Dr. Murray's $75,000 Bail & Lawyer Fees

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Dr. Murray's $75,000 Bail & Lawyer Fees

  • on: February 15, 2010, 03:50:04 AM
Hello Mo, Souza & All,

The reason I start a New topic is this questions has been asked in so many previous threads: How is Dr. Murray Paying his $75,000. Bail ?

OK - In the US we have Companies called "BAIL BONDSMEN" These companies pay the bail for you and it is usually 10% in actual payment, so it would be $7,500 in this case. The Defendant (Dr. Murray) must post "Collateral" meaning something of value (like Real Estate) to Secure the Bail Bondsman's money. Dr Murray owns a home in Vegas his home is propably the Collateral in this case.

As for his Attorney Fees: Doctors are required to have "Malpractice Insurance" so his M.P. Insurance is probably fronting him money for his attorneys -If he's a Real Doctor That Is :oops:
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