MJ - double - shopping

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the arabian nights

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MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 12, 2010, 02:52:54 PM
i have seen this interest view, i dont believe all of it

but i found the first few seconds interesting two mike's shopping wearing green jackets - not a hoax theory just interesting mike
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Offline mumof3

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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 12, 2010, 02:54:55 PM
I remember that came up a long time ago  we said it was two Michaels there one must have been a decoy poor Michael had so much trouble just shopping  no wonder he had to go for a while .
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the arabian nights

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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 12, 2010, 03:14:51 PM
how many green jackets did he have?
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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 13, 2010, 10:55:33 AM
Let us hope for the maker of this video that it turns out not to be MJ disguised as Dave Dave. They tell us that they will be "VERY disappointed" if it is him and he would "NEVER" do it as MJ "cares about ppl". I think missing the point on this one. MJ is ACTING. It's quite a common thing to do in Hollywood. We know the real DD's case is very sad. MJ is not making fun of his friend or situation. Would people be up in arms if MJ took on the persona of a friend without DD's history? No, probably not. So why is it different because OF DD's history. So this video maker is inferring that because MJ cares about people they think he would not do this. How do those two things equate? This person may well be in for a disappointment. Too bad, perhaps they should not have judged him.
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the arabian nights

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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 13, 2010, 04:27:56 PM
http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2009/06/m ... ouble.html
Sunday, June 28, 2009
 The original Michael Jackson.

In 1999, Michael Jackson made an appearance at the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple, in the UK.

He was accompanied by ten bodyguards, he sang four numbers, and he departed in a stretch limo.

A statement from Jackson's record company made it clear that the Michael Jackson in Barnstable was not the real Michael Jackson.

(The square chin. The deep voice. But was it really Michael Jackson ...)

 This is Michael Jackson's father. Like father, like son.

Some people believe that the real Michael Jackson disappeared many years ago.

"Listen to the tracks on albums after 'Thriller'...listen closely to the voice...it's not him.

"The new guy did an effective enough job in the videos, and in the ever-increasingly rare public appearances...

"but I think eventually those few in the know came to see that their paid impostor was growing increasingly crazy - and in that they saw a new marketing tack to exploit." - (Michael Jackson Died in 1984 - Rafielz - Open Salon)

 A fake General Montgomery?

 The real General Montgomery?

In 1944, just before D-Day, M.E. Clifton James, who looked like Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, was sent to Gibraltar and North Africa, in order to deceive the Germans about the location of the coming invasion.

This story was the subject of a book and film, "I Was Monty's Double".

 The Reagan White House was linked to boy prostitution.

Strange things happened in Michael Jackson's life.

Michael was born in 1958.

Allegedly, he was sexually abused by people linked to the CIA. (MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE CIA / MICHAEL JACKSON WAS RAPED?)

In 1978, Michael Jackson starred as Scarecrow in the musical film The Wiz. (Wizard of Oz)[20]

In CIA brianwashing, much use is made of imagery from the Wizard of Oz which has much occult symbolism. (Mk Ultra )

Was 1978 the end of the real Michael Jackson?

In 1979, Jackson reportedly broke his nose during a dance routine.

His rhinoplasty surgery was 'not a complete success'; he reportedly complained of breathing difficulties. He was referred to Dr. Steven Hoefflin, who performed subsequent operations.[22]

In 1982 came 'Thriller'.

Was a new Jackson manufactured by the CIA? Was the new Jackson to spread the corrupt ideas that would advance the CIA's agenda?

Does the new Michael Jackson look like the old Michael Jackson?

 A fake?
 A fake?
The BBC’s Panorama programme told us that Saddam Hussein, a CIA asset, had many doubles.

The security services like to use doubles.

 Various Saddams
 Saddam without a mole.

Mohamed Atta, reportedly a CIA asset, seems to have had a double.

Atta was seen on a Jack Abramoff casino ship. (The Secret World of Jack Abramoff / Filmmaker Hopsicker Discusses Odd Activities Of 911 'Ringleader ... )

Atta had Mossad living next door to him.

Atta spoke Hebrew but could not speak German to his flight instructor.


Michael Jackson and CIA Mind Control

Posted by Anon at 7:54 PM  
Labels: Michael Jackson

the two vid are with the article above:

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the arabian nights

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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 13, 2010, 04:35:21 PM
http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/ ... 85845.html

Friday, November 28, 2003
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

NORM: Jackson double was approached

Local Michael Jackson impersonator Lane Lassiter met with the singer's representatives two weeks ago.

Craig Williams radio stunt under fire.

Ben Affleck poker show airs on Bravo.

Bernie Yuman adds to stable of stars.

Did Michael Jackson, a master of disguises, recruit a double as a diversion during last week's media invasion?

Lane Lassiter, a longtime local Jackson impersonator, has a hunch that's what Jackson's handlers had in mind when they met with him recently.

Lassiter met backstage with Jackson's representatives about two weeks ago. He was asked if he would be available for an unspecified job.

"They came upstairs after the show and said they liked the picture I sent them," said Lassiter. He found it unusual that they didn't attend the show.

