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Very interesting thread, I was just reading on this yesterday and today. All I have to say is I believe in this and here is a book for all to read, but brace yourselves you may not be prepared for what you're gonna read.  ;)

I have the french version translated from the American : Techniques de controle mental, traduction par Francois Deschamps

American version : Controlling the human mind, Earthpulse Press Incorporated and I believe it's by Dr. Nick Begich, here is the web site in relation to this book and HAARP : www.earthpulse.com   the site includes a lot of documents used in reference to the making of the book.  Extremely interesting book, I highly recomment it. By the way everything brought up in the book is backed up by gov. documents and research and it's just crazy it makes me feel violated in my own home!!!   Just read it, please!!
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We say "me da corahe (coraje)" which is very Andalucian  :lol:
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