What If Michael Jackson had been discovered through youtube videos?

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What If Michael Jackson had been discovered through youtube videos?

What If Michael Jackson had been discovered through youtube videos?
By Iain Alexander / 25 June 2012

Michael Jackson Fans
The Michael Jackson fans of today are very different to those of the 80s and 90s. They discovered his music and his soul through CDs, records and concerts before the web took off. He was the world’s pop sensation through ‘traditional eyes’. The concept of youtube only came to emerge in 2005, and by then Jackson was at a different stage in his career, and recovering from the 2004 child molestation hearings.

Youtube transformed the way videos connected with people. MTV lost its flagship entity, and a whole generation of MTV viewers switched to Youtube, but it was through MTV that you discovered artists. Now, with the full blown social rise of videos, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Viddler have given new artists the power of discovery.

What if Jackson had launched his career through Youtube? What if he and Quincy Jones had connected through his laptop and a blurry webcam? It’s a whole new ballgame today. Artists are fighting for the spotlight from their very homes, making videos as they sit at their desks. Jackson’s journey was different, but would he have made the impact he did back then today, with home videos? History does tell an interesting story.

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"Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation."
------Michael Jackson

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I love to ponder questions like these......
I think Michael's message and whole reason for being is so strong that no matter how he launched his career he would have been crowned a king.  He's gifted that way.  How and when God chose to give him his gifts, was all perfected timing.  However, like I said, it would have happened because of Michael's strong character and strong will to give the world the best.  His message is one that is too important for the world not to hear.  The world was blessed by way of Michael Jackson, just as it will be again...I am positive of it. 

Blessings Always 

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Good question!  But not only youtube, but look at the thousand of talents that are showcased every year in American Idol, So you think you can dance, America's got talent... and other reality shows.

They're growing them like carrots, or producing them like cans on the assembly line. And where do they end up--they have to continue to do more and more outstanding things to compete, to be even seen or go to the next level.

Perhaps MJ knew the flood of talent that would come in the future generation, and that's why he's still leaps and bounds ahead of the tidal wave---doing this "film", "taking it to the next level", "pioneering it".

MJ will always be a leader/different.  I wouldn't be here otherwise. Just me.


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