"They didn't tell me any more than I needed to know," said Lassiter, a 12-year veteran of the Riviera's "An Evening at La Cage."

A Jackson impersonator since 1979, Lassiter, a 43-year-old father of two, claims he was the lone Jackson act who wasn't axed in Las Vegas 10 years ago when Jackson was in the middle of another child molestation scandal.

The existence of a double has been suspected since TV coverage captured His Weirdness up to something at the Henderson Executive Airport on the day of his return from Santa Barbara. With blankets held up to block the view, Jackson was seen getting in and out of a vehicle and going back into the plane. Seconds later someone who appeared to be Jackson came out the plane door and got back into the car.

Suspicious minds believe that a double came out of the plane and was in the car that went on the circuitous three-hour route to Green Valley Ranch. That bit of chicanery would have allowed the real Jackson to be spirited off to another location.

Dr. Vegas
CBS has an hour-long drama set in Las Vegas planned about a casino house doctor.

According to Variety, the concept is loosely based on "Dr. Fink," a longtime house doctor at Caesars Palace.

The leading man will be "a good-looking guy who's caring, smart and has a little bit of a wild side," director-writer John Herzfeld told Variety.

The Scene and Heard

Big Mona at KWID-FM 102 is threatening to open a can of whup-ass on this reporter and deejay Craig Williams of KOMP-FM 92.3. She is taking issue with Williams' account of a KOMP stunt last Saturday. Williams had a KOMP regular named "Brain Dead" driven around town, waving out a window, ala "Jacko," from under a blanket. Williams claimed a KWID staffer got punked by the prank. Didn't happen, says Big Mona. ...

The Celebrity Poker Showdown, filmed at the Palms last month and featuring Ben Affleck, begins airing on Bravo Tuesday as part of a six-part, one-hour series. ...

Bernie Yuman, longtime Siegfried & Roy manager, has added Jimmy Hopper of the Bellagio's Fontana Room to his stable of entertainers. ...

The local chef community is raising eyebrows over the recent mass mailing of $25 discount certificates by a hip restaurant that recently won major acclaim. Those mass mailings are usually a bad sign.

May I recommend ...

The fabled cream corn at Piero's Italian Cuisine is the creme de la creme of holiday side dishes.

The Punch Line

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -- things I had no words for." -- Georgia O'Keeffe, on painting.

Norm Clarke can be reached at 383-0244 or norm@reviewjournal.com.
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the arabian nights

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Re: MJ - double - shopping

  • on: February 13, 2010, 04:39:08 PM
http://blog.taragana.com/e/2009/08/06/t ... ice-22560/

Germany’s Stasi fooled in 1988 by Jacko double

BERLIN — It appears that even the dreaded East German Stasi got caught up in Michael Jackson mania in the late 1980s.

According to a document obtained by the AP last week from the archives of the former secret police, the Stasi reported on June 18, 1988 that it monitored Jackson as he visited the Allied Checkpoint Charlie in the center of divided Berlin. It was the day before he was to give a concert in West Berlin and Stasi officials fretted he could cause security concerns in the East.

But it turns out the Communist secret police weren’t photographing the pop star at all — they were taking pictures of a double who was part of an elaborate German television stunt to gauge Jackson hysteria in Berlin, according to information from Sat.1 television Thursday.

Sat.1 was going over the Stasi surveillance pictures published by the AP and German newspapers last week, when a cameraman pointed out that he was in the picture, said spokeswoman Diana Schardt.

He recounted the story of the Jackson double stunt to his colleagues, and they were able to pull the original footage and confirm it, she said.

“Back in 1988 a Sat.1-team took a Jacko stand-in on a tour through Berlin to get an idea what it’s like to have a superstar in town,” Schardt said in an e-mail. “My colleagues told me that the Berliners really went crazy when they saw him.”

The Stasi routinely snooped on dissidents and ordinary East German citizens, and also placed thousands of agents to spy on top Western officials and others.

In its report on Jackson — actually the double — it noted that at 2:52 p.m., three cars pulled up to the official checkpoint building, with “many unknown male and female people.”

“Among the people was the USA rock singer Michael Jackson,” the report said. “Accompanying him at all times was a female person, about 25 years old, 165 centimeters tall, with a slim build.” It gave no other indication of the woman’s identity.

It said there were also two film teams with Jackson — noting that one camera said “Sat.1? — who began filming him at 2:55 p.m. At 2:58 p.m., Jackson and most of the others got back in their cars and left, the Stasi said.

“The cross-border traffic was not hindered,” the report noted dryly.

Fake Jackson aside, other Stasi documents showed the agency was worried that his concert could cause security problems for East Berlin.

According to one document — an internal Stasi communique from May 4, 1988 — the secret police believed that East German youth were “calculating on a confrontation with the police” in conjunction with the Jackson concert.

The document said further that the Stasi had obtained “information” that East German young people were going to attempt to watch or hear the June 19 concert over the wall, either from behind the Brandenburg Gate area or the nearby Charite hospital.

In the end, East German authorities staged a crackdown on Jackson fans during the concert.
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