February 15, 2010, 07:56:34 AM
Michael Jackson Fun Fact: Right around the time these photos were taken, Michael Jackson's second child molestation case was beginning.

Read more:

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Re: Murray back at work...WTF?

  • on: February 15, 2010, 01:31:37 PM
Quote from: "Kirsche"
Isn't his wife a family doctor? Yvette Blanche Murray? I think it is her office in Las Vegas

Found something interesting

WOW. Yvette White Murray!!!!!

Wasn´t there another name.
Shaaamone, too many "coincidences"...

It is as if they were reading us to keep on building the hoax.
Have you realized?
How is it possible that they use our hoax words after us?

I don´t remember now, but it has happened before...
STUDY PEACE, THIS IS NOT IT, THIS IS ALSO IT, TMZ Murray´s carnival pic, TMZ debunking HOAXES with Murray´s Twitt Impostor...

Can you remember any more?

What´s next, a witness called Mr Magoo?
If the list is long we could open a thread with it...
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Re: Murray back at work...WTF?

  • on: February 15, 2010, 02:50:49 PM
Meanings of the first name Yvette:
Yvette is a French name meaning "archer" or "yew," as in, a yew tree. Archers bows were traditionally made from yew wood
It has evolved from the German name Ivo meaning an archer's bow
Yvette is also a feminized form of the French male name "Yves".
Yvette may also be connected to "Eve" and a meaning of "divine fairy"
(all taken from the web, there are countless websites on meaning of baby girl names...)

Archer, bow, Eve, divine fairy - very interesting.

Here the chaos on associations with the name begins.
I will look only at one association because that gives me already enough for today to think about.
The first thing that popped up to my google search was "Murray's law". I know about "Murphy's law", but "Murray's law"? So I looked into this.
It get's a bit scientific and thus I will put the essential and my recap into my own silly words. All physicians in here please pardon me.

There was Cecil D. Murray, elaborating a formula or "physiological principal of minimum work".
Now this sounds great as we would all like to understand what it takes to have an ideal output with minimum work effort (all economic scientists will stand up and hourray).
The work was published in 1926 at the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

What it's about is the mechanisms of blood distribution in the blood vessels - given two requirements: the flow of blood and the diffusion of blood particles into surrounding tissue.
The question was, why are there tiny vessels and why are there big ones and why are they put together in a certain pattern? What is the network of blood vessels about?
Murray found a formula that indicates that radius of a blood vessel is determining blood flow and blood diffusion.

Now what does this interesting but very specified formula has to do with Doc Murray (Yvette or Conrad) and Michael ?

I would like to draw the attention to the last part of the article on Wikipedia:
"Murray's law is seeing increasing use as a biomimetic design tool in engineering - for example it has recently been applied in the design of minimum mass vascular networks carrying a liquid healing agent to areas of damage in a Self-healing material."

My recap is that this has a lot to do with Michael - as all life principles are interconnected and all life patterns build up where life is to be found, either leaving traces on mars or on earth in mountains or sand or rivers or the sea bed - they are all alike.

Transferring it on what Michael's intention was with his disappearance:
What needs to be done (in preparation, in defining goal and objectives, in building the masterplan) to achieve an ideal degree of result with minimum effort?
What kind of means will be required to achieve this? Namely an ideal amount of information flow and information diffusion?
Big vessels combined with small vessels.
Big events and time to let it digest.
Big information carriers and small ones.
A network.
Whenever information flow stops, put a big vessel / carrier / brickman in place to pump it in.
Whenever information diffusion is needed, use small vessels, guerilla marketing techniques, let the soup simmer.

There is a masterplan being executed and I highly doubt we have seen it all yet.
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Re: Dr. Murray back to work

  • on: February 15, 2010, 03:05:44 PM
Quote from: "ILuvUMoreMJ"
Quote from: "voiceforthesilent"
Quote from: "mollyosheaMJ"
I don't think so.. He didn't practice in California so I don't think he had a medical license there.

right - and that is what the judge suspended (for the Medical Board) on Monday. So, nothing was suspended because you can't suspend a license you don't hold. LOL.

Dr. Murray does hold a medical license in California.... ... mber=71169

Thank you for that - I remember another conversation where it was stated that he didn't.
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Re: Murray back at work...WTF?

  • on: February 15, 2010, 09:46:02 PM
@ Grace:

Wow, very clever and interesting everything.

The arch and the BOW, the system, all this Hoax/Michael concepts and words...
